A Powur MLM That Promotes Solar Panelling

what is powur a scam reviewsPowur Review

Name: Powur
Website: www.powur.com
Price: $499
Founder: Jonathan Budd
Rating: what is powur a scamwhat is powur a scamwhat is powur a scamwhat is powur a scamwhat is powur a scam (2.5 / 5)

Is Powur a Scam? What is it All About?

Powur is just another MLM that just came around in October 2015. Jonathan Budd has been an aspiring network marketer for quite some time now. He hit an up and coming niche which is Solar Paneling, a multi trillion dollar industry and took it home. Currently they’re contracted with Solar City who is the actual solar panel installer. Really all you’re doing is simply generating leads for Solar City. There are no products or inventory to keep, simply setting appointments.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – fee is only one time and lifetime membership
PRO #2 – in a multi trillion dollar industry
PRO #3 – promoting clean energy

The Bad:

CON #1 – costs $499 to join!
CON #2 – lack of training
CON #3 – need to generate your own leads

Who is Powur For?

  • what is powur a scam reviewsFor all those who are passionate about clean energy and Climate Control.
  • If you’re looking for a new MLM where you do not have to sell products.
  • For anyone following and willing to take a chance on Jonathan Budd. Remember this is a one year old MLM. It’s very risky. I’ve known MLMs that closed down within a few years.
  • If you’re interested in Internet Sales or have previous BDC (business development center) experience and are looking to join an MLM. (Appointment setting only, Solar City does all the work.)
  • If you’re interested in joining a new MLM where you do not have to pay yearly fees or autoship.

Powur’s Tools, Training, & Support

When you join you’ll be provided with online training that will teach you what you about the business, how to manage your business, and how to be successful setting appointments for accumulating qualified leads.

You will also receive training from your upline, remember this is an MLM, everyone benefits when building a team. You can contact the company for support but most of your support will come from your upline.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Powur?

what is powur a scam reviewsThe Membership costs $499 one time to join. You will receive a license to the Powur platform which is an integrated system tied to Solar City’s infrastructure to track leads and team performance. Powur has also included online training to teach you how to succeed in the business.

How Do You Get Paid at Powur? | The Compensation Plan

4 Ways to Get Paid:

  • Solar Installation Bonuses
  • 20 Year Solar Residual Bonuses
  • Lead Acquisition Bonuses (LABs)
  • Team Performance Bonuses

what is powur a scam reviewsYou earn income when solar customers are acquired or qualified leads have been submitted. A qualified lead is a homeowner who has scheduled an appointment with Solar City for a free consultation. Earn a $200 bonus every time one of your leads turns into a solar installation. There is an average of 20% of leads convert into an installation.

As a Qualified Partner, every time a lead turns into a solar installation within your entire team, you will earn a residual income for the next 20 years. Earn up to 6 generations. As you know with MLM, your 1st generation are your personally enrolled members, the 2nd generation are their personally enrolled members, and so on, and so on.


Qualified Partner – submit 3 qualified leads to Solar City. Become eligible to earn bonuses.

You will earn a $75 bonus every time one of your personally enrolled members become Qualified Partner.

LABS (Lead Acquisition Bonuses)- Paid weekly. When each partner in your down line submits 3 qualified leads.

what is powur a scam reviewsSenior Partner – submit two more qualified leads for a total of 5, and your team must have a total of 25.

You will earn a $125 LAB bonus every time one of personally enrolled members become a Qualified Partner. You will also earn a $50 LAB bonus on all those who become a Qualified Partner throughout your entire team.

The way LABs work within your downline is you will always get paid the difference of what your downline member makes and what your rank pays. For example if you’re at Senior Partner, you’re earning $125 each personally enrolled member who becomes a Qualified Partner. Remember, as a Qualified Partner you earn a $75 LAB. So that means when those you recruit who are Qualified Partners recruit others who are becoming Qualified Partner, they will earn that $75 LAB bonus, and you will earn the difference of $50 (which makes a total of $125).

National Partner – submit an additional 5 leads for a total of 10. You also need to reach a total of 75 qualified leads throughout your entire team.

You will earn $150 every time you sponsor and qualify a partner, and also earn $25 – $75 on all those who qualify on your downline.

what is powur a scam reviewsGame Changer – must submit another 5 leads for a total of 15. You also must accumulate a total of 75 qualified leads within three separate teams on your downline.

You will earn a $250 LAB bonus every time you sponsor and qualify a partner. You will also earn between $100 and $175 bonus on every one on your downline who becomes a Qualified Partner.

National Game Changer – these next two ranks are driven by solar installations. For this rank you must have achieved 100 installations within 3 separate teams.

You will earn $350 for every new Qualified Partner, and earn $100-$250 for all those who become Qualified on your downline.

Also become eligible for incentive trips to exotic locations.

Hero – the requirement is 300 installations in three separate teams.

You will earn $375 on all new personally enrolled Qualified Partners, and $25-$275 all those who become qualified within your downline.

what is powur a scam reviewsTesla Reward – Need to achieve 200 installations per month with no more than 50% coming from one team. The company will pay your monthly payments for a new Tesla.

My Final Opinion of Powur!

Powur is a very unique MLM opportunity. They have targeted a very special niche in today’s market, solar energy and paneling. I love the idea of promoting clean energy. This is up and coming as well as new homeowners are exploring the idea of cleaner energy and saving money on the energy monopolies. The only reason why I do not recommend Powur today is because it is a fairly new mlm, so there is a lack job security there and you cannot be sure it won’t closed down.

I believe to be sure that a business is successful it needs to be running successfully for at least 3 years. I would not join Powur because of this and I tend to focus more on a more stable and growing business opportunity, internet marketing. Internet Marketing is similar to Powur in the sense that you can make money from the comfort of your own home, and you do not need to purchase products or keep an inventory. The internet is growing at a rapid pace. There are currently over 3 billion people in the world with internet access, and over a trillion dollars being spent shopping online.

Learn How to Get Your Piece of the Pie Here!

Powur at a Glance…

Name: Powur
Website: www.powur.com
Price: $499
Founder: Jonathan Budd
Rating: what is powur a scamwhat is powur a scamwhat is powur a scamwhat is powur a scamwhat is powur a scam (2.5 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended

What’s your opinion on Powur? Do you have a personal experience with Powur? If so, I would love to hear about it.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I really appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!

Owner, howtoworkonline.org

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA585idemLw, https://powur.com/

6 thoughts on “A Powur MLM That Promotes Solar Panelling”

  1. What I really like about Powur is that the company is promoting clean energy, so environmentally that is great. Having been in the internet marketing industry myself now for 10 years it comes as a surprise to me that there is a lack of training. One thing that would concern me and that I would like you to address is how would I come across as genuine and be a real alternative to all the other companies offering the same things? What other MLM companies would you recommend?

    • Hi Keldyn, we share some of the same opinions. I think Powur is unique in the sense it offers people a way to promote clean energy, for themselves and for others. To answer your questions about being genuine and to be a real alternative to people, searching for the same things are as follows:

      People are looking for someone honest, compassionate, and real to work with. They want someone that is stellar in customer service as well.

      You can do this in a couple of ways:

      1. Purchase the product. It’s easier to sell a Chevy when you own a Chevy. People will believe you more. So in essence you’ve got to believe in your product. Some people see right through this.

      2. Provide customer service, not sales tactics. Sometimes it’s good to give people a push, but not always. People are seeking information. Give them enough of it, so that they can make a wiser decision.

      I must inform you that I don’t actually recommend MLMs. I found some interesting and as a valid opportunity for others, and so you’ll find some on my “Good” menu, but seriously, I would not join one. I find so much more value in internet/affiliate marketing. I can build a website on my own, I can create quality content on my own, I can scale my business on my own. Do you get my pattern here?

      In mlms, the soul of it is too recruit. You’ll have to manage a team as well. I don’t know about you but I hated doing team projects in school. I usually would have to carry all the weight on my shoulders, and it was stressful. Sometimes there were one or two people I can count on and then there were those who were just like dead weights. This is why I find building your own online business is better.

      All in all, great questions. Thanks!


  2. This is definitely a new concept. I agree with your opinion that while it’s pretty legit, there’s still a degree of risk as it’s early and yet to be an established MLM player. I’m curious to see where Powur is heading though, if they play it right, they could be the next big thing in the solar industry.

    • Yeah absolutely! Powur is surely a creative business and it’s taking a stand in the energy industry. I would totally invest in the solar paneling myself before I would take on this opportunity though. I couldn’t imagine trying to sell an opportunity to people about solar panels and not own them yourself. What if they ask, well do you own solar panels?

      I guess you could totally argue the fact if you’re not a homeowner. Or maybe if you don’t qualify for the financing, but then that might take your credibility away as well. It would have to take a consumer to really see the true value in the opportunity for themselves such as, saving money or promoting a cleaner healthier planet. I don’t know, I’ll stick to what I know. 🙂

      If anyone is interested in this type of opportunity (the energy opportunity), check out Ambit Energy as well. Similar but different in their own way. I’m not a fan of mlms, but by all means, I want to help you get started in a business. After all, it’s the only way to financial freedom.


  3. The idea is fantastic, the delivery leaves alot to be desired. Agreements have not been kept and we have had to nag our way through the process to get things done.The salesman made a lot of promises and did not follow through. I intended on selling for POWUR. At this point, I cant because I have witnessed the prevalent “take your money and run” attitude. The salesman said we would apply for a substantial rebate from Oncor (2-3K). We even rushed the signing of the contract so we might qualify. The salesman didnt even tell the contractor!! By the time the contractor arrived, it was too late!! This was the first place we lost money. We also told out salesperson we wanted to apply for our City’s 5k rebate. Same thing, the salesman did not relay the info. Luckily I was on top of it. A month later, I am still making daily calls to get the final inspection pushed through so I wont loose $5000 more. And then there was the 1000$ sign on bonus offered to us by POWUR. You guess it! Its been almost 3 months and we haven’t received it. Frustrated and, frankly, pissed, I decided to request a full refund on my membership (300$). The membership was so that I could sell for POWUR, I was very enthusiastic about all the promises. I was supposed to get kick back on referrals. It didn’t happen the way I had hoped either. They said they would look into refunding my membership. Of course, like the rest of their promises… not following through.

    • Katey, that is terrible! Oh my, I did not expect that, while I should have. There are so many salesmen out there with that type of attitude. Then Powur giving you the run around? I guess they may not be better than the rest of them. I cannot stand when companies beat around the bush and worse salespersons don’t follow through on their promises.

      I’m glad you have been persistent in getting your 5k back at least. There must be some executive representative you can speak to get your money back for the opportunity which you no longer want to partake in. Might I suggest? This salesperson may just be one of the bad apples. As you know, there are in every industry.

      I used to work in the automobile industry, and I need not go there. However, what that salesperson did is inexcusable. I believe as someone’s salesperson you owe them honor, gratitude and commitment. He did not follow through and just ran with the money. (shaking my head)

      You could be the lighting star that shines from the rest of them, if you were one of the reputable individuals who sold for them. As you said, their product and opportunity sounds great (if everyone plays their role). You can be one that stays on the ball. Myself personally, I prefer to stay out of mlms, but that’s not to say that they’re not good opportunities.

      I focus on the internet marketing industry. Because I love the thought of making money from home. Plus I get a kick out of building websites and monetizing them. Let me know if you ever want more information on it. I would love to share it with you.



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