What is Primerica? Is it a Scam?

what is primerica a scamPrimerica
Rating: what is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scam (1 / 5)
Price: $99 to start
Founded by: Authur L. Williams Jr.
Website: www.primerica.com


Primerica is a financial services company who are overpriced for their services. They recruit people to form a down-line and make money on several levels. This is also known as a multi-level marketing company. The reason why I feel this an untrustworthy business opportunity is because they paint a perfect picture to the consumer when in fact in is close to impossible to make it big financially with the company. I will continue to knock on these companies because it is not fair to people to mislead them or make them believe that it will be easy to be financially free.



  • Opportunity to own your own business
  • Multi level income opportunities
  • Relationship with a company that has been around for decades
  • Some recruiter/trainers are really cool


  • Have to pay to start
  • Have to pay for your website
  • Nearly impossible to make money
  • Have to do cold calls to promote
  • Adopt a hustler attitude


Anyone who has an interest in selling life insurance or helping others with financial services. Primerica is good when it comes to advice because they are advising people to become and how to become financially prepared for unexpected or final expenses and retirement. No doubt about it, these things are important. However there are many other less expensive ways to do this. Banks for example offer retirement products that are easy to invest in. Even employers offer products like a 401k that can be especially beneficial. As for life insurance there are many more alternative companies that offer excellent benefits and plans that are far more less expensive. With a little research you can find these.

A typical day in the life of a Primerica representative would be sitting in your office making phone calls to prospects and setting up appointments. Once you are at your appointment you’ll be sitting down with people and discussing their financial needs. Things such as retirement, savings, debts, expenses, investments, and their financial goals. You will be selling your products and services as a solution to their current situation. Whether that would be investment products, life or health insurance, advising on savings plans, and/or debt payoff solutions.

Personal Experience: I sat in a few interviews to become a Primerica Representative and all I got was a lot of smoke. It’s one thing to want to help people with their financial life and another to offer people overpriced products in hopes to make a commission off of it. There are no promises in how much income you can make but a whole lot of rubbish of premium testimonials of people that have been with the company for a long time and make a lot of money.

It’s very important for a business partner to be completely transparent for me when making a business decision. I received a lot of opinions but what is primerica a scamnothing concrete that would allow me to make a sound business decision. For example, telling me that this is a great business opportunity and that it will set my family off for financial success is worthless without telling me the 5 W’s. (who, what, when, where, why, and how) I want to know exactly how I’m going to accomplish these things. I want to know when I can expect these results, and I want to know why is this product/service better than the next company/product/service. I did not get any of that while getting persuaded to join the company.

I did however join the company a couple years ago. My recruiter told me he would help me get the $99 to start and wanted me to start right away. It was all fine and dandy when he blew all the smoke in my face about why he thought Primerica was the key, but when it came to start it was a whole different story. He sent me home with homework to write what is primerica a scamI was highly upset about this because here I was with no training and poor confidence in the company calling my close family and friends hoping that they would benefit from this product/service. All for my own personal gains. I felt really uncomfortable with this position. I’m not a dishonest and careless person to lie to anyone. I have a lot of integrity and this business ethic I was not proud of. Needless to say, I never came back the next day.

What got me even more upset was that here I was with a representative of the company and an RVP (Regional Vice President) in a room with them telling how much money they earn (10s thousands a month) but failing to give me the ins and outs, the why’s or even how’s; the business plan; and they wanted me to be a part of their team. I felt really disrespected. As if my family and friends were of no value, but a dollar sign. Not my style! This has formed all the skepticism I have for the company.


No training

However, not all recruiters are the same. Some may have good business ethics and spend the time training you. At least, that is what another recruiter promised me before. However, I was so disappointed in the company from the first go around that I refused to give them a second chance.

What I did look into the second time around was their financial products. I was interested in knowing what my options were because I am really concerned with my retirement. I sat in a couple meeting with the second recruiter, but again got little information of the services. Everything was focused on bringing me on as a representative.

what is primerica a scamFirst of all the life insurance policies were far more expensive than what I’ve seen in other companies so I crossed that out immediately. Then the retirement products were first of all, confusing, second of all, didn’t make financial sense. To my understanding anyone can do this with a plan and commitment in building their retirement portfolio. It is nothing special with Primerica. That being the reason I say you can do this with your local bank, and it won’t cost you a dime.


Your recruiter will be your main source for support.


It costs $99 to start because you have to do a background check. I believe this because someone with a criminal background cannot sell life insurance.

Then it cost about $25 a month for them to host your website. You can build your own website and get free hosting here. Not to mention your first initial training to help get you started.


I would hate to say that Primerica is a scam or even a bad company to join because it just wouldn’t make sense. That fact that it’s been around for so long, since 1977, should speak for itself. However, I am not a fan of what is primerica a scamtheir business ethics. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to make a full time income with the company. You will literally have to put in thousands of hours to even begin seeing a part time or full time income. Because it also tries extremely hard to persuade people in joining leads me to believe that they only care about the money. I don’t know about you but that not the type of impression I want to leave in my footprints. I want people to admire me for honesty, ambition, and motivation. Business to me is far more than the money. Putting people first is my #1 rule.

With that said, as a businessman, I want to provide people with the best option for them, not for me. If that means that I lose money, then so be it. I would rather the person respect me for my honesty, then believe a lie. This is what true businessman-ship means to me. I firmly believe if you do anything for the money, or focus on the money, that your run will be less meaningful in many ways. Do it different, do it with honesty, be genuine, care about people, the money will come!

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Name: Primerica
Website: www.primerica.com
Founded by Authur L. Williams Jr.
Price: $99 to start
Rating: what is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scamwhat is primerica a scam (1 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended MLM Company

Have you had a personal experience with Primerica that you would like to add? This review was intended to help you make a decision on joining Primerica. I specifically used the information obtained from my own personal experiences with them. I hope that you do further research if necessary, and value my opinion. Any feedback will be much appreciated, it truly does help others! 🙂



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6 thoughts on “What is Primerica? Is it a Scam?”

  1. Thank you, Jonathan for your honest post. Drawing from personal experience can often times be beneficial to others. I’m glad you didn’t conclude that Primerica was a scam, because I’m not sure that it is. It’s been around much too long, I would think. However, I totally agree with you that their business practices are a little on the questionable side. I would chime in having encountered a similar experience some years ago. Our son was actually on the receiving end of starting his own business, with a very “cool” recruiter. He jumped through the hoops at first, and tried meeting with friends and family (us for starters). Those leads dried up and he knew that business was not the right fit for him. It’s hard to sell something you’re not passionate about. What the product line and “pitch” did do for him, and hopefully for others, was to help him focus on getting his finances in order. Shop around — those are definitely not the most cost effective products!

    • Hello David, thanks for chiming in. I agree Primerica is not a scam. However I am always skeptical of any company whom shows more interest in recruiting people than the actual products or services themselves. I also agree that Primerica offers some good financial advice. It is in everyone’s best interest to prepare for retirement and their final expenses.

      You mentioned something that is of the utmost importance and that is to own your own business and sell products that you’re passionate about. This makes it beneficial for everyone. Not only will it make you happy with your career but as you know sales is an emotional business. If you can transfer your feelings to your customer and make them happy or excited about the products/services as you are, you can truly help a consumer and make them happy. Thats what everyone wants.

      Thanks for your input! It’s truly appreciated.


  2. Sounds to me like this program is more like they take your money and say here is your business. Now you are a free agent go out and find some suckers to turn their hard earned money to an uncertain program.
    I have been involved with mlm before and it just seems like you have to give false hope to so many people to achieve any thing for yourself.
    Thank you for this interesting information

    • Angela, we are on the same page. I can certainly appreciate the drive that mlm companies have to make people financially independent, but all the times that I’ve encountered an mlm representative, whether it would be amway, primerica, the empower network, or any others, it seems like all of them just want me to join so that I can be their downline. There’s no real genuine concern for my family or financial situation. What’s different about my website and business is that I want people to care for their family and help them increase their financial situation. This is the main reason I take pride in recommending Wealthy Affiliate because it’s free to join and before you see the value in the product I don’t want you part with one penny. 🙂

      Thanks for your input,


  3. A multi-level marketing company (or MLM) will only ever supply to the top of the food chain – everyone else below will struggle to make their money back. There are no MLMs that let you in for free – and that should tell you something! You were right to rate this opportunity so low – yet another money grabbing system…

    • Chris, I gotta tell you, Primerica was a major disappointment for me. Not only did I give them one chance but two, to prove to me that the business opportunity was going to be good for me. I never really saw the value in it. Value you for me inquires that a company is completely honest with people, because I don’t know want to be anything else.

      I can understand why you do not like mlm companies. However, I have a bit of a different perspective on them. I believe anyone can really make it to the top, if you put in enough time and hard work. After all, those people at the top didn’t start there. I’m sure they paid their dues.


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