What is Product Launch Formula?

Product Launch Formula Review

Name: Product Launch Formula
Website: jeffwalker.com
Price: $1997 or $397 payments
Owner: Jeff Walker
Rating: three star reviews out of five for product launch formula (3 / 5)

What is Product Launch Formula?

Product Launch Formula (PLF) is a product designed to help you launch your business. Whether you have a current business or want to start one. If you want to start one, preferably you want to create an informational product which you are very knowledgeable in. It can be anything, dog training, swimming, credit, building houses, etc. Those are just a few examples, but it can be anything you are good at. This can also be called a niche business.

So the idea is if you don’t have a product already, PLF will help you create one. They have a simple strategy. If you have a business, it will help you launch your business to increase sales. It is designed to boost sales significantly. Jeff has put his mastered launch formula on blueprint and sharing it with Product Launch Formula.

stock broker scamI first approached PLF thinking it was a scam. Just another slick marketer out to fool everybody into buying their program. But after doing a thorough review on PLF and Jeff Walker turns out this product is legit. And Jeff Walker is a pretty nice guy. He uses salesy sales techniques but his intentions are good. He started out with nothing and has proven his method.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – teaches you how to have a successful launch for your business.
PRO #2 – great support to see you through the process
PRO #3 – helped some of the greats in our industry (learn more here)

The Bad:

CON #1 – really expensive
CON #2 – not open all the time

Who is Product Launch Formula For?

  • The starting out entrepreneur
  • Anyone who wants to start a business
  • If you have a business already and need a launch
  • If you want to learn about product launches
  • If your business is suffering and you need a fix
  • Anyone with an existing business can use this

Product Launch Formula Tools, Training, & Support

Inside PLF they will teach you the following:

  • marketingAbout Product launches
  • How to Sequence videos
  • How to Build up hype
  • Make the Sale on the 4th video
  • How to use mediums of communication; social media, email, website, ppc.

There are 3 different kinds of launches inside PLF. The Seed Launch, the Internal Launch, and the JV Launch.

The Seed Launch is creating your own product. You can invite friends and other guests via your email list, social media, or even friends and family. Host a hangout or facebook live video, and start asking your audience what they need. You want to go in this as an expert in your field. When your guests ask questions, this is the meat of your product. You will be recording this hangout. You can take the whole video and audio and WALA, you have a product; by simply transcribing it. This is a great way to build a product that focuses on what your clients/audience want.

The Internal Launch – this is selling to your list. If you already have a product, you can start here.

The Joint Venture (JV) Launch is where the big guns are. This is where you network with other entrepreneurs that can use your launch to email to their lists. Imagine, you can probably reach 10s thousands of people this way. Then imagine what your numbers will look like.

affiliate salesYou would need to pay your network affiliate commissions, but hey it adds up. It makes total financial sense to offer a percentage of your sales to others to promote your product. This could be a win win for everyone. This is sort of like the business that I am in: affiliate marketing.

Jeff advises to reaching out to 10 or more other business related to your field of business with large email lists.


  • PLF Portal and PLF Community
  • Live coaching calls that have Platinum Level Coaches who also answer questions.
  • Six week course
  • PLF Alumni page on facebook
  • Access to the course for 12 months
  • For an additional monthly fee you can have access to lifetime access

Product Launch Formula Price

$1997 or $397 payment plan
30 day money back guarantee

What’s included? Six training modules – they are hosted online, and they walk you through all of the steps of doing a launch. It takes six weeks but you can work on it on your own pace.

Here’s what inside the training modules:

  • sales trainingThe Launch templates are fill in the blank.
  • You learn about all the launches.
  • Work through templates to create great launches.
  • Learn what to say to tell your offer as you get to launch day.
  • What you do after you open your shopping cart.
  • How to use early results to drive your launch.
  • How to keep your jv partners motivated.
  • What message do you send your prospects when you go live.
  • How to keep your customers engaged.
  • What are the 3 key things to do on your launch day to maximize results.
  • What to do at the end of your launch.
  • How to structure bonuses to keep the buying frenzy going.
  • How do you get paid, even with a huge surge of sales.
  • How to do a quick launch.
  • How does this apply to book launches. After you write your book you should launch it.

3 Bonuses include:

Bonus #1 – Launching your list 2.0 Course
Building your list and building your relationship with your list.
Building it from scratch and building value.
Collection of sample copy, email copy, blog copy, videos, and sales letters. all you do is fill in the blank. tested copies which have raked in millions of dollars ($997 Suggested Value).

podcastBonus#2 – Product Creation Formula Course
How to create a product. Creating information products might be free because you might have all the tools already on your computer. You need your own product so that you are in charge of your own destiny. Takes out the mystery of creating a product. How to make an inexpensive ebook, high priced online courses, membership site, live webinars and workshops ($997 Suggested Value).

Bonus 3 – Suite of Mini Course
Not just about launches but his 20 years of online business. Using PLF to help you build a great business to help you achieve the lifestyle you want. Operation fast start training. Focus on the critical things. How to scale your business by using leverage. strategies and tactics that he has put together from years of experience. Launch partnership training. Helping people out as a launch manager. And how to avoid disaster with your partners.

PLF Live – at the end of the course, there is 3 day live event led by Jeff Walker. 100s of other PLF owners will attend. Meet potential JV Partners, and other business owners. Jeff has charged $25k for these live workshops in the past. You will get two tickets for free. They will sell for $5k.

My Final Opinion of Product Launch Formula

wallet on a budgetWhew, this is a tough one to judge. I think PLF is an awesome product but it is really expensive. Maybe it’s not expensive. Maybe it’s affordable. Not for people in my tax bracket. If you are making six figures a year, it may be a great product to have. But if you’re on a budget like me, you better off checking out an alternative.

This would be a good product to supplement your current business. It’s almost like have a grand opening. Statistics show boosts in sales when a product launch is done properly.

I don’t like that Jeff uses the sales tactic of urgency. I guess it works but I don’t like it. Basically, it’s like if you decide to keep your product available for all time, then your sales will be less than if it were open for a limited time. And that what he does.

This is one of the reasons why I quit the automobile sales industry. I think it’s dumb to make customers think your product is only available for a limited time. I guess sales data shows different. Thinking of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. I know I buy it when it’s available.

Why can’t a product be available always? Why can’t you offer a free trial to everyone, with no strings attached? No credit card necessary? Wait, there is. Unlike any other product I’ve found online, this one is one of kind. Check it out here.

Product Launch Formula at a Glance…

Name: Product Launch Formula
Website: jeffwalker.com
Price: $1997 or $397 payments
Owner: Jeff Walker
Rating: three star reviews out of five for product launch formula (3 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with PLF? If so, we would love to hear about your personal experience with their product and services. I appreciate your feedback. It will truly help others.

Leave me a comment below! 😀

6 thoughts on “What is Product Launch Formula?”

  1. Do you just copy and paste stuff all day? I’m not being a jerk…! I am just curious on what you do and how you do it for real. I am exhausted and feel like I am just reading riddles from people! I am so tired I can’t read anymore.! I don’t have money. I am a 38, female trying to figure out how to start one kid in college and braces for the other and just told my boss to shove it. So if you really can help me figure out a money making opportunity online would you just easily say it, because I get confused with all the products and opportunities and blah,blah.. sorry if I sound rude too, it’s just late .. And I’m stressed… Thanks!

    • Kasey, I hear you, loud and clear. You hate your job. You want out. You’ve got kids to take care of and you’re just looking for a legitimate way to make money online. I have got to forewarn you, you will not make a living online in a short amount of time. Making money online is a business. And businesses take a long time to be profitable or even earn a full time income.

      If you want to eventually make money online in the future, where you can afford things like putting your kids through college, or putting braces on, you’ve got to start now. Your business will go wherever you take it.

      For now, you have to find another job. Because you need immediate income. Don’t waste your time online looking. I’ve searched for decades. It’s a myth! You cannot make money off of the push of a button.

      Making money online, is equivalent to making a decision to build a business online. I started making money online within 6 months. But it was nothing like a full time income. More like supplemental. $50 here, $100 there. Now I consistently make anywhere from $200-$400 a month. That’s with two years in. And I do this part time.

      I’ve known people who make $10,000 a month within their first year. There are so many variables that will go into if, how, and when you will make money. If you want to secure making money, I can direct you into the right direction. Get yourself set up with the right training. Wealthy Affiliate has the opportunity for you to start for free. No credit card required.

      This is the only way Kasey. Wish I could tell you different. But it is the raw truth. You have to work hard to make money online. It takes time. If one day, you want to tell your boss to shove it. The only way is too start a business. And you will will have to build it from the ground up.

      No one will do this for you. Thinking about your kids, you could always pass the business on to them. There’s a lot of people making $10,000s online. But I can assure you, they didn’t get there overnight.

      Decide for yourself. Good luck in the meantime finding a job. I’ve got some neat ways to make money in the meantime that you can read about. But, I encourage you to start a business for yourself. So that you don’t have to cross this bridge again. Hate your boss, no job, and gotta pay bills. Definitely a solution for the future.

      Nice chat. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

      – Jonathan

  2. I have had no personal experience with Product Launch Formula before reading this. I suspect that I will not have any experience in the future as well. Like you I hate it when they promote their opportunity like it is the last chance you get. I have seen many of those and when you look at them a month later, there is still the same “urgency”. As you said, their course is pretty expensive and I am sure that there are similar courses out there that are better value for money.

    • Hey Jerry! I know what you mean about business owners selling the urgency. I’m not a fan of it at all. I’m afraid it might work though. I wonder what the numbers are like in the long run. Definitely something interesting to investigate into. 

      I prefer to stay away from it, as I just see it as deceiving, and it is not something I want to be apart of. I believe in honest marketing. If I can’t make money this way, then I should find a different way. I have found some legitimate training online that has been able to supplement my income. Hopefully one day, replace it completely.

  3. Dear Jonathan,

    That’s a very thorough review on Product Launch Formula and you have really covered all bases. I strongly
    believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come
    back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    • Hey Paul, thanks for the compliments! Come back any time. I love to lend a helping hand. I try to be thorough with all of my product reviews. Product Launch Formula was really fun for me to review. After all, I think it is a good product.

      I have found that other internet marketers put out reviews, that in my opinion are just flat out garbage. It is so frustrating to read someone’s review and get a bias opinion, a lack of information, and a strong sell. I strive to be different and offer my readers more value.

      I think of it as, similar to them, I am a person on the other side of the screen who is looking for an honest, thorough, and quality review about a product.

      Anyway, that was my rant. 🙂 Hope to help you in the future,



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