What is Pure Haven Essentials About? Product Review

what is pure haven essentials about a scam

Pure Haven Essentials Review

Name: Pure Haven Essentials
Website: www.purehavenessentials.com
Price: $99
Rating: what is pure haven essentials about a scamwhat is pure haven essentials about a scamwhat is pure haven essentials about a scamwhat is pure haven essentials about a scamwhat is pure haven essentials about a scam (1.5 / 5)

Pure Haven Essentials, Product Overview

I heard about Ava Anderson so I decided to do some research. I found out her company Ava Anderson Non Toxic closed down! It was for a reason that one or more of her products were claiming to be organic and containing no toxic chemicals but allegedly this was false. Another story claimed that the suppliers put shelf ingredients into the products, which I guess damaged its integrity because these products are supposed to be non toxic and organic.

Pure Haven Essentials is basically a relaunch of Ava Anderson Non Toxic. They managed and took out the kinks and launched a brand new company. This time the company is manufacturing its products here in the US to keep a closer eye on the product manufacturing. So from here on out we can expect organic and non toxic products from Pure Haven Essentials.

If you haven’t heard about Ava Anderson’s previous mlm opportunity…

what is pure haven essentials about a scamPure Haven Essentials is an mlm (multi level marketing) company that invites people like you to sell their products. Their products include : Baby, Body, Face, Hair Home, Kid, Men, Oil, Spa, and Skin Essentials. They have several different products all said to be free of toxic ingredients and are organic. They provide an opportunity for you to earn from 30-50% commission on direct sales, and also a 2-7% commission on your down-line sales. Any mlm opportunity can become quite lucrative but you may form a second opinion after reading this review.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Promote organic cleaning products for your home and body

PRO #2 – Opportunity to earn commission on multiple levels

PRO #3 – Training available

The Bad:

CON #1 – Costs too much too start

CON #2 – Must maintain certain levels of sales to maintain rank and commissions

CON #3 – Limited to cleaning products

Who is Pure Haven Essentials For?

Anyone who is 18 and older who is looking to start their own business.

Pure Haven Essentials Tools & Training

Pure Haven Essentials provides you with training and tools to start up your business as you as you sign up.

They conduct national seminars which you can attend to learn more.

They conduct weekly sales meetings over the telephone.

They also encourage you to meet with your local team for training.

Pure Haven Essentials Support

You can reach support for Pure Haven Essentials through mail, email, or phone. You will more than likely receive most of your support from your sponsor (the person who helped you sign up).

Pure Haven Essentials Price & Earning Potential

It takes $99 to start.

You do not need to purchase products but your $99 Start Up Business Kit will include around 20 different products such as moisturizer, toner, cleaner, etc. Along with some tools to get started like brochures, order forms, flyers, catalogs, and postcard invites.

How do you earn money with Pure Haven Essentials?

You will earn anywhere from 30-50% commission on personal sales depending on how much volume you sale. Of course the higher the volume the higher the commission. (ex. >$4000 in sales you get 50% commission)

what is pure haven essentials about a scamYou will earn a percentage of the sales your down-line generates depending on which rank you’re achieving. You need to maintain a certain performance level to maintain a specific rank and earn those commissions.

  • There are 10 ranks to achieve from Consultant to Diamond Executive.

Depending on which rank you’re in you can earn anywhere from 3-9% commission on your down-line sales.

Pure Haven Essential pays 5 generations deep. So you and everyone you recruit will be your first generation. The second generation will be a group that someone you personally sponsor, or helped sign up, creates. So on and so on.


You will receive a $500 for reaching the Executive Rank (5th Rank up), and also $500 for everyone in your down-line (down to 5 generations) that reaches Executive.

My Final Opinion of Pure Haven Essentials

I do not like this mlm opportunity because you are real limited in the products that you can sell. Personally organic products, especially cleaning products, are not my niche. I love healthy living, but these products are really overpriced (like $16 for a bottle of shampoo), which some people are willing to spend, but not me. I truly believe that in order for you to be successful in business, in the long term, you must sell products that you are passionate about.

Pure Haven Essentials is just like any other mlm opportunity (reminds me of Amway because of the cleaning products), with the exception that they pay up to 50% commission on personal product sales – which is quite nice. I do know of another product that pays up to 50% (48% to be exact) on sales and you don’t need to sell $4000 worth of products to earn that! I want you to be successful, but it’s not this complicated. It can be easy, check out my #1 Recommended Product!

Do you have a personal experience with Ava Anderson Non Toxic or Pure Haven Essentials? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with the product/service. As always I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What is Pure Haven Essentials About? Product Review”

  1. I hate scams like that Ava Pure Haven Essentials. It reminds me of avon. My wife does avon and it seems like all they want to do is sell you books. This is pretty much the same thing. Except you are selling what, shampoo. I dont think I would be interested and I dont think it is good fit for me.

    • Hey Tony, there are a lot of people who feel just like you do. I’m more afraid of the business shutting down. As you know, Ava Anderson’s previous business did. What happened to all those people and their businesses? I believe someone must have suffered a major loss there. Especially those who make the business their everything.

      I prefer to have something more concrete. Building websites and being partnered with affiliate programs is a business model that has been around for decades. Plus there’s no recruiting and you can truly run and manage your own business. You don’t have to follow the rules of some mlm company.

      Well hope everything works out for you and your wife Tony. If you need a hand with anything, feel free to ask.

      I just want to see people succeed.


  2. Well good old Ava Anderson sounds like a bit of a chick really doesn’t she? Trying to get away with tarring her products in the organic brush…but filling them with chemicals!
    Overall it sounds like yet another dodgy MLM opportuntiy that floats about – poor products and poor prospects for making money!

    • Chris, I can totally understand your concerns. I don’t know how long Pure Haven will be around. Hopefully, it does turn into a successful business, for the people’s sake. I can’t imagine how many people suffered from the closure of her previous mlm opportunity, Ava Anderson Non Toxic. I hope that she has ironed out the wrinkles and started an honest business.

      I work with integrity so I would be very upset to learn a product or service that I’m recommending to people is not what it says it is. This is why I prefer affiliate marketing over mlm because I can choose any product I want and offer them to people; I’m not limited to a specific line.

      I actually worked with Wealthy Affiliate for around a month before I even dared to recommend it to anyone. Now I can say, it’s the real deal!

      Jonathan Matos


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