What is RewardTV? Can I Really Make Money Watching TV?

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Name: RewardTV
Website: rewardtv.com
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Owner: The Nielson Company
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RewardTV, Product Overview

Can you really make money by watching tv? What’s RewardTV all about? So you don’t actually earn money for watching tv, (that would be awesome right!) but you earn chances to earn valuable prizes including cash prizes. In a nutshell, RewardTV is a website that allows you to take surveys about multiple niches including tv, movies, financial products, and insurance to name a few and earn entries to sweepstakes. In these sweepstakes you can win electronics, money towards your bills, money towards shopping, and other great things.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Surveys and trivia questions are fun!

PRO #2 – A wide variety of sweepstakes for prizes and bidding auctions.

PRO #3 – Mobile App

The Bad:

what is rewardtvCON #1 –  Don’t actually win money, just chances to win money.

CON #2 – I believe the chances to win are slim to none.

CON #3 – Cannot use RewardTV to supplement your income nor replace your income.

Who is RewardTV For?

RewardTV is for anyone looking to have some fun taking surveys and answering trivia questions online. If you truly enjoy watching tv and would like to take trivia questions in your leisure time, go ahead. Just don’t get your hope up in winning. It’s possible to win, but we all know how that works.

RewardTV Tools & Training


RewardTV Support

There have been a lot of complaints about people not getting their prizes and support not getting back to them. Please do not count on these people to support you with anything, play at your own risk. The reason I say this what is rewardtvis because I don’t want you to get frustrated when they do not get back to you. Do your best to be very careful when it comes to playing and claiming your prizes.

RewardTV does have a FAQs page that can be very helpful. They also have email support. I would advise if you cannot reach them through these vessels to go on the facebook page. Their facebook page is very active and they may get back to you.  

RewardTV Price

Free to join!

My Final Opinion of RewardTV

RewardTV has been one of the easier products to review. If you have
visited their website you can see, it is really user friendly. (easy to navigate, take trivia, and sweepstakes are easy to enter) Their website is laid out pretty simple. A little antiquated but it does the job. Personally, I would only use RewardTV to have a little fun at home. I what is rewardtvwould share it with my friends and family, but that’s it, just for leisure.

We all love tv shows and it can be pretty fun to take the trivia questions. I’ve also taken the survey and enjoyed them. They pay out pretty well with points, but at the same time, the points don’t go very far in the bidding auctions. I just saw today an auction on a $10 Best Buy gift card and it was at a high 700,000 points. I spent about a half an hour on the website and only made about 15,000 points. Do the math; it can takes you hours and hours of playing to come up with enough points to win a bid auction.

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Do you have a personal experience with RewardTV? If so, I would really like to hear about your experience with the product, service, or prizes. Please leave your insights below. It truly does help others! 🙂


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4 thoughts on “What is RewardTV? Can I Really Make Money Watching TV?”

  1. Oh, not another one of these kinds of schemes! I’ve seen these things before, where you supposedly get paid for watching TV. As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Why would any company pay you to watch TV? There is only one way you could get aid any decent money if you watched TV, and that’s if you were to watch adverts all day long. Even then, I doubt you would earn a full day’s worth of money to replace your job.

    • You’re absolutely right Marcus. You know, the trivia part of the website I don’t seem to have the answer as to how they make money on that and how they could pay you, but there must be some logical reason. I do know that the online survey part of the website should be quite lucrative. After all there are a lot of research marketing websites out there that are offering online surveys. Trivia questions can be really fun, so if there’s money in it for them, that can be quite interesting. Or maybe it’s just a hook to get us to take surveys. Any way you look at it, it still is not enough money to make a difference in our lives.

      I believe people are in search for ways to make money online. That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, because it is a internet marketing platform that teaches you everything about owning an online business. It gives you both the satisfaction of being online and also the possibility to replace your income and finally work from home. That would be great! I just started making money online recently, and I can’t wait to be able to just work from home. 🙂

  2. First time of hearing about the RewardTv, am wondering what the author stand to benefit in this program. I see it as just a fun providing site rather than where one can make real money.
    The big question here is that how does the owner make money out of this program? I think, more investigation and research need to be carried out to actually know the interest of the author, the financial gains or otherwise.
    Thank you for this wonderful review, all the best, God bless you.

    • Hi Peter, I think that there is a lot of money involved in this product. Not so much for the consumer but the owner. Think about it, for each survey taken, let’s say they’re paying you $.50 cents but the actual company the survey involves may be paying $.75 cents each. That’s a profit of $.25 right? Now let’s say you have 1 million members taking at least 5 surveys a day. If you do the math that equates too $1.25 million. Now whether that is daily or monthly, that is still a lot of money. 🙂

      See we’re only one person and we can only turn in so many surveys a day. But if you have a website, like RewardTV, then you can totally make a business out of it. You know numbers are the same any where you go in the world. It’s all math!

      See I wouldn’t get any satisfaction out of having an online survey site because I believe there is more benefit in it for the owner than the consumer. I prefer to turn the tables around. I want to teach someone how to be financially independent with internet marketing. This way I know I’m not helping the consumer to just get gift cards and some extra pocket money, but I’m helping support families. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.


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