What is RxCut? Is the Presription Discount Program/Business Opportunity Worth it?

what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewsRxCut Review

Name: RxCut
Website: www.rxcut.com
Price: $199
Founders: Gerard Ferro and Eric Shugarts
Rating: what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviews (1 / 5)

What is RxCut About?

RxCut is a discount prescription program that enables consumers to receive the lowest prices available for their prescription drugs. The card is accepted at all major chain pharmacy stores as well as most independently owned pharmacies. Card users have saved up to 87% using the card. To become a RxCut cardmember there is no charge and the membership is free. Now what about the business opportunity?

There’s a pretty lucrative compensation plan which I’ll discuss more in detail below. You can earn residual income every time someone uses the card, and also earn when you recruit new distributors. RxCut provides a unilevel mlm plan. Basically, how that works is everyone you personally recruit is on your first level, and then their recruits will be considered your 2nd level. I’ll touch more on this topic further down my review.

The Good & the Bad

what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewsThe Good:

PRO #1 – Free discount prescription program
PRO #2 – They give you a marketing website plus a great starter kit upon joining
PRO #3 – Multi billion dollar industry

The Bad:

CON #1 – Steep joining cost for the business opportunity
CON #2 – Recruiting
CON #3 – Did I say Recruiting…

Who is RxCut For?

  • Anyone looking to start an mlm business which offers an easy product to sell, discount prescription cards; and they’re free!
  • People who would like to save money on prescriptions.
  • If you pay a co-pay greater than $10, or do not have insurance, you should definitely take advantage of the free membership.
  • People interested in helping others save money on prescription drugs.

RxCut Products

  • what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewsThere discount prescription card can be used at over 54 thousand pharmacies nationwide. It’s pretty simple. When you arrive at the pharmacy you simply pass them your membership card. You can ask them for the pharmacy’s price, the price using your own insurance, and the RxCut price. This way you will always pay the lowest price possible.

How does RxCut make money? They get paid a fee ($2.50) every time you use their card. This helps operate the business and business opportunity. The pharmacy charges their own prices which may be lower occasionally. The health insurance also charges a fee which may come out higher because it can be a $10+ co-pay. Finally, RxCut states they provide the lowest prices 8 out of 10 times.

  • There is also a Vision and Dental plan that you can purchase from RxCut for $12.95/month.
  • There is a Pharmacy Price Search Tool on their website that you can use to find the lowest prices on medications in your local area. This tool is pretty neat. You simply enter the name of the prescription, your zip code, and you can search up to 50 pharmacies.

RxCut Tools, Training, & Support

  • what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewsRxCut provides you with a marketing website to help you generate new customers. Of course this website has your personalized id on it for tracking purposes.
  • They have a member portal which you can track your results.
  • They have online resources to help you grow your business.
  • You can call their (800) number for support, or submit a help inquiry online through their website.
  • As you will be in an MLM, you can seek help from the person who sponsored you and your upline.

How Much Does it Cost to Join RxCut?

To become an affiliate, it costs $199. What comes with your initial investment?

  • A customized marketing website
    5,000 RxCut cards
    Access to the Partner Portal
    Guidance about your first 24 hours as an agent
    Print ready card templates

How Do You Make Money With RxCut? | The Business Opportunity

what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewsAnytime you sponsor an affiliate you will earn $79. (They must pay the $199 to qualify.)

As I mentioned earlier, RxCut has a uni-level structured compensation plan. They pay 4 levels down. You will also earn every time someone uses the RxCut to purchase FDA approved prescriptions. There is a unique code on every membership card given by you to track your commissions.

Residual Commissions Earned From Card Usage

Level 1 – you will earn $1.50 from all of your customers and personal recruits who use the card (per use).

Level 2 – earn .35 per use. (This is all the customers earned from your second level. Remember, your second level are the recruits from your first level. The same applies for subsequent levels.)

Level 3 – earn .10 per use.

Level 4 – earn .5 per use.

Residual Income from other plans are:

what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewsBenefit Relief Vision and Dental Membership – Earn $2.50 on Level One and .40 on Level Two.

Benefit Relief Select and Plus Membership – Earn $3.50 on Level One and .55 on Level Two.

My Final Opinion of RxCut

RxCut is definitely a keeper. I will actually be getting the membership card asap. Why pay more? Plus there’s no fee or application. As far as the business opportunity, I have some skepticism. It can be really difficult to recruit people, and if you didn’t know, recruiting is the heartbeat of an mlm. The only real way to make money.

Residual income is a tricky subject because you basically are putting in the work first then reaping the benefits later. You will need to market your website, and get really good at lead generating if you want to be successful in this type of business. I find affiliate marketing to be much easier, and it’s actually my first choice as a home based business opportunity.

what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviews

RxCut at a Glance…

Name: RxCut
Website: www.rxcut.com
Price: $199
Founders: Gerard Ferro and Eric Shugarts
Rating: what is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviewswhat is rxcut business opportunity about scam reviews (1 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with RxCut? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service. Also, if you have any questions

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!

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6 thoughts on “What is RxCut? Is the Presription Discount Program/Business Opportunity Worth it?”

  1. Hi Jonathon,

    I’m actually from the UK, so I don’t think that I can take part in this, but I did find your article quite interesting to read. I was looking into pharmaceuticals last year actually as I thought it would be a good way to make some cash, but decided to follow my passion in the end instead.

    I also tried MLM once before, and you’re completely right, it is very difficult to recruit people, I gave up with that eventually and moved over to your recommendationaffiliate marketing. Much easier and less stressful 🙂

    Just thought I’d drop a comment as I enjoyed the review and the read.


    • Grace,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Pharmaceuticals is definitely a great industry if you want to make a lot of money. As you know, it will take a lot of time and hard work to really make the big bucks. I think that’s where a lot of people go wrong. They’re looking for this instant process of making cash; there is no such thing! It’s not entirely their fault, many businesses/opportunities portray it that way.

      We need to start getting back to the basics. You will have to build your business from scratch. You will have to work at it for a long time before you reach the tip of the iceberg. Not many people want to put it in the hard work, and that’s why less than 5% of the country is wealthy. So it is, you made a great choice to follow your passion instead because you will need to work at it for a long time.

      The most important thing is that you don’t give up. Learn how to do this, and I believe strongly that you will succeed. I’m glad you liked my #1 recommendation.

      I’ll see around, hopefully in the WA community! 🙂


  2. Interesting read, the savings sound good for sure and I like the sound of the price comparison tool. I had a couple of queries you might be able to help me with.

    Am I right in thinking that you can just sign up for the card, ignoring the MLM stuff, and use it just for your own purposes to enjoy the savings on prescription drugs?

    MLM sounds like a tough game. Do people make much money with this? Trying to recruit people sounds hard.

    • Colm, yes I believe you can sign up for just the card at no charge instead of paying for the affiliate program. Remember, the company gets paid $2.50 every time you use the card, so they have an incentive for offering you the card for free.

      MLMs are a great way to start a business. A tough way though. You will have to become a hustler for the products and for recruiting people. This is the only true way to build financial freedom, you have to build a team. That is, with mlm or network marketing.

      Check out Wealthy Affiliate if you’re looking for something different. Personally, I don’t like to sell items face to face, nor do I like to recruit people. You have to deal with a lot of rejection this way. I like selling things online, preferably through blogging. It’s so easy and the income potential is so big. Check out the potential growth for affiliate marketing here. Check out the training for this here.

      Hope this helps,


      • Regarding RxCut, I’d like to clear up the MLM/recruiting comments. RxCut is among the best of the prescription savings cards because RxCut is not a Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). Long story short, pharmacies don’t like dealing with PBM’s. PBM’s actually charge pharmacies to give the discounts. Those charges can be over $20.00 each time a discount is given. PBM’s have their fingers in everything, and actually do their part to increase the price of drugs in general. RxCut is a Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA). They focus on the prescription drugs and nothing else. They have the highest payout in the industry (pharmacists know what that means). They do not charge the pharmacy a fee every time they give a customer discount on an RX medication. Walmart Pharmacies have purged their customer profiles of all prescription savings cards. They only accept the RxCut Prescription Savings Card. I’ve seen the letter they sent to RxCut. As for being an MLM, that is not accurate. It is an across the board payout. Since there is no specific product being purchased by the distributor and his downline on a monthly basis it is not a pyramid, or MLM. If I give you an RxCUT Card, and you use it to receive a discount on a prescription medication, I would receive $1.25. When I purchased my distributorship I either purchased it directly from the the company or another distributor. Either way, that distributor would receive 35 cents on your prescription discount. It’s four levels. $1.25-.35-.10-.05. In an MLM or Pyramid, the distributors must buy the product on a monthly basis, or they will not receive a commission on their downline’s efforts. The only thing an RxCut distributor purchases is the prescription savings cards to pass out. Anybody can go to an RxCut distributor website and text the card to their smart phone for storage, and present the card on their smart phone to the pharmacy.

        • Hi Mark, I’m glad that Walmart pharmacies has made this change. I undoubtedly see the value in having an RxCut membership card. Is there anyone out there that can share any success stories with their compensation plan? Those are very small numbers and though I understand the idea of compound earnings, I’d have to formulate some sort of extreme marketing plan to distribute enough cards to earn a decent income. Anyone care to shed some light on this aspect of the business?


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