Sabika Jewelry Family Business | Will it Work For You?

what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewSabika Jewelry Review

Name: Sabika Jewelry
Price: $199
Founder: Karin Mayr
Rating: what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam review (3 / 5)

What is Sabika Jewelry About?

Sabika Jewelry was started over 15 years ago in the dining room at the Mayr Family’s home. What I like about Sabika is that the whole family plays a major role in its operation. From the fashion designing, creation, financial aspect, and sales operations they are all committed to its success. Sabika provides an opportunity for women to start a jewelry selling business, some would call costume jewelry, but I think we could agree that it’s much more than that. Along with a generous retail profit, Sabika offers bonuses and an opportunity for you to build an organization that you can build a passive income with. Keep reading this review for all the details.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewPRO #1 – Low costs start up
PRO #2 – Sell beautiful jewelry, and share a bond with women
PRO #3 – Offers a marketing website

The Bad:

CON #1 – Expensive jewelry
CON #2 – Direct selling, need to throw parties
CON #3 – Need to manage a team

Who is Sabika Jewelry For?

  • For women who want to sell pretty jewelry
  • Women who want to build a business
  • For women who like to network with other women by throwing parties
  • If you love their jewelry and would like to earn free jewelry
  • Anyone who would like to build an organization

Sabika Jewelry Tools, Training, & Support

Sabika offers you a marketing website. There is no cost for the first month, and then you can choose to pay $12.95/monthly if you would like to keep it. You can benefit from this website because you can use it for your customers to buy jewelry from and also recruit new team members.

supportMost of your training and support comes from your sponsor and/or upline. In mlms it’s best to work together. It helps build your organization. You should learn everything you need to know from your sponsor and/or upline to build a successful business.

The main office is very supportive as well. I read a complaint on the BBB website from a customer that Sabika made right by correcting the shipment/product and throwing in a pair of earrings. It is this type of customer service that takes a company far.

Sabika Jewelry Products

I’ve seen costume jewelry before but Sabika Jewelry is much more than this. You can tell the amount of art and effort that goes into their jewelry. Not to mention the precious stones that they use. A couple years ago they made a collaboration with Swarovski, and these pieces are delicate. I mean fine in texture, quality, and construction.

They have a main Collection of jewelry, including a Seasonal Collection. Here are some of the pieces:

what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam review

How Much Does it Cost to Join Sabika Jewelry?

The regular price is $250, but they’re currently running a special for $199. What do you get for this price? You get a pre-selection of Sabika Classics Vol. 4 best-selling jewelry plus:

A portable jewelry display pad
Sabika Career Plan booklet
Sabika Success Guide
10 Sabika Seasonal Collection books
10 Sabika Classics Vol.4 Collection books
50 Seasonal Collection postcard Invites
50 Sabika Classics Vol.4 Collection postcard invites
A set of party signs
A receipt book
A guest log
A Sabika tote bag

How Much Money Can You Earn Selling Sabika Jewelry? | The Compensation Plan

what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewTo start off, Sabika has the Success Start Program which encourages you to throw parties. This would be most beneficial for you because you can make more sales this way and network with a clientele base. This is how it works:

Month 1 – if you reach $1500 is sales (about 2 average Sabika parties), you will earn 20% commission plus a jewelry package bonus ($619 Value). The commission from $1500 in sales is $300.

Month 2 – if you reach $2500 in sales (about 3 average Sabika parties), again earn 20% commission which comes out to $500, plus a jewelry package bonus which has a $653 value.

Month 3 – if you reach $3,500 in sales (about 4 average Sabika parties), earn 20% commission which comes out to $700, plus a bonus jewelry package with a $764 value.

what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewJust as in most mlms, there are ranks that you can climb to earn more money, bonuses, and incentives. Some of the ranks at Sabika include Consultant, Director, Crystal Director, Silver Director, Gold, Platinum, and the top rank Star Platinum Director.

Usually after the start up program, these companies will pay you less commission on sales, and it will become harder to earn bonuses. You should however earn more money as you grow your clientele base and by recruiting more and more members. Mlms pay a percentage on the volume of sales in your downline, so many levels down.

My Final Opinion of Sabika Jewelry

Sabika Jewelry offers a really nice product backed by a very reputable family. Their collaboration with Swarovski, takes them to new heights, to say the least. Their jewelry is sophisticated. It’s kind of just over the fence of casual, and entering into fine jewelry. I’m not a fan of mlms, but if you are passionate about fashion jewelry and would love to network with women, this could be a good opportunity for you.

I’m the type of person who steers away from direct selling, and  I couldn’t recruit someone to save my life. If you haven’t read about my personal experience at Amway, you can do so here. I enjoy making money from home. There’s a wonderful opportunity online to learn and get trained in building a website that aligns with your passions and generate an online revenue by it. If you prefer to make money from the comfort of your own home, build a sustainable business that can bring a passive income for years to come,

Check Out My #1 Recommendation!

Sabika Jewelry at a Glance…

Name: Sabika Jewelry
Founder: Karin Mayr
Price: $199
Rating: what is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam reviewwhat is sabika jewelry about a scam review (3 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Caution: MLM business

Do your have a personal experience with Sabika Jewelry? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their product/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!


4 thoughts on “Sabika Jewelry Family Business | Will it Work For You?”

  1. I’ve never heard of Sabika jewelry but I’ve heard of other similar jewelry mlm companies and I like the idea of the MLM company because for the most part the heavy lifting is done for you and the marketing materials are all completed, but it’s very competitive and you really have to get out and pound the pavement and sell. I’m curious about your recommendation and will be looking into wealthy affiliates.

    • Hi Wenda,

      Yes, you’re right, I’ve seen similar business opportunities selling jewelry such as Origami Owl. I really like the products that are being sold here, along with the family who stands behind the product, but I probably couldn’t sell jewelry either. You need to throw home parties and that may be hard to do. Wealthy Affiliate is a little bit easier, in the sense that there is no direct selling, nor recruiting.

      Let me know if there’s any other way that I can assist you. I look forward to helping you choose a home based business opportunity.


  2. I have seen ladies throw these jewelry parties before. It always seems to be fairly successful. That is some very good looking jewelry also.

    You said they are running a special on the start up costs with Sabika. I was wondering, is there a way to start up without that cost? For instance say you do not want the product up front, but do want to be a part of the business.

    Or is it necessary to have the products for the business?

    I have never done a business like that, so just wondering how it works.

    Thanks in advance for the information.

    • Hi Nick,

      I could imagine that people could be successful throwing the home parties because the Sabika Jewelry is really nice. I would love to buy one of these for my wife, and she would probably like it very much. I think it will be easier to sell these products than most mlms, because they are so nice and women love fashion jewelry. The company has said that two average Sabika home parties average $1,500 in commissionable sales. This gives you something to aim for.

      I did not see any other options as far as the joining cost. I have seen other mlm business opportunities allow you to just pay a joining fee without the starter pack. You can go to their website to, and submit an inquiry with your questions. I’ll forewarn you, it may take them a while to get back to you if they ever do. Your best bet is to contact a consultant near you, which is also a feature available on that webpage.

      Do what financially make sense for you, but I would say that when joining these type of mlm companies, it is better to purchase their starter packs so that you can have something to show your clients. I could imagine, it would be difficult to sell products without any products. It might be easier to show clients what you have, and then if they want something off of your website, you can help them purchase it.

      If you have a lack of funds available, which we’ve all been there, I would suggest you check out Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to join, and you can jump start an online business without spending a penny. It is a business, and should be approached as so, meaning you may not make any money starting out, but the real rewards come in the long run.

      Hope this helps,



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