Is the Savian 20% Cashback Program Legit?

what is savian a scamSavian Review

Name: Savian
Price: $125 every 28 days
President: John Seehan
Rating: what is savian a scamwhat is savian a scamwhat is savian a scamwhat is savian a scamwhat is savian a scam (3 / 5)

What is Savian?

Savian is a data acquisition company. If you didn’t know, this is a $600 billion dollar industry. What does Savian do? It takes the information you submit and sells it to marketing partners and businesses out there that want to know your purchase habits. They look for where you purchase your items such as at Target, Starbucks, or Walmart. They sell your retail history and habits such as what colors, what clothes, or what shoes you buy. They even track information such as the times in which you purchase these items such as you buy coffee and donuts in the morning and a sub with chips during lunch hours, or what time you buy gas and how much.

There are many research marketing companies out there. You may be familiar with those who offer surveys such as MySurvey, iPoll, Opinion Outpost, and many more. They are all into market research. They retract information from consumers based on their interests and purchase habits what is savian a scamand sell it to companies for marketing and advertising purposes. Facebook is even in on this multi billion dollar industry selling likes and interests to business marketing partners.

Is Savian a Scam?

There was talk of Savian launching back in 2012, but from my research I found that it didn’t until November 2015. As a new company I found complaints of kinks down the road since their official launch such as, payment changing from automatic bank drafts, to checks, to ewallet. Also, because of these changes many members dropping off affecting the pay of their sponsors, or upline. As a new company I would expect kinks like these, and wouldn’t worry too much so long as it balances out and you’re still making money.

Throughout this review we’re going to get into the Savian’s compensation plan and what you have to do to make money. Along with some suggestions to expand on your business if you decide to join. Stay tuned.

The Good & the Bad

what is savian a scamThe Good:

PRO #1 – get 20% cash back on all your retail purchases.
PRO #2 – opportunity to build a team and earn residual income.
PRO #3 – a free marketing website.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Costs $125 every 28 days
CON #2 – Can be a struggle to generate leads
CON #3 – Company is really young

Who is Savian For?

  • People who spend a lot of money on retail products such as groceries, restaurants, shoes, gas, etc.
  • People experienced in network marketing.
  • People interested in earning cash back. Cash back fanatics.
  • People looking to get into network marketing.

Savian Tools, Training, & Support

  • Savian provides you with a website with your own personalized affiliate id. You will use this website to get people to join your team.
  • You can find training how to manage your business on YouTube.
  • Most of training and support will come from your sponsor, or upline.
  • You can also submit a support request on their website.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Savian?

what is savian a scamTo remain as an active member at Savian, you must pay $125 every 28 days. WIth this membership, you get:

  • 20% cashback on shopping. including hotel and airfare.
  • Shop at the same name brands you currently shop at.
  • Receive up to $3000 cashback in a year.
  • Use the same credit card in your wallet.
  • Save up to 50% on certain providers.
  • 20% Cashback on airfare and hotel.
  • No contracts and cancel anytime.

How to Make Money With Savian? | The Compensation Plan

13 Ranks that pay from $5 – $3000 a day

Vip Founder
Elite Founder
1 Star to 5 Star Founder
Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Presidential Ambassador.

what is savian a scamFounder – when you reach 3 personal sponsored people, earn $5 daily.

Vip Founder – when you reach 12 team members, earn $20 daily (or $600/month).

Elite Founder – when you reach 39 team members, earn $30 daily.

1 Star Founder – when you reach 80 Team members, earn $50 daily.

2 Star Founder – when you reach 150 team members, earn $100 daily (or $3000/month).

3 Star Founder – when you reach 300 team members, earn $150 daily.

4 Star Founder – when you reach 500 team members, earn $200 daily (or $6000/month, or $73,000/year).

5 Star Founder – when you reach 750 team members, earn $300 daily ( 6 figure a year earner, $109,500/year).

Ambassador – when you reach 1000 team members.

The ranks continue to go up, as well as the pay goes up to $3000 daily. All payouts are daily year round. Also, rank advancements pay the next day.

what is savian a scamCreate up to 3 teams to put all of your members. You won’t need to worry about creating the 3rd team until you reach 5 Star Founder, so you’ll just need to create 2 teams.You can put your first 2 members in Team 1 and the third/fourth member into Team 2. You can get 3 members and then help those 3 get 3 to add more members to your team for a total of 12 members and reach VIP Founder quicker.

How Do You Get Paid Your 20% Cashback?

All you need to do is take a photo of your receipts and submit them. I believe the pay is weekly so you can wait until day 7 to submit all of them. There is a minimum monthly payout of $125, and $250 maximum for a total of a possible $3,000 yearly.

My Final Opinion of Savian

You really have got to do the math here guys. Remember, the membership costs $125 every 28 days, so find out how much you spend in retail purchases monthly and deduct the 20% to see how much you get back. If it makes financial sense, then by all means, go for it! Not to mention you can become an affiliate and sell memberships. It’s different from the average mlm because there are no products to sell; you’re only selling memberships.

what is savian a scamThis opportunity would not work for me at this time. I did the math and I would only be getting $140 back monthly after all my retail purchases. It may work for you. I wouldn’t depend on the affiliate side of things, it’s a tough business. You would need to be real savvy in generating leads. Although there are programs out there that offer such tools to assist you in this arena. I prefer to concentrate on my internet business. I make money online from blogging and affiliate marketing. There’s training on this that won’t cost you a penny to start. You can check it out!

what is melaleuca about a scam

Savian at a Glance…

Name: Savian
Price: $125 every 28 days
President: John Seehan
Rating: what is savian a scamwhat is savian a scamwhat is savian a scamwhat is savian a scamwhat is savian a scam (3 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Savian? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service. Or if you have any questions,

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!

Jonathan Matos

4 thoughts on “Is the Savian 20% Cashback Program Legit?”

  1. Hey Jonathan,
    1 Star Founder, 2 Star founder, compensation plans and the fact that I need to maintain my membership every 28 days? Smells like MLM to me!

    Appreciate you doing a review on them but this is not for everyone and I agree with you that it definitely is a tough business to excel in. You mentioned that this company is very young, high risk to join there but out of curiosity, how old is it?

    • Riaz, you’re absolutely right. I was surprised to learn it was an mlm also. I can’t believe these people have the nerve to charge every 28 days as well. Who knows, maybe it’s a good thing. If they didn’t, they may need to sup up the membership joining price. Believe it or not, other mlms, have joining fees in the $1,000s. The fact that this business just launched in November 2015 also makes it a risky business for me.

      On the contrary, I like that they are participating in the wave of the future. These days, there are several places promoting cashback shopping. I personally think it’s the only way to shop. Why not, and get cash back on your purchases? I go through my bank or credit card company’s websites, and earn that way. They say you’ll know if a company will stick if it stays around for more than 3 years. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. Looks like a no brainer if you like to shop at the various stores you mention. If you spend on these things, then why not pay the subscription and at least get your money back with the potential to make more. Being a new company, it might be one of those ‘ground floor opportunities’ we all wish we had. And even if it did go bust, then you would not be out of pocket by much if anything.

    • Alan, I don’t know about no-brainer, because of the costs. If the monthly subscription is $125, and the cap is $250 on cashback. I guess that it’s a no-brainer if you’re going to cap out, but like in my situation it does not weigh out; I would only make like an extra $15/month. I don’t know if you’ve ever used one of these cashback sites, but it’s a little inconvenient because you need to stop by their site first, then sign in, choose the shop you want, and then shop. Oppose to just going straight to the website and shopping.

      You mentioned about the stores that one shops at, I just want to mention, there are thousands of stores participating in this program. The stores you shop at will most likely be on the list; even mom and pop (privately owned) stores. I’m not a fan of Savian, I’m just saying, and if this were a good opportunity for you, I wouldn’t want you to miss out.

      Another thing is, I do not want to try and recruit people. Recruiting people for this type of opportunity is like pulling teeth, but that’s just my opinion. I’m into internet marketing, because there is no direct selling, and I don’t have to recruit anyone. All I have to do is build out my website, drive traffic, and I get paid. If you’re interested in this type of opportunity, check out my highest ranked product.



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