The Truth About Seacret Direct

Seacret Direct Review

what is seacret direct about a scamName: Seacret Direct
Price: $49/year + products
Founder: Mordechai (Moty) Ben Shabat
Rating: what is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scam (1.8 / 5)

What is Seacret Direct All About?

Seacret Direct is a multi level marketing business which is in the skincare industry. As you know, skincare is a multi billion dollar industry. Seacret sells skincare products with The Dead Sea ingredients. They offer a lucrative compensation plan which we’ll go over in this review. Like many other mlm companies they also offer incentives such as the dream car bonus, and also host networking marketing events for agents and potential recruits.

Background on Seacret

Seacret’s founder Moty showed up on the scene in the US in 2000. He started his business career with an ice cream truck. By this time he flew his whole family from Israel and because the ice cream truck was not cutting it he and his brother Izhak (current CEO of Seacret) began a business selling toys from kiosks in the malls. In 4 months they accumulated $4 million in revenue.

what is seacret direct about a scamThey later decided to bring the dead sea products from Israel to the US. In 2005 they built a lucrative business selling these products at kiosks in the mall. In 2011, they met Betty Perez (Co-founder) and she convinced them into getting into the direct selling industry. By 2012 they had developed over 1000 agents and over $12 million in direct sales. By 2013 that number had grown to $71 million landing them in the Direct Selling News Top 100, and doubled their sales in 2014. They no longer run kiosks in the mall but continue to grow as a direct selling company.  

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Build a business in the Skincare Industry
PRO #2 – Get your own website to sell products to customers
PRO #3 – Be apart of a multi level compensation plan

The Bad:

CON #1 – Become a hustler for Seacret’s products
CON #2 – $49 yearly membership fee
CON #3 – Their products cost too much! This is a double sided coin though because selling high end Skincare products can lead to higher profits.

Who Can Benefit From Seacret Direct?

  • what is seacret direct about a scamIf you’re interested in selling in the Skincare Industry it could be a great mlm company to join.
  • If you’re already in the network marketing industry you can try a new mlm company.
  • If you’re just interested in consuming their products you can also become a rewards member and get vip discounts and qualify for free products. (Will touch on this in the compensation plan section)

Seacret Direct Training & Support

You will get most of your training and support from your sponsor. After all, that is the name of the game in a multi level marketing business. You train your team to be successful. The only way to really grow in an mlm is by building a strong team.

Once a week the company holds a company wide conference call which they discuss the latest news and sales efforts to assist you with your business. You can also reach the company by phone or email on their website for support.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Seacret Direct? | Price

You can join Seacret by paying an annual fee of $49 and the purchase of a product(s).

Seacret Direct’s Most Popular Products

Recover Day Mask – $349.99
Designed to lift the skin and diminish wrinkles and fine lines.

REGAIN Age-Defying Eye Cream – $249.99
Helps reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eye.

Mineral Rich Magnetic Mud Mask – $249.99
Designed to pull dirt off of your face to reveal healthier skin.

what is seacret direct about a scamMineral Rich Peeling Gel – $74.99
Designed to peel away debris and dead skin from your face for cleaner and softer skin.

Nail Care Collection – $49.99
Set includes body lotion, cuticle oil, nail file, and a buffing block for nail maintenance.

How Do You Earn Money With Seacret Direct? | Compensation Plan

Become a Retail Customer – You get 1 point for every dollar spent. You can redeem your points for free product. For example, 500 points = $15 in free product credit, or 1000 points = $40 in free product credit.

VIP Customer – Spend over $99 first time and earn double the points all year plus more benefits.

Earn from Retail Sales – Buy your products at discounted prices and resell them at retail. You can get products from 40-60% off. You can also send customers to your website to purchase products.

Earn from your Preferred Customers – Qualify for bonuses, and get 20-25% of the customer’s volume. Volume or points go into your binary which we’ll discuss next.

Enroll 4 Pay No More Program – Get 25% of customer sales, 4 customers, will give you 100% off of your next order. Example: 4 customers spend $99, you get $25 each which will give you $99 of free inventory.

what is seacret direct about a scamBinary Commissions – you build two legs, right and left. Your power leg is you bigger leg, weaker leg is the lesser. Get paid on your lesser leg. For example, if you have 2000 on your power leg and 1000 GV (group volume) on your lesser leg and you’re at the Bronze Level you earn 15% commission, so you earn $150.

How does this work? You need a Binary Match in order to get a payout on your binary. This works in multiples of 500. For example, If you have 1000 on your weaker leg and 2000 on your power leg. You take the 1000 out, and you take double out of the power leg, so the whole 2000, and flush it. This gets you paid the $150 as the example we used above. Anytime you have an odd number of volume in your legs, the difference gets carried over to the next pay cycle. You earn these points or volume from product sales.

Leadership Check Match – When people in your downline advance to the Bronze level, you qualify for the Leadership Check Match. Make 20% check match on those teams commissions. For example, if one of your personally enrolled members makes $1000, you get a check match for $200. As you advance through the ranks you qualify to earn more through the Check Match. See below:

  • 1st generation – 20%
  • 2nd generation – 10% (earn this at Silver Level)
  • 3rd Generation – 10% (earn this at Platinum Level)
  • 4th Generation – 10% (earn this at Diamond Level)

what is seacret direct about a scam

Performance Bonuses – Every time you achieve the next rank you earn a bonus. Earn from $15 to $1 million for rank advancements.

Drive your Dream Car – At the Royale Level you qualify for the car bonus. Earn from $500/4 weeks at Royale all the way up to $6000/4 weeks at the Crown Royal Level.

Seacret Direct Complaints

There was an overwhelming amount of complaints online, especially on YouTube about the time when Seacret offered their products at mall kiosks. You know those people that try to sell you stuff as you walk buy?  Many people were raged with the high pressure sales tactics Seacret representatives used to generate sales. The great news is, Seacret no longer promotes their products at mall kiosks, so I am told.

My Final Opinion of Seacret Direct

I think the Seacret Direct business is a pretty interesting mlm opportunity. I really like their culture. If you visit their website you can view videos of the events they hold for recognition purposes. However, you probably already know that this is common within the mlm world. A lot of the people are hyped up.

I don’t like mlm’s because I feel like it changes people. I knew a couple that did Amway, who I used to love. They recruited me into the company, but when I didn’t enjoy direct selling nor recruiting and dropped out, it seemed like our relationship was based on them trying to get me back in. Everytime we spoke it was always about the business. Needless to say, you can lose relationships with friends and family because of the high pressure selling and recruiting methods.

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Seacret Direct at a Glance…

Name: Seacret Direct
Price: $49/year + products
Founder: Mordechai (Moty) Ben Shabat
Rating: what is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scamwhat is seacret direct about a scam (1.8 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended MLM Business

Do you have a personal experience with Seacret Direct? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products or service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!



8 thoughts on “The Truth About Seacret Direct”

  1. Not another MLM! I’ve tried four or five MLMs over the years. I tried Amway twice! Apparently, I’m a slow learner.

    The Seacret Direct products look interesting and, honestly, I enjoy hot baths with minerals. They do help the skin.

    However, back to the MLM thing. They are losers. Like your experience with Amway, I lost money and I lost friends when I tried the MLM business.

    Any business that requires constant recruiting to succeed is a house of cards. The moment you turn your back, it all falls down!

    Your #1 recommendation is so much better.

    • Yes Gary, another MLM! I know what you mean by a house of cards. You never know what you’re going to get. I found Seacret Direct interesting because of where they came from, but many people already have a bad taste in their mouth about the company. With their over priced products and pushy sales tactics they once used.

      I’m glad you got away from Amway. I was really upset about my experience with them because I put in a lot of effort only to fail. I’m glad you mentioned the recruiting part of an mlm because that is the main component when determining your success in an mlm. You’ve got to learn how to recruit and manage a team.

      I’m glad you enjoyed my #1 recommendation!


    • Hi Jonathan,

      I like what I have read about your views on Seacret we must talk.
      I also click onto your hyperlink watched the video very much interested in your business can you send me the link or information on how I can become a member please.

      • Hi Lisa, I’m glad you liked my review. I try to keep it honest and unbiased. Though I recommend a product as an alternative to making money my goal and intentions are to provide the most informative review of Seacret. Some products are worth it and done are not. Ultimately you want it to tailor you. Am I right?

        Here goes the link to try out the product I recommend:


  2. I guess I am a slow a learner, I have done the same thing! As I would really like to use a lot of the products that Seacret has to offer, I have to say no to avoid the temptation because this might not work!

    Great information and I’m glad I found it before $$$ were lost.


    • Hi Connie, I know what you mean. I was really upset that I wasted my time at Amway. Believe it or not though, had I stuck with it, I may have innovated new ways to expand on my business, and grown significantly. After all, it was about 7 years ago.

      If I’m not mistaken, Seacret has a money back guarantee that might work for you so that you can try the products. If you find they work, they become easier to share. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for MLMs, but as an advisor, if my highest ranked product doesn’t work for you; my goal is to find you the right product that will.

  3. Hey Jonathon,

    Enjoyed your post. I have dabbled in MLM. I joined Nuskin which appears similar to Seacret but not as expensive. Very hard sell and rarara type stuff.

    It just wasn’t me. I am not an aggressive seller. The background of this company is interesting and I am sure their products are ok but far to dear for the average householder.

    Really good review though,

    Thanks, Kev

    • This is my point exactly. Like you said, far too dear for the average household. I don’t know what these people are thinking. MLM businesses need to make their products more affordable. I think the one that came closest to this was Total Life Changes.

      Even Ambit Energy was better because it sells services and not products. I’m just saying compare these companies like Seacret to major companies like Walmart and Amazon. What do they contrast in? That’s why I choose affiliate marketing because I like the freedom to choose the items I sell.


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