What is Smart Panel? Product Review

smart panel websiteSmart Panel Review

Name: Smart Panel
Website: smartpanel.io
Price: $0
Owners: Verto Analytics
Rating: smart panel star reviews, two out of five (2 / 5)

What is Smart Panel?

Is Smart Panel a scam? No, there are many people who are reviewing the product and state that they are getting paid. They are also listed on the BBB website. So what is it? Smart Panel is a program conducted by Verto Analytics, a research and marketing company.  With an app that is voluntarily installed by you on your phone they monitor all of your internet activity. They use this information to improve on marketing strategies. Marketing is a broad and rich industry that is constantly seeking for what consumers are most interested in.

A marketing and research company like Verto Analytics can sell this information in the form of statistics to businesses across the board and make a lot of money. What does this information do for businesses? It increases their productivity on their marketing campaigns. Companies all over the world spend 10s thousands and even millions a month to advertise to us, the consumers. Can you imagine how valuable this information could be? In turn of these businesses purchasing the information they can increase overall sales for their business which means, everyone makes money!

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Easy to install app

PRO #2 – Do nothing and make money.

PRO #3 – Participating in marketing research for the whole world.

The Bad:

CON #1 – They are able to see all of the activity on your phone as far as internet activity which should include but not limited to internet surfing, app installations, video consumption and online purchases.

CON #2 – Not everyone qualifies.

CON #3 – Limited income opportunity

Who is Smart Panel For?

Smart Panel basically works by installing an app on your phone, tablet or pc. So everyone with one of these devices that can install the app can sign up. Keep in mind, everyone does not qualify for the app. Research marketing companies at large use various formulas to determine whether a candidate qualifies. Many times it may be because they have enough people that meet your particular criteria. This can be your age group, ethnic background, career field, etc.

Smart Panel will expect you to make changes on your devices or phone like using a security pattern or password, or using a specific vpn (virtual private network). So if you will have a problem with this you may not want to join. I would not let this alarm you. The intention of a vpn is to create an encrypted connection to make your connection more secure. It basically creates more security for your information when the physical network that you’re currently using is less secure.

Smart Panel Tools, Training, & Support

The only tools that Smart Panel consist of is the app you install on your phone or mobile device. There is no training necessary. You can receive your compensation via PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

You can reach support by mail at:

Verto Analytics
79 Madison Ave / 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016

Or Email: use their contact form on their website.

You can also follow Smart Panel on facebook or twitter. Keep in mind that although some users report that support usually gets back to you within 24 hours, there are many complaints of Smart Panel not getting back to their consumers to resolve their issues. Try and be patient, persistent and use at your own risk.

Smart Panel Price & Income Opportunity

$0 to join and install the app.

You will earn a $5 bonus just for installing the app and then $5 every month the app is installed on your device. They also give you a bonus every 3 months for your loyalty. You can earn up to $110 your first year and then $230 by your second. See the diagram below.

smart panel income diagram

My Final Opinion of Smart Panel

I think Smart Panel is an innovative idea in market research for the future. I myself was denied the app, I did not qualify for it. However, I did do a couple hours of research on the program to bring you this review. If you don’t mind having your privacy compromised to participate in marketing research then it can totally be worth the dough! Hey an extra $100 a year for two years, why not? You can save it and treat your partner to a beautiful candle lit dinner! 😉

Do expect errors, disqualifications, and delays within the service, no service is perfect. If you’re looking for free money, that is a way to get it.

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Smart Panel at a Glance…

Name: Smart Panel
Website: www.smartpanel.io
Owners: Verto Analytics
Price: $0
Rating: smart panel star reviews, two out of five (2 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Limited Earning Potential

Do you have a personal experience with Smart Panel? If so, I would love to hear your feedback about your experience with their product/service or support? It truly does help others! 🙂

Owner, howtoworkonline.org

14 thoughts on “What is Smart Panel? Product Review”

  1. Hi J,am also a victim of being denied at smart panel and as you said although it is not a scam site but why is is that the keep on denying people,i wanted to start this program as a second income stream when i was a beginner in online marketing but they got me discouraged.so as you said,the best part of earning huge like am doing right now working online is through affiliate marketing,like you said.Thanks a lot for sharing.Rol

    • Hi Rol,

      I think the reason why we keep getting denied is because they are probably all booked up. At least for people that fall within our category. As you know you have to put a birth date in when you sign up. Usually when this happens is because they want a certain amount of people in different age brackets. They must be all filled up within our age brackets, and they probably want more people who are younger or older.

      I’m glad you’re aware of affiliate marketing. A lot of people are making a living online this way. I remember reading about affiliate marketing almost 10 years ago. I tried to find a company to show me the ropes but failed in my search. I have finally found a legitimate company who has a very useful and helpful learning platform. The website is called Wealthy Affiliate. Being apart of legitimate company and program is like a breath of fresh air! You know, with all the scams around.

      Thanks for your comment,


  2. Hi,

    I have tried something like this and I am not sure if I want to use this service.
    Can I join even if I am from Sweden? Will I get tons of emails after installing this app?
    And is it worth it will I make some decent money?

    • Hey Jakob,

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my review. I’m almost certain you can join from Sweden. Good luck trying to sign up though. I know a few people who have tried including myself and we’re not qualified to sign up. I don’t know what their current requirements are to sign up but as you know all these research marketing companies have different criteria they’re looking for.

      I don’t believe you’ll get a lot of spam email from installing their app. They’re really not supposed to be sharing your information that way. Smart Panel’s concept is too just observe your internet habits and submit the reports to inquiring companies, know what I mean?

      Check out the image further down my review for income questions. You’ll be earning anywhere from 5-$10 a month. My personal opinion, I say hey what the heck free money I’ll take it. Do be sure to look at my #1 Recommendation if you really want to earn some real money online.

      I’ll catch ya later,


  3. Very good information! I love how you still took the time to review Smart Panel even though you said you didn’t qualify. I also like how you led into introducing Wealthy Affiliate right after. The way you did it is very engaging, like how you said that Smart Panel can earn you a little extra on the side but if you want to learn how to earn some real money, come on over to Wealthy Affiliate! Great site!

    • Hi Greg, thanks for reading my review. I was able to still provide a quality review for my readers. Also, anyway that people can make some extra money I feel would be a good opportunity for them. Like I said in my review, you can make some extra money but not enough to make an impact on your life. A place like Wealthy Affiliate would be a better opportunity for people because they teach you how to make money online and give you the opportunity to build a passive income that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Hello Jonathan,

    It’s good to know about this program. I did read your article and it is very informative.

    I signed up to this program. But didn’t get qualified. Do you know what are the qualifications you need to get qualified? There is no information about how to get qualified on their website.

    Thanks for the review,

    • Hello Shashinth,

      I do not know what are the requirements to get qualified Smart Panel. Check back in with them in a few weeks and try again. As you know, Smart Panel is research marketing company so I could imagine they have specific groups of people they’re are looking for to join. I know with other research marketing companies like iPoll, MySurvey, or Opinion Outpost they look for people in specific career fields, age groups, ethnic groups, etc. This may be similar at Smart Panel.

      Thanks for reading my review,


  5. Well it sounds pretty original but I have to be honest with you here – it also sounds a bit sketchy if you get my meaning!
    I don’t like the idea of people knowing what I do with my phone – as you rightly pointed out in your cons section. Seems a little bit security lax for my liking!

    • Hi Chris, I know what you mean. I usually turn away from a opportunity like this one, to make money online, if they ask me for too much personal information. I am very uncomfortable giving it out.

      I can’t lie, I was going to look more into this opportunity with Smart Panel, because it seems like it’s an easy quick couple of bucks to make. However, I never made it to the personal information section, before I was disqualified. As I mentioned earlier, I usually dismiss the idea of joining a particular program anyway once the personal details are asked for.

      We have to be real careful these days with all the fraud going on. An opportunity has to be really good or worthwhile for me to share my personal information. As should everyone else. I completely understand your skepticism.


  6. I have heard of Smart Panel, but didn’t know much about it until I read your review. It does seem legitimate, but not sure I like that it pretty much sees everything I do on my phone. Still though an extra $100 a year isn’t too bad, but this is definitely not a quick money maker. You also said that you may not be accepted either so that is another thing to think about. All in all though it is a free app and nothing wrong with getting money with something most people already do on their phones.

    • Brian,

      We share a lot of the same feelings about Smart Panel. It is a free app, and an easy $100. However, I don’t feel comfortable with allowing a company access to my personal and private information either. Even if it is only my internet activity. I check my personal emails, and my personal bank accounts from my phone so I would prefer to stay away from the invasion of privacy.

      Thanks for your comment,


    • I agree, it seems as a total easy way to make some extra dollars, but not enough to change anyone’s life. Frankly, if it’s not working towards my end goal, I don’t have any interest in it either. I leverage affiliate marketing, and this industry is huge! With so much potential to make money, and build a passive income. That’s pretty much all I’m about these days. Thanks for chiming in!


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