What is the Best Affiliate Program?

what is the best affiliate program

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that consists of a social network, an awesome affiliate program, training, websites, support, and seo tools. Not only will you have an opportunity to earn consistent monthly recurring commissions but also have the opportunity to sharpen your skills and grow your business. All while being a member of a wonderful and pay it forward type community interacting with thousands of other internet entrepreneurs.

Up to 48% Commissions!

This is the breakdown for this awesome affiliate program opportunity:

If you are a Starter Member:

  • Membership Cost: Free

Per Premium Signups You Receive:

  • $4 for Special Offer referrals (the initial month’s signup)
  • $11.25 Monthly Recurring
  • $87.50 Yearly Recurring
  • Conversion Rate: 1 in 8
  • So over 12% of people go Premium.

Premium Memberships cost $19 for the first month (special bonus) and then $47 a month thereafter, or $359 yearly. A lot of people go yearly because you can save the most money this way.

The Premium Membership offers: 

what is the best affiliate program

Make Money Niche

The make money niche is a growing niche. People may think that it is getting saturated with all the different make money online opportunities available today, but that is far from the truth. Millions of people every year are looking for ways to supplement their income or to work from home completely, and there is no better way than to do it with a learning community that teaches them to build your own online business step by step.

what is the best affiliate programThe best part about Wealthy Affiliate is it’s free to join. Which is different from other programs online because they don’t have to pay anything to see what they will get. Everyone has the opportunity to test drive the platform and see if it is a good fit for them. Along with many other factors this allows people to appreciate WA and want to continue with their training with becoming a Premium Member. Everyone gets a free 7 day trial to premium when they sign up; this allows people to really see what Premium has to offer.

Free Membership Affiliate Program

Just like many other affiliate programs Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. So you can choose to promote WA for free and earn up to 24% commissions on products sold. Along with your free membership you receive:

  • 2 Free Websites – to use as you choose!
  • Free hosting
  • 1st Course of Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • 2 Classrooms – If you want to sharpen your skills and learn more. These classrooms include video walk-through!
  • 30 free searches of WA Keyword Tool

Premium Membership:

Costs $19 with special bonus for your first month, and then $47 monthly thereafter. Not only do you get up to 48% commission on all of your referrals but your membership also includes:

  • Unlimited Training from Experts and other Internet Entrepreneurs.

Here are the topics the training covers:

what is the best affiliate program

  • Live Video Training – Every Friday expert Jay (Username: Magistudios) covers topics from Mastering SEO to Website Design to PPC.
  • Unlimited Websites – You can create multiple niche websites to maximize your earning potential, or you can sell websites to local businesses. For example, you can advertise your services online, or locally and then build the websites using WA tools to accommodate your local market. You can make a lot of money this way. With all the training provided at WA, you will learn how to give businesses what they want in a website and sell your services for possibly thousands of dollars.
  • More Earning Opportunities – If you are an intermediate or advanced internet marketer you can create training to help fellow members, and WA pays you for these!
  • Social Network – with 10s thousands of internet entrepreneurs within WA socializing and teaching each other on a daily basis you can continuously become educated on multiple subjects.
  • Success Stories – People are sharing their success stories everyday. From their first $1 online to their first $10 thousand dollar month. You will really enjoy reading these stories everyday. 🙂
  • Keyword Tool – with your Premium Membership you get unlimited access to the WA Keyword tool. This tool is suffice to run your online business. I used this tool for a few months in the beginning of my membership. However, the creators of Wealthy Affiliate have also created Jaaxy. Which I prefer to use because it is extraordinary! Not to mention it has another affiliate program that you can leverage through it. (More earning opportunities!)

Be Affiliated with a Company that has Honorable Owners.

what is the best affiliate programThe owners Kyle and Carson, started their careers in Internet Marketing in their college days. The had mastered the art and later launched Wealthy Affiliate in 2005. I have never met more transparent and honest people, owners, in the business. They are within the community daily, so I think you will really enjoy interacting with them. Whether it will be through the social network, live chat, or private messaging, they’re always there and handle things rather quickly.

I had a problem with my website’s speed one day and I reached out to Kyle. Within a few hours in the afternoon he found the solution to my problem. Needless to say I’m really happy with the speed of my website now! As you know, it is very important when internet marketing.

Awesome Las Vegas Incentive!

what is the best affiliate programKyle and Carson offer this extraordinary incentive if you reach 300 sales within the year. They give you an all paid trip to Vegas to meet up with them and many other Internet marketers who’ve reached the incentive. Many of them reach 300 sales within the first six months of the year! I think you can too. 🙂

Classrooms if you Get Stuck.

There are 13 classrooms on the platform that you can jump into at any time to learn about something. I have visited a few of them periodically through my membership there. There is a lot of helpful information that you benefit from. All of the classrooms include video walk through tutorials that you can appreciate. Especially if you’re like me and are a visual learner.

Opportunity to Pay it Forward, Help Others.

Many times while you are on the platform you see other members asking questions and needing help. You can help them with anything that you’re knowledgeable about. I try to help someone everyday. It’s a part of this pay it forward community.

what is the best affiliate programYou also find that everyone is most helpful with your needs too. There have been a few time when I’ve asked the community for help and I get it within a few mins. If you have an immediate need then there is someone in the Live Chat 24/7. Many members go in there for troubleshooting with their websites, questions on the affiliate program, and/or billing and payments.

Final Opinion

There isn’t an affiliate program around that offers what Wealthy Affiliate does. With the very lucrative compensation plan, the awesome incentives, the training, tools, and support I won’t be surprised when we get to a million members inside the community. Currently there’s over 500k! Come be a part of this wonderful community and take advantage of the best affiliate program you’ll ever find!

If you have any questions, or would like to recommend other affiliate programs please post them in the comments. The more detailed you are with your questions and recommendations the better! Thanks for helping this website be a vessel to the best business in the world, Internet Marketing!

Join WA affiliate program free here!

Your friend,


Owner, howtoworkonline.org

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6 thoughts on “What is the Best Affiliate Program?”

  1. Great Review on Wealthy Affilate! I have been with them for over a year now and I’ve learned so much! I’m on my way to exclusively working on the internet. Between my 2 niche sites and my E-Commerce store I have about 10-12 months hopefully before I can quit my job. The best thing about WA is the community. You can ask a question just about any hour of the day and it will be answered in minutes!

    • Hey! Thanks for commenting. Right! I love that about Wealthy Affiliate; the fact that you can ask a questions an get an answer immediately. I think that is so helpful when it comes to owning your own online business.

      Pretty impressive on your online businesses! I can ‘t wait to have multiple niche sites, and an e-commerce store. Totally in my future plans. I too am about 12 months until I can quit my job. I am so looking forward to that!

      Good luck to you and your online businesses,


  2. Well as someone who has been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for several years, I have to agree with you in that it is the best. I host all of my sites there, but I am also there to pay back the universe by helping others. If someone wants to learn how to create a money making business online they should join WA. The training is invaluable.

    • That’s pretty awesome that you’ve been a member for several years! I’m looking forward to the next few years with Wealthy Affiliate. It has been a true inspiration to be apart of an excellent network such as them. I love how lucrative the affiliate program can be as well. Just yesterday, did you see one of the success stories that mentioned he woke up to $175 commission for one yearly sale? That’s awesome! I wonder if I can get a few of those in a day. I’m pretty sure it’s possible. There have been members that have stated that they’ve gotten a $1000 in a day.

      I’m happy that you’ve mentioned the training because the training is in a nutshell amazing, helpful, and endless. They’re constantly training on how to make higher conversions with referrals, and that’s what it’s all about! I absolute love that everyone is so proactive and ambitious. Everyone wants to get wealthy, and it’s good too surround yourself with like-minded people.

      See you in the WA community 🙂


  3. This has been a real tough one for me because I’ve spent absolute ages browsing the internet for the #1 affiliate program.

    OMG!!!! 48% commissions?!?!?!

    That really is such an awesome rate I’ve never come across before because there are sites such as Amazon that don’t even pay 15%. LOL.

    The idea of the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas incentive totally blows me away!!!

    Count me in! 🙂


    • Hey Neil, I’m glad you like it! I absolutely love this affiliate program. I just started getting payouts too. 🙂 The best part about this affiliate program is that they teach you everything you need to run a successful online business. Anytime you need help, it’s literally just a click away.

      I’m working on the Las Vegas incentive myself. Hopefully I can go this year. If not, totally a goal for next year. There are many people who reach this incentive every year. Some people even achieve it within six months. Once your business starts streaming in traffic on a daily basis, those sales really just start rolling in.

      Hope to see you in Vegas!



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