What is the Empower Network About? Don’t Buy Into the Hype

what is the empower network about
Name: Empower Network
Founder: David Wood
Price: $25/mth, $100/mth, $500, $1000, $3500
 Website: empowernetwork.com
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What is the Empower Network all about? I see it advertised everywhere, I decided to check out what it really is. Is it a scam? Scam is a strong word. So I wouldn’t call it that, but it comes really close to it.

The reason why I say that is because when someone tells me that I’m going to get something and then does not deliver on it; I feel cheated! You see it all the time with these network marketing companies. Empower Network is no different. As a matter of fact I see them to be worse!

How do they earn money?

First of all, they have a monthly administrative fee that’s $19.95 for their affiliate program. So unless you pay that you don’t even get a commission!

This fee upsets me a lot because $20 to be a part of their affiliate program? All the places that I know that offer affiliate programs; its free to join. Not only that but Amazon being the largest affiliate program on the Internet And they’re also free.

Have you seen their income disclosure statement on their website? It states that less than 1% of their affiliates make more than $500 a month!


what is the empower network about

Here goes a list of all the products that they offer  
  • Kalatu Blogging System – $25 a month / Blogging tool with multiple themes and an online community

A Blogging System? You can get this for free at WordPress!

  • Inner Circle – $100 a month / Mindset training made in audio for inspiration and motivation

Inspirational audios? I mean if you have the $100 a month to have this delivered to your front door every day then fine, but seriously you can find motivational audios on YouTube daily for free! Why pay for it?

  • Top Producer Formula – $500 one time fee / Online Marketing Education

This is another one of those products that I’m just seriously questioning because for a one time fee of $500. For an online marketing education I feel like that is really overpriced!

  • Team Building Formula – $1000 one time fee / Learn how to build a team

If you’re giving away $1,000 please let me know because I’ll take it!  I don’t see the need to be educated on building a team.

  • Mass Influence – $3500 one time fee / Million dollar secrets – Niche Marketing

This one is the KING of the deceits! Seriously I believe all the information they offer in this $3,500 package you can find online with different networks for a fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, niche marketing, here goes a free lesson.

  • Only 4% ever get a chance to earn enough commission to even cover the cost of their products. States that in their Income disclosure.


It’s just another mlm company that has ranks. From lowest to highest, I think they call them bosses to diamond. The funny thing I found is that if someone in your downline out ranks you. Then they start to earn commission off of your sales.

Yeah their compensation plan offers up to 70% commissions on products but if you don’t already own the product then you won’t get a commission on it. So say goodbye to that fat commission check for that $3,500 product unless you have $3,500 lying around the house?!

Down to Reality

If you want to learn something worth while, and it’s free to test drive it. Check out this #1 recommendation I’ve got. It’s free to sign up. You don’t ever have to spend a dime on it until you see the value in it.

You can learn an abundance on online marketing. You’ll have a start in the internet marketing world. Along with a free website, themes, and plugins. You can even get started with a free domain name and free hosting.

Have you ever lost money to the Empower Network? Can we please hear about your experience in the comments below?

Your friend,


what is the empower network about




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6 thoughts on “What is the Empower Network About? Don’t Buy Into the Hype”

  1. Hi, Jonathan! Great information. I was never much of a sucker for either MLM or affiliate networks making promises they can’t keep, but Empower Network really goes overboard. I think it’s safe to just call it what is: a scam! Keep evaluating these scams so helpless people don’t fall into them.

    • Hi Daniel,

      The problem with MLM companies like Empower Network is that they make promises to people and do not fulfill them. They tell people that if they join they can achieve financial freedom. What they don’t tell people is how much work they will have to do to get it.

      They don’t tell people that you will have to eat, sleep, and breathe the company before becoming successful at it. They need more support. They need to be honest with people by telling them what it’s going to take to be successful.

      I’m almost positive that if you tell someone it will take six to twelve months before you see a return on investment, they will not spend the $3500 on a product. I joined Wealthy Affiliate and one of the first things they told me was that I may not make any money my first day, week, or month. I did it because I wanted to make it a career.

  2. Hi Jonathan, thanks for this great review. I feel sorry for many people who fall for these crazy MLM companies. They are always 100% focused on taking money from its members without providing good value for money. The membership prices are an outrage and the compensation plans very confusing. Why such a complex commission structure? I think it is very difficult to earn money with them because MLM’s don’t have a good reputation overall, and its just getting worse. For me, MLM means overpriced products and a complete waste of time.

    All the best

    • Stefan, I know what you mean. I can’t believe people actually spend $3500 on a product to teach them a business. There are so many other better less expensive sources. I just don’t like MLM companies. The whole recruitment process turns me off.

      I used to be apart of Amway. I thought the idea of having a downline could be really beneficial. However, going through the hoops, months down the road, I realized it is a terrible business model. I always feel as the only people getting rich are the owners.

      Plus I like the idea of passing my business down to my kids, and I can’t do that with an MLM company. In affiliate marketing I can teach my kids how to do it, and even let them take over my website once I’m ready to retire.

      Thanks for your comment Stefan.

  3. Wow surely this bunch are not running any longer – they were run through the hedges about a year ago and both owners humiliated online in front of everyone!
    Yeah everyone knows this a scam and the last I heard they don’t even have a home website any longer…let alone a product to promote!

    • Hi Chris, yeah these guys are still around. I just checked their website and it’s still inviting people to spend money with them. The thing I hate most about these guys is their $3500 package. I guess to some people thats nothing but to a lot of people that could ruin them financially. There are a lot of people out there desperate to find help online so that they could make money and find a way to stay home for good, and alot of those people will make sacrifices to do so.

      A part of that problem with the Empower Network is that you have to purchase that package to even be able to make commission on it. I guess that has a major impact on their statistic that less 4% of people that sign up even make back their investment. I don’t know about you but 96% is a very high number, and I cannot begin to think what it’s like to lose that type of money.

      Luckily for most, Wealthy Affiliate, allows you to start for free and will teach you most if not everything that Empower Network will show you. I really like Wealthy Affiliate because it’s affordable (less than a cup of coffee a day), it includes all the tools necessary to succeed online, and there is an extraordinary amount of help readily available (at your fingertips). I’m glad you were able to stop by and add your thoughts on the Empower Network. I look forward to seeing you around.

      – Jonathan


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