An Unbiased Review of Isagenix

what is the isagenix scam aboutIsagenix Review

Name: Isagenix
Price: $39 Annual Fee+
Founders: John Anderson, Jim and Kathy Coover
Rating: what is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam about (3 / 5)

What is the Isagenix Opportunity About?

Isagenix is a really great program that promotes health and wellness products with a concentration in the fitness industry. Essentially it is an opportunity for you to get fit and also join in on a compensation plan. I’ll discuss all the benefits and comp plan within the following review, and also what it’s all about.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Get fit!
PRO #2 – Great compensation plan
PRO #3 – Has been in business for more than 5 years.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Really overpriced products
CON #2 – Compensation plan can get confusing
CON #3 – No real training in place.

Who is Isagenix For?

  • what is the isagenix scam aboutYou must 18 or older to be an associate.
  • People who are interested in getting fit and have some money to spend on the products.
  • Someone who enjoys getting fit and wants to make a business out of it.
  • Someone who enjoys network marketing.

Isagenix Tools, Training, & Support

  1. As an associate you will get a personalized website where you can purchase and promote the products from.
  2. Several motivational videos available.
  3. You can purchase several tools to get started at such as books, brochures, cds, dvds, flipcharts, and other merchandise.
  4. Isagenix has a training page set up on their website which is filled with videos and pdf files to help you with the ins and the outs of the business along with product knowledge.
  5. Most of your training and support will come from your sponsor. You should get help one on one. It’s all about teamwork too when it comes to multi level marketing.
  6. You can also reach out to support with their toll free number or via email.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Isagenix?

  • You can become an Associate by paying the $39 annual fee.
  • Isagenix recommends you start out with one of the packs. This gives you the opportunity to try the products for yourself.
  • Either the 9 Day Deep Cleaning and Fat Burning System +$214 or the 30 Day System +$373

Isagenix Products

  • what is the isagenix scam aboutWeight Loss Solutions
  • Healthy Snacks and mini meals
  • Energy Solutions
  • Performance Solutions
  • Healthy Aging Solutions
  • Targeted Health and Daily Health
  • Age Defying Skin Care

How to Earn With Isagenix?

5 Ranks

  1. Associate
  2. Consultant
  3. Manager and Crystal Manager
  4. Director and Crystal Director
  5. Executive and Crystal Executive

Immediately you will earn up to 33% discount on all products.

Team Building Bonuses and Residual Income

You must be an active associate to earn bonuses. To be active you must maintain 100 PV (all products come with point volume).

  • Sponsor Bonus – every time you sponsor 2 active associates you earn $50.
  • Pack Bonuses – There are several packs that come with bonuses. A couple examples are when you share the 30 day system w/ a someone you get $25 or when you share the President Pack w/ someone you get $80. If you sponsor 2 or more associate with packs through the week, your bonuses double for each.
  • Coaching Bonus – when the person you sponsor stays on autoship with their initial pack. This is available on several packs. Monthly bonus.
Sign On Bonuses –
  • what is the isagenix scam aboutFor every 2 members you sponsor who become Consultant you will earn $100 bonus up to 20 consultants.
  • Become a Manager within 60 days by sponsoring 2 consultants and earn $250.
  • Earn $750 bonus when you become a Manager (a total of 6 consultants) within 120 days.
  • Become Executive when you have 10 consultants, 5 on right and left, and earn $1000 bonus within the first 6 months.
  • Once you’re an executive, you earn 10% match on your downline bonuses.
  • You can also earn shares with the company every quarter; between 2-10 points.
  • Earn on all the volume of your downline
  • Earn shares quarterly. You can earn from 2-10 points a quarter.
The Point System

BV = Business Volume, or points

All products come with points. Example: 30 day system = 200 points, or President’s Pack = 300 points.

Isagenix pays every cycle. One cycle consist of 900 BV, or points. Everyone gets two legs in your team. A right team and a left team. You arrange the people you sponsor accordingly. Every time you get 600 points on one side and 300 on the other, that creates a cycle.

Real life example:
  1. what is the isagenix scam aboutYour friend = 300 points because they got President Pack
  2. Your Dad = 200 points because he got 30 Day System
  3. They both recruited two people, and those people bought the 30 day system, so that’s 200 x 4 = 800 BV

Total = 1300 BV

Divided all up: one team, starting with your Dad, that’s 600. Right team, your friend, that’s 700.

  • Get 900 points, 600 on one team (right or left) and 300 on your right and the 900 equals one cycle and you receive $54.

As you grow your teams. The motto is “You two, Them two.” So everyone recruiting two people will help your team grow deep. As everyone earns points. Every 900 points, or 1 cycle, you get $54. It can add, can you see what I mean?

  • You can cycle up to 250x a week which equals $13,500 a week. Residual. Anything’s possible right? 🙂

Further Explanation: You accumulate points from everyone below you, you get both sides (teams). Anyone above you, you only get the left team. They separate the points into 2 separate banks. Everyone on your left goes into your Left bank account and everyone on the right goes into your right bank account. Also, their is Holdover Volume, so every time you make one cycle, the remainder stays in your banks until it cycles again.

My Final Opinion of Isagenix

what is the isagenix scam aboutIsagenix is a great solution to getting fit. Of course we all know you have to eat right and exercise to really get fit. The fact that they offer a compensation plan so that you can share with your friends and family, or decide to build a business out of it is great. If you’re like me, I hate to sell, but at least you should share with everyone close to you to possibly pay for the products. Within their disclaimers it states that only around 5% of people actually make more than $500 in 2015.

It’s sad to say whether offline or online these are the statistics (5%) for businesses across the board. I think we can agree that in order to be successful in any business it will take a long time, hard work, and effort. Don’t chase those dreams of overnight success. It just doesn’t happen. Let’s be realistic!

Would You Like to See How I Make Money?

Isagenix at a Glance…

Name: Isagenix
Founders: John Anderson, Jim and Kathy Coover
Price: Starting at $39+

Rating: what is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam aboutwhat is the isagenix scam about (3 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Isagenix? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products or service. As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂


what is the isagenix scam about




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4 thoughts on “An Unbiased Review of Isagenix”

  1. Thanks for your post on Isagenix! I too have a hard time “selling”. In fact I’ve been involved in a handful of Network Marketing businesses (that are GREAT businesses) and it never really works out for me in the long run because there is a lot of foot work and you have to get used to the word NO. Which I don’t care too much for. HAHA!
    I have heard great things about their products and results though. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, I hate direct selling. Especially because of that word “no”. It’s very hard to get used to hearing it. As you know, in a business such as network marketing, you must get used to rejection, and as you said it’s a lot of foot work.

      Believe it or not, because of the internet, I believe it has opened a new door for network marketing and mlm businesses. Simply because you can now leverage the internet to generate leads. There are a number of programs out there that specialize in this such as My Lead System Pro.

      I prefer internet marketing, or affiliate marketing where I do not have to work with anyone. I am more of an introverted person so I think I enjoy working for myself and by myself. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me realize this. Check it out if you feel like building a business by yourself.

  2. I have never heard of Isagenix but it seems like an MLM business model. It’s maybe good because the goal is for you to be fit and eventually make some money. Personally I would not sign up for Isagenix because I do not like taking pills and supplements of whatever kind. I just train 5 days a week and try to eat clean, nothing else. So I would not sign up for Isagenix but that’s just me. It’s useful article.

    • Thank you Sam. I value your opinion and experience. Many of us may find it difficult to discipline ourselves as well as others to work out a few times a week as well as eating healthy. I believe for this purpose, a product such as Isagenix may benefit others. I am like you in the sense that I am not fond of mlm businesses either.

      I feel their opportunities are built in such a way to offer pricey products to enable a business opportunity for many to earn a wealthy living from it. I do feel they all offer great products, but I just cannot embrace the business model, nor the expensive products.

      There are many people who are very successful within this and other mlm businesses. However, I believe mostly anyone can prosper in most business opportunities. All it takes is determination.

      Thank you very much for your input.

      – Jonathan


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