What is the MintVine?

what is the mintvineName: Mintvine
Price: Free to Join
Website: www.mintvine.com
Rating: what is the mintvinewhat is the mintvinewhat is the mintvinewhat is the mintvinewhat is the mintvine (1 / 5)


The Mintvine is a research marketing company that provides you (the consumer) with surveys that will help major companies with their advertising and/or marketing campaigns. You are playing a role in their marketing decisions. Major companies base their advertising on polls and surveys taken by their consumers (you). Mintvine provides theses online surveys to you and in exchange for your time a small compensation, or rewards. Keep reading to find out why maybe it may not be a good idea.


what is the mintvinePros:

  • User friendly website
  • Large Support Forum
  • Min Payout is only $10
  • Pays you for surveys even if you do not qualify for (5 points)


  • Pay is too little in exchange for your time
  • Nearly impossible to make a lot of money
  • Get disqualified too many times for surveys

(One of the biggest problems with MintVine and any other Online Survey companies are you will spend too much time trying to qualify for surveys. You usually get disqualified 3-4 mins into a survey. Which leads it to be very time consuming.)


The Mintvine is for anyone who is old enough to be considered a consumer and willing to participate in online market research.


No Training necessary.


Mintvine has a better reputation than other online survey market research companies when getting back with members. They have a large Support Forum for common problems, and also a Contact Form for individual problems.


Free to Join


I will personally not take the time to fill out surveys. Not because I do not care about market research but because in my opinion they should put more value into their compensation plan. Completing online surveys will get you at most $1-$2/hr. I don’t know if that’s worth your time. If they did pay enough, then Mintvine would be one of the best because of their minimum payout. You can redeem your points for cash or gift cards at a minimum of $10 or 1000 points.

If you tried one you’ve tried them all! I’ve reviewed multiple online survey sites like Opinion Outpost, MySurvey, and iPoll. None of them are worth taking the time to submit surveys. They all come out to about the same $1-$2/hr ($2 on the higher end). Making money online is not easy, but it is possible. You can find legitimate opportunities, but you must be willing to invest your time into a website. Building your own website is where the money is at. You can monetize it in many ways for instance, with ads or affiliate programs.

MintVine at a Glance…

Name: MintVine
Website: www.mintvine.com
Price: Free to Join
Rating: what is the mintvinewhat is the mintvinewhat is the mintvinewhat is the mintvinewhat is the mintvine (1 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT Very Limited Earning Potential

Do you have a personal experience with MintVine or any other Online Survey companies? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience. Thank you for your feedback, it truly does help others! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “What is the MintVine?”

  1. Jonathan,
    I have not heard of mint vine but I have tried many of the other survey companies you mentioned. I also tried Inbox. It was similar to the survey sites that you mentioned. I didn’t qualify for most of the surveys. They were a total waste of time. I am glad there are other ways to make money on line.

    • Joyce, tell me about it! I have always been skeptical about online survey since I became aware that they existed. I thought it was weird that people were actually getting paid to fill them out. I also found it hard to believe that anyone could actually make a living on it. I wanted to help my readers by getting to the bottom of this mystery. I soon found out that it was everything I thought. It’s almost impossible to make any significant amount of money with them.

      Thanks for adding that there are other ways to make money online because people do not know. I too struggled with it until I found Wealthy Affiliate. I am proud to share such a program with my readers, and I am willing to help anyone one-on-one with building revenue online.

      Thanks for your input,


  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I’ve heard about filling the surveys before but wasn’t doing that for money. I see that the payment for this kind of “job” is not that big.
    What does it mean that you are not qualified for a survey? You spend time filling it and at the end you don’t get money or you can’t do it because you didn’t pass the requirements?

    • Hi Simon, luckily they inform you 3-4 mins into the survey that you’re not qualified. That’s a good thing appose to spending 30 mins on a survey and then being disqualified. The part that becomes very time consuming is that you’ll get disqualified from surveys 70% of the time. At least I did.

      Filling out online surveys can be fun, but like you said the payment is not that big. I literally spent hours on the platform to only calculate the total hours to be about $1/hr. I was highly upset to say the least. I would encourage everyone to try it, just to see what it’s like and they can say they’ve tried it, but I do not recommend it to be your source for making money online.

  3. Jonathan,

    Thanks for this really good review. I’ve never tried it myself, but other survey sites I’ve tried have never really been worth my time. If you ever find one that has a decent pay rate, let me know! I’d certainly be will to try it out. I also agree with you that building a website is the best way of making long-term profit online!

    • Hey Rob,

      It would be nice if they came out with a website that allowed you to take surveys for a decent amount of money. Like you said they are not worth the time. It’s insane to think that some people spend hours taking surveys online just to make about $2 an hour or less. I am really ticked with the whole idea that these online survey sites have millions of members doing it and wasting all of their time. I wish I could just make everyone understand that making money online is not what it seems. Yes, it is easy, but it takes hard work and dedication.

      You can have a stream of income coming from a website and make a full time income on it. You just have to have the right tools and that’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. There is no where else online that is going to allow you to join for free, learn what you need to know, and give you a free website to get started other than it. I believe the internet is going to get a whole lot more lucrative too and it would be wise to learn the methods now.

      Thanks for stopping by,



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