What is the Work at Home Institute? Copy Cat Scam?

what is the work at home instituteName: Work At Home Institute
Price: $97
Owners: Robert Robinson
Websites: wahecademy.com , wahinstitute.net
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If you have bumped into this money making opportunity, I am sorry to burst your bubble. It will not take you far, and you will probably lose your money. There are enough free opportunities out there that offer legitimate products, but you just have to find them. This Ad at Work From Home Institute is a common scam that has been going on for years. 

Two Reasons it is a Scam

Red flags everywhere!

1.Promising you will be making money immediately.

Let’s face reality folks. This dream does not exist. I’ve never spoken to someone wealthy and they told me it was overnight or easy. The real people that I have spoken too all say they lived, breathed, slept their business. You get my flow?

2. Have you noticed every time you go to exit the site they offer you a lesser price.

Ex. The first time I went to exit, it said “Please Stay 61% OFF Now, Down to $77”. The second time I went to leave it said, “Please don’t go, get $150 Off NOW. Down to $47”. Guys this is a pattern of a scam.

A Little Background

Note: Everyone, please steer away from this fake opportunity. I can assure you, you will probably lose your money.

Copy Cat Scams

These companies constantly come out with Ads stating they will lead a consumer to financial independence. I have never seen someone follow these paths and come back to tell the tale. Meaning no one has come back and told their honest results of the their wealth building experience. There is none folks!

The Scam Process

These companies come out with these Ads. They get enough people to scam and then they close. What happens is enough people complain. Their website is then shut down, and then they copy the same routine and do it over and over again. Just under different names.

Previous Copy Cat remakes:

  1. Work At Home Institute
  2. Home Internet Cash
  3. Online Profit Stream

A Little Bit of Evidence

The common traits of these scams is they all start out with a website like this:

Image 1

what is the work at home institute
The reason they do this is to make the site look credible.
Then they lead to websites like these:

Image 2

what is the work at home institute

Image 3

what is the work at home institute

A Little Humor

Want to laugh a little, when you go back to the last page (Image 3) and try to hit the exit button. See how many times they give you a discount until they let you go.

Second: (On Image 1) A real website links to different pages on their page menus. Click on the different pages on their menu and watch. They take you back to the same page every time. SCAM!

My Unique Take

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jonathan. I am an internet marketer. I promote legitimate programs to make money online. I also sift through the bad ones so that other readers such as yourself do not lose any money on scams. I spend hours a day going through different make money from home opportunities and develop reviews on them.

“Ah, the Frustration”

I get really frustrated with these websites because they make it hard for reputable individuals like myself who are trying to help people make money online in a legitimate way. See my final opinion.


Don’t Give Up!

The Dream is real. There is a legitimate way to earn money from home. You just have to work hard to achieve this success in building a business online. One that will make you revenue and build into an opportunity for you to quit your job and live the stay at home dream.

It just takes building a foundation. You cannot build a house on mud. You get my drift? But you can build skyscrapers with a solid foundation.  

Please steer away from get rich quick schemes. They are all fake! We just have to use a little common sense in distinguishing the two. A real business take years to develop into a beautiful blossoming business. My #1 recommendation is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Important: Please Read!

Follow a business that allows you to test drive the product before you ever make an investment.

Apple is one of the biggest most successful companies in the world. Have you been to one of their stores? They have all their products laid out in front of you for you to test drive it first. They also have a team of support there to answer any questions and help you with their products at no additional cost.

Pleasure to Meet Your Acquaintance

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review this product for you. I am here to answer any type of questions that you may have. Please feel free to ask. If you have experienced a loss from this company or one similar to it please share, to caution others, in the comment section below.

Let’s all help each other Achieve Success Online!

Your friend in the Internet Marketing business,






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10 thoughts on “What is the Work at Home Institute? Copy Cat Scam?”

  1. Hi Jonathan! This company was the reason I changed my atm card to a new one because they keep on charging me monthly fees even if I already ask them to cancel. Theres nothing inside this program. They are pure scam. So readers, be aware of this company. If happens you already have signed up please ask your bank to change your card so that they cannot get money from you anymore.. Thanks for the review bro. This is very helpful.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Russel, and thank you for sharing. I know a lot of folks out there want to know if they’re going to lose money signing up to that program, and you have just confirmed that. Now we can help people save their hard earned money. There’s nothing worse than getting scammed. To all my readers out there, there is no overnight make money on the internet process. It will take hard work, but the fruits of your labor will be of the sweetest!

  2. Really good review of Work At Home Institute Jonathan, I actually ran into this company, or a version of it a few years ago, when seeing a press release similar to one of the pictures in your review.

    As you said they give you unrealistic earning expectations and you have to pay for the product without really knowing what the heck you’ll be doing.

    I find it interesting that you bring up this product is just a remake of others. It seems like most “get rich quick schemes” are like that. Just change the name and sales page and scam people with the exact same crap!

    Again great review!


    • Hey Brok, thanks for stopping by! The same as you, I ran into a version of this company about a year ago. They almost had me, I actually went and got my credit card out ready to put in the numbers. Something then told me to get a review on the product. Sure enough when I did I found that it was a scam. Amazingly enough, when I searched the review I got introduced to Wealthy Affiliate. I was still skeptical about the program at first because of my previous experience with the one version of Work at Home Institute. However I joined because it was free to join. I later found out that WA was the most helpful website that I’ve come across. After all the scams that I bumped into, it was a relief, and I’ve been dedicated to my online business ever since.

      They really catch people with those hefty income claims that turn out to be false. They also make it more difficult for people who want to earn money online because they make you think that you can earn money quick and a lot at that. When in fact it takes hard work. It can surely be done, but you have to dedicate yourself to doing it. I want everyone to know that the dream is still real. I know someone right now who made 10k last month with internet marketing. He’s a member at WA.

      I’ll catch ya around Brok.

  3. Interesting but you know every time something is offering you the opportunity to make money fast or like you said ” immediately” you do kind of have to be wary of it. Haha I know that for a fact I used to do a ton of scam opportunities because I was convinced that it would make me some money.

    Good stuff!


    • Hi Chris! You are not alone. There has to be millions of people getting scammed online on a regular basis. My website here is to help people avoid these scams. I used to get reeled in by those big money claims and make it fast claims. It is by far a fast process. It can be done, and anyone who puts in the work will live out that dream. You have to learn though, just like every other profession. If you get the opportunity to join Wealthy Affiliate you will learn how to become an online professional.

      I learned from a big Sales Guru a while ago, named Brian Tracey, that it take 5-8 years to become a master in your field. This is the amount of time that I dream to still be in the business. Everyone else should do the same. Expect to be studying and training for a few months before you even start making money. However, when it comes, it rains, and when it rains, it pours.

      Wish you much success Chris!

  4. I have come across this bunch before and they are always trying the same marketing scam avenue out. This particualr product displays some dodgy advertising practices you need to watch for. The biggest problem is that the training is out of date with the product – affiliate marketing doesnt work this way any longer!

    • Chris, thank you for sharing. I am out to advise everyone about this bad program. Work at Home Institute along with many other copy cats are just selling you information that is outdated like you said. It’s nearly impossible to be successful with the information they provide. You need training and more detailed information to get on the right track in affiliate marketing. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for your input,


  5. Interesting. Learned a couple of things about how website scams look and how they operate. Take people’s money, and then when they get a bunch of complaints, they run and get rid of the scam website without a trail.

    Funny how they might keep giving you a lower and lower and lower price if you try to exit scam website. Like how low can they go? Talk about being low (in more ways than one).

    Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is great, and that’s why it’s been in business for about a dozen years now. However, as you said, success doesn’t happen overnight. But by following Wealthy Affiliate’s training to a tee, I think success is just about guaranteed after a couple of years.

    • BooBish, thank you for commenting! I agree with you 100%. Also, strong statement about Wealthy Affiliate. There are around 1 million members more or less and the company has been around for over 10 years. They certainly didn’t get that way by not being one of the best service providers for internet marketing training. I haven’t found better and I’ve been in this industry for a couple of years and reviewed over 50-60 companies! 

      – Jonathan 


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