An Unbiased Review of Total Life Changes

what is total life changes about a scamTotal Life Changes Review

Name: Total Life Changes
Price: Starting at $35
Owners: Jack Fallon
Rating: what is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scam (3.8 / 5)

What is Total Life Changes About?

Total Life Changes started in 1999 in the basement of CEO Jack Fallon’s home. Throughout the years TLC has grown into a major multi level marketing company. The company’s headquarters is located in Michigan. TLC offers a range of products and its concentration is in their Detox Tea. One of their major slogans is “Lose 5 lbs in 5 days!” You can purchase products from TLC as a customer or become a distributor and join in on what could be a lucrative compensation plan. We’ll discuss their product line and compensation plan within this review.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – You can join for as little as $35.
PRO #2 – Offers some great products such as the tea and coffee.
PRO #3 – Products promote health and wellness.
PRO #4 – 5 ways to earn money, including 50% commissions.
PRO #5 – Offers a free website.

The Bad:

CON #1 – Confusing compensation plan
CON #2 – Combos/kits can become quite pricey
CON #3 – Become a hustler for TLC
CON #4 – Don’t get paid on your Power Leg until you reach the top rank

Who is Total Life Changes For?

what is total life changes about a scamTLC is for people who want to build a multi level marketing business, or just purchase some good products. More seasoned network marketers will find their compensation plan which includes 50% commission more attractive than most other mlm companies. If you’re seeking an mlm business which offers easier to learn products to sell, TLC could be the business for you.  

Total Life Changes Tools, Training, & Support

  1. Total Life Changes provides you with a free website for you and your customers to purchase products from.
  2. You will receive “getting started” information inside your Starter Kit. Which provides you with training material and tools to organize your business such as storing your contacts information.
  3. You will have a back office to track your earnings and performance level, as well as your teams.
  4. Your support will mainly come from your upline.

Total Life Changes Most Popular Products

    • Iaso Tea – Gentle Detox Formula

Blend of natural herbs tea designed to rid your body of toxins and lose weight.

    • Lashes 3D Fiber Mascara – part of the Skincare products

Designed to give you longer, thicker, and curlier eyelashes.

      • what is total life changes about a scamIaso Cafe Delgada

Coffee designed to help you slim down.

        • Kits – Health, Beauty, Get Fit, Slim, and Solutions Kits
        • Essential Oils

How Do You Earn Money With Total Life Changes?

Let me forewarn you, TLC’s compensation plan was very confusing for me at first, specifically the binary bonuses, but I will explain it the best I can.

Retail Profits – Each product sold at TLC is given a volume amount better known as points. You will receive 50% commission on all orders taken from your website. For example, a box of tea is $39.95 and is equivalent to 40 points. You make $20 commission, and the other 25% of points goes down to your binary. 

Fast Start Bonus – You receive 50% commission from the volume of the first order of your personally referred IBO’s. For example, if you refer someone and they start off with a package worth $200, then you receive $100. This commission is paid weekly.

Binary Pay – You begin to earn binary commissions once you have recruited 2 members, one on your right and one your left. Members must be active, or have produced least 40 QV (qualified volume).

You will earn between 10%-25% commission on your weaker leg depending on your rank. Between your two legs you have a Power Leg (right leg), and a Weaker Leg (left leg). Your Weaker Leg will be the the leg that produces lesser volume for the week. Weekly cycles are from Friday to Thursday, and you get paid on Fridays. For example, if your Weaker Leg Volume, or WLV, is at 1000 points, you receive $100 that week (if within your rank you’re at the 10% level)

what is total life changes about a scam

You get paid weekly on your Weaker Leg. Once you reach the top rank, Executive Ambassador, you will finally cash out on your Power Leg. Be informed, your Power Leg will always bank all the points accumulated until your reach this level. When you cash out it will be between 1%-4%. You’ll receive a lump sum at first. For example if thus far you’ve accumulated 5 million points, and you get a 1% pay out, you’ll receive a lump sum of $50k. Thereafter, you’ll receive 1%-4% on the Power Leg weekly, so you’ll then be getting paid on both legs.

Matching Bonus – This bonus is paid up to 50% commission on your 1st generation and 2nd generation binary payouts. For example, if someone on your first generation, your personally enrolled IBO’s, generates $500 in their binary payout that week, you get paid $250 as the match bonus.

TLC will also check match your 2nd generation from 10%-50% based on their binary earnings. FYI: your 2nd generation is everyone whom your 1st generation has enrolled.

Lifestyle Bonus

When you reach National Director or above, you receive $1,500 bonus monthly. You can use this money however you see fit.

Total Life Changes Price

what is total life changes about a scamYou can become an associate for $35 without purchasing any products.

You can purchase products individually, or you can purchase business kits that range from $100 – $1500.

What I Like/Dislike About Total Life Changes

I like that TLC was started over 15 years ago. Mr. Jack Fallon seems like a very humble guy, and has provided his members a great opportunity to earn money on multiple levels; including a very generous compensation plan (50% commissions).

This world is becoming an online world, so the fact that TLC provides you with a website free of charge is a plus. I have also noticed that the products are affordable and you can become creative in how you sell them. Some members instead of selling a box of tea for $40, they’ll mix it on their own and sell it by the gallon. Whatever makes more sales!

What I don’t like about TLC is it is another mlm business, so be prepared to become a TLC hustler. You will need to speak to everyone you know and then some to generate sales for yourself. I’ve also had a bad experience with trying to recruit people. Be informed, if you really want to become successful in an mlm business you must create a downline.

what is total life changes about a scam

Total Life Changes at a Glance…

Name: Total Life Changes
Owners: Jack Fallon
Price: Starting at $35
Rating: what is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scamwhat is total life changes about a scam (3.8 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with Total Life Changes? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “An Unbiased Review of Total Life Changes”

  1. Hi Jonathan for your review on TLC. I’ve been involved in a few MLMs over the years. I vowed never to get into another one after realizing that it’s all about hustling. The fact that TLC allows you to have a website and are flexible on how you run your business is a plus. Most of them are very rigid in their operations.

    MLMs can be profitable and lead to a full-time income no doubt. However, I think you need to be cut out for it to succeed.

    • Leonard, no doubt about it, you need to be cut out for it. I believe the main problem with most MLMs is they lack training. So many people underestimate the power of training. With the right training it builds confidence as well as knowledge of the market and awareness.

      Like you said anyone can build a full time income but everyone must understand that it takes a lot of work, dedication, and commitment. Most people quit before the real magic happens. This is why I believe in Wealthy Affiliate because it consists of take you by the hand training. You may lose a couple battles but you will always win the war!

  2. I was involved in an MLM company many years ago. Their compensation plan was very complicated as well. You have actually explained it very well. Even with a quick read, it is fairly clear the way you have it broken down.From the products you have explained it maybe something I would look at.But always having to bug friends & family for sales was the downfall for me before. not sure I could do that again.How are you handling that situation?

    • Allie, I’m glad you understood the compensation plan pretty well. I hate the confusion that most people are taught when it comes to this. The truth is your own upline could be the one that is incompetent. That just means they need better training.

      I know what you mean about not wanting to bother your friends and family. When I was with Amway, I never did. I just tried to talk to people off of the street. With online lead generators these days it takes a little weight off of your back when it comes to recruiting.

      I actually choose to steer away from MLMs. I hate direct selling and recruiting. I’m into internet marketing, specifically affiliate marketing, and I love it! It’s pretty easy, there’s no direct selling, you don’t need to do parties or presentations, and no convincing anyone to join your business. Check it out!


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