Touchstone Crystal MLM by Swarovski Review

what is touchstone crystal a scamTouchstone Crystal Review

Name: Touchstone Crystal
Price: Starting at $139
Owner: Swarovski
Rating: what is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scam (2 / 5)

What is Touchstone Crystal About?

Welcome to my review! Here we’ll go over what Touchstone Crystal is about, if you think it’s a scam, their products, prices, and compensation plan. Let’s start with, they were founded in 2009 by Swarovski. Swarovski on the other hand has been around for over 120 years. Touchstone Crystal is their direct selling association. As you may know, there is a large market for face to face sales, crystal jewelry is not an exception. For some odd reason though, Touchstone Jewelry only brings in $370k a year. Not like Swarovski, as a whole, it brings in a couple of billion dollars a year.

Touchstone Crystal is a multi level marketing company. Basically what you’ll be doing is selling jewelry face to face or through your personalized website. The trend with this type of company is throwing home parties. Now a days, you can do so offline or online such as through Facebook Live, or Google Hangout. Touchstone Crystal has a pretty attractive compensation plan which we’ll go over in a bit, but first, let’s go over some basic stuff like the good, the bad, what their products look like, and how much it costs to join.  

The Good & the Bad

what is touchstone crystal a scamThe Good:

PRO #1 – Owned by Swarovski
PRO #2 – Beautiful jewelry
PRO #3 – Great pay plan

The Bad:

CON #1 – Hefty initial investment
CON #2 – Requires direct selling and recruiting
CON #3 – Company makes around $370k a year (will discuss further down)

Who is Touchstone Crystal For?

  • Someone who has a passion for jewelry and would like to create a business out of it.
  • Someone looking to network with other women.
  • Someone seeking to start a business, and build an organization.
  • Stay at home moms, college student, retirees, and even 9 to 5ers seeking supplemental income.
  • Someone who owns and offline business and seeking additional opportunities.
  • Someone looking to join an mlm owned by a brand name.

Touchstone Crystal Tools, Training, & Support

Touchstone Crystal is like many other mlm opportunities, you need to purchase a Starter pack and once you do, you’ll get some planning material, along with getting started training. When it comes to an mlm business, you can count on getting most of your training and support from your sponsor or other members up the line. You have an option to subscribe to having a personalized website from which you can use to sell to customers.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Touchstone Crystal?

what is touchstone crystal a scamBasic Starter Kit $139 (about $400 value) includes: 

White Ice Bracelet
Pave Tag Necklace
Viva Love Charm
Graphic Long Pendant, Golden Shadow
Blue Horizon Necklace
Infinity Woven Bracelet
Golden Glow Pendant
Bella Fringe Pendant
Ava Earrings
1 Pack of Catalogs
1 Pack of Preview Books
1 Pack of Postcard Invitations
1 Pack of Order Forms
1 Pack of Host Order Forms
1 Pack of Hostess Brochures
1 Set of Party Cards
Sparkle Brochures
Getting Started Workbook.

They also sell an Enhanced Starter Kit for $299 (over $850 value), and this one has about 13 pieces of jewelry. As I mentioned earlier you can also obtain your Personalized Website for $9.95/month.

Touchstone Crystal Jewelry

Swarovski is known for their precision in cut with crystals. There is no exception with Touchstone Crystal. Touchstone offers some very elegant pieces of jewelry, with colorful stones, and beautiful cuts. One great fact is that more than half of their product line is under $50. That is a relief suggesting the idea that a lot of people are seeking affordability these days.

what is touchstone crystal a scamwhat is touchstone crystal a scamwhat is touchstone crystal a scam

How Do You Make Money Selling Touchstone Crystal? | The Compensation Plan

You can earn 25%-40% commission on retail sales, and up to 9% commission on all the sales of the people you sponsor. One of the features and benefits to being in fashion mlm such as Touchstone Crystal is that they have a Hostess Deal. You can find people who would like to throw a home party for you and offer them these benefits:

  • Up to 30% of sales in free jewelry.
  • Up to 4 jewels at 50% off.
  • Get 70% for bookings. (explained in detail below)

You can receive 70% off if someone from your party books another party within 90 days and a minimum of $300 in sales are met. Also, if any guests decide to purchase more than $100 at any party, they can enter the hostess name to get their next item 30% off. The average Host receives about $200 in free jewelry plus the 50%-70% discounts. 

what is touchstone crystal a scamThe company also offers Incentive Trips to tropical destinations for members who meet high performance goals. As well as a BMW car incentive. You might be thinking, how much money can I really earn with selling Touchstone Crystals? Well the company’s statistics show that in the average party Consultants are making about $200 in profit. If you build a team, you can build residual income as well.

Is Touchstone Crystal Worth Joining? | My Final Opinion

This is a roll of the dice because when I saw that this subsidiary of Swarovski was only making around $370k a year it was alarming. Other mlm companies are making billions of dollars, or millions such as Sabika Jewelry. This could be due to what they say about the phases within an mlm start up. They say most companies fail within their first 3 years due to financial reasons. Then there is a pre momentum stage which Touchstone Crystal may be in right now. Similar to the situation at Essante Organics (a health and wellness mlm).

They say the following stage is the Momentum Stage. Here is where the company experience rapid growth, and ⅔ of the people who are going to be joining the company actually join. These phases form what they call the S-Curve. The final stage, the top of the S-Curve, is the Stabilization Phase, where a company sort of plateaus, or hits the $1 billion mark, but will never experience that type of growth build again. What will you do? Will you roll the dice?

Touchstone Crystal at a Glance…

Name: Touchstone Crystal
Owner: Swarovski
Price: Starting at $139
Rating: what is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scamwhat is touchstone crystal about a scam (2 / 5)

What Next?

what is touchstone crystal a scamI’m an internet marketer, and I specialize in affiliate marketing. If you would like to get into affiliate marketing, this is a stabler business. Did you know you can make a full time living online? How would you like to quit your job? The outlook for affiliate marketing shows that the business structure will generate around $6.8 billion within the next 5 years. The wealthiest people in the world say take little to no risks. What will you do?

Would You Like to Learn More About Internet Marketing? Click Here!

Do you have a personal experience with Touchstone Crystal? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “Touchstone Crystal MLM by Swarovski Review”

  1. Interesting article about touchstone crystal. I have never heard about direct sales on the jewelry market. I definitely agree with you on the point that it sounds quite alarming that they only make $370k in sales per year, while other companies make over millions and billions per on sale.

    This definitely sounds like a good an interesting job for women. But it doesn’t look like it’s paying very well if the average sales consultant only makes around $200 per month.

    Anyways thanks for sharing this, and I wish you good luck on your journey

    • Hey Victor, thanks for reading. I gotta say I thought these jewelry mlms were kind of cool because we’re all so used to those nutritional and weight management ones. Clearly, $200 cannot replace anyone’s income, but I think the reason why so many people fail is because they do not give themselves enough time to succeed.

      Running a business is no easy feat. I believe you need to have wits, strength, motivation, dedication, and commitment. Just like any other business would take. An mlm or online business would be no different. The difference lies in between the low start up costs, and low overhead. These make these business decisions worthwhile.

  2. Found your review about Touchstone Crystal very interesting and informative. I noticed this MLM Company started in 2009 and noticed that its annual profit is only $370k a year. Not like Swarovski, it brings in a couple of billion dollars a year.
    Would you recommend this company as being a safe place to start for a complete newbie to MLM?
    Kind regards, Jeff.

    • Jeff, with a major name like Swarovski, I do believe that Touchstone Crystal would be a safe place for any entrepreneur to embark on a financial freedom journey. I believe anyone can succeed in business. You only need the right training and tools. With this you’re unstoppable. Whether it’s network marketing or affiliate marketing you can make it big either way.

      I prefer affiliate marketing because I can choose what products to promote. I can build my business around my passions. I am the head honcho! Of course, there are certain rules that cannot be broken, but it’s not like network marketing. With an mlm, you’re basically running a franchise. It’s up to you to choose, what will make you happy.


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