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what is traci lynn jewelry aboutTraci Lynn Jewelry Review

Name: Traci Lynn Jewelry
Website: tracilynnjewelry.com
Price: Starting at $99 + Annual Fee
Owner: Dr. Traci Lynn
Rating: what is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry about (1 / 5)

What is the Traci Lynn Jewelry Business About?

I’ll be diving into everything about Traci Lynn Jewelry, including the compensation plan, but first let me tell you where Traci Lynn came from. Dr. Traci Lynn was born in Philadelphia, PA. At the age of four she began to learn about entrepreneurship while riding along with her Grandma and selling clothes from her trunk in West Philadelphia. Traci first launched Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry in 1989. By 1994 she was very successful, but surprisingly a few years later the company failed for financial reasons. By 2006, a whole new Traci Lynn launched, this time a direct selling company, the Traci Lynn Jewelry we know today. The company has been growing ever since and now has over 10,000 members.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – A variety of products.
PRO #2 – a network of women.
PRO #3 – compensation plan

what is traci lynn jewelry aboutThe Bad:

CON #1 – initial investment can be expensive
CON #2 – direct selling and recruiting
CON #3 – small company, risk closing.

Who is Traci Lynn Jewelry For?

  • Anyone who would like to sell jewelry and throw home parties.
  • Anyone looking to build an organization and network with women.
  • Anyone seeking to join an mlm (multi level marketing), a.k.a. Network Marketing.
  • If you already a salesperson and you would like to add these products to your lineup.
  • If you can’t find a job for any reason such as no experience, no jobs, or background checks.

Traci Lynn Tools, Training, & Support

When you join an mlm (multi level marketing) company such as Traci Lynn Jewelry, you will usually:

  • get introductory training material with the purchase of your start up kit.
  • find training videos from other Consultants who have been successful with their start up.
  • There are usually team meetings held regularly. In Traci Lynn Jewelry, you can probably seek training at a fellow network marketer’s home party.
  • Once or semi-annually, the company may host an event for training and recognition purposes.
  • For support, there will be a customer service phone number you can reach, but most of your support will come from members in your team (upline).

Traci Lynn Jewelry Products

What’s different about Traci Lynn is that nearly 70% of its inventory is under $50. That is great for customers seeking affordability. Here is their product lineup:

what is traci lynn jewelry aboutJewelry

Foot Jewelry

Bags & More

Wallets and Clutches

what is traci lynn jewelry aboutTravel Collection

luggage (wheels optional)

Bridal Collection

Men’s Items

Cuff links

How Much Does it Cost to Join Traci Lynn Jewelry?

It costs $60 Annual fee to be a Consultant (must be 18).

Preferred Customers – choose a membership between $50 to $200 which give you 10% discount on all orders plus exclusive items that are not on their catalogs.

Business Kits (Must purchase one to be a Consultant)

Starter Kit $99 ($250 Retail Value) – includes some pieces of jewelry, a handbag, and some catalogs.

Basic Kit $350 ($500 Retail Value) – includes more pieces of jewelry, handbag, and catalogs.

Executive Kit $650 ($1,000 Retail Value) – includes several pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Also includes a handbag, and catalogs.

How Do You Make Money Selling Traci Lynn Jewelry?

what is traci lynn jewelry aboutRetail Profit
– earn 25% on all your personal and customer purchases.

Power Seller Bonuses – when you reach higher sales volume you have the opportunity to earn between 5%-25% bonuses (includes customer orders, Boutique Club orders, but no handbag sales).

Fast Start Bonuses – an opportunity to earn 10% bonuses off of your new Consultants when they reach a certain amount of sales within their first 60 days (get paid this bonus up to two levels).

Group Volume Override – Earn 3% commission on all sales volume on your personal team (all active Consultants whom you’ve personally sponsored).

Level Overrides – earn up to 10% bonuses on the CV (commissionable volume) of the sales from all of the active Consultants below you. (Pays down to 3 levels)

Generation Overrides – reach the rank of EDIR and earn 4% bonuses on the commissionable volume of all the sales of your Active Consultants down to 4 levels.

Advancement Bonuses – when you reach certain ranks you get a bonus, up to $25,000. Also when one of your downline reaches EDIR, you get a matching bonus.

Party Perks

what is traci lynn jewelry aboutSomeone can choose to host a party for a Traci Lynn Consultant and earn some discounts and free jewelry.

For example, if the party sells a total of:

$200 in Sales– Get $30 in free jewelry and 50% off of any 1 item.
$400 in Sales– Get $60 in free jewelry and 50% off of any 2 items.
$600 in Sales– Get $100 in free jewelry and 50% off of any 3 items.
$1000 in Sales – Get $200 in free jewelry and 50% off of any 5 items.
$1300 in Sales – Get $400 in free jewelry and 50% off of any 5 items.

My Final Opinion of Traci Lynn Jewelry

Their compensation plan is suffice, but people want BIG, they want trip incentives and car bonuses which you can find at numerous of other mlm companies such as Mary Kay or Younique. Their products are nice but they don’t impress me such as the products at Sabika Jewelry. I’m not a fan of mlm but I’m just giving my honest opinion. I choose to make my money on a different level.

See there is this large place we call the internet, which you can learn to leverage and build a passive income with. The biggest problem I have with mlm business models is that they require direct selling and recruiting. Those things do not work for me. I’ve learned how to build a website and monetize, and you can too! Check out my #1 recommendation for more information.

what is traci lynn jewelry about

Traci Lynn at a Glance…

Name: Traci Lynn Jewelry
Website: tracilynnjewelry.com
Price: Starting at $99 + Annual Fee
Owner: Dr. Traci Lynn
Rating: what is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry aboutwhat is traci lynn jewelry about (1 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended

Do you have a personal experience with Traci Lynn Jewelry? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with their products/service. Or if you have any questions,

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others!

Owner, howtoworkonline.org

10 thoughts on “Have You Heard About Traci Lynn Jewelry? | Compensation Plan Inside!”

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    Enjoyed your review on Traci Lynn Jewelry. I did some MLM in the past but didn’t care for direct selling and recruiting. I also found it difficult to find enough people interested in holding home parties. It was also difficult to keep recruits, most of them would quit after a few months. Thank you for the great review.

    • Hi Joyce, I can understand why you don’t like mlms. I can see how it can be difficult to throw home parties too. However, Tracey Lynn Jewelry offers the hostess rewards program just like other mlms, so this should be an incentive for people to throw these parties for you. Especially one’s loyal customers. If they already love the jewelry, I don’t see why not throw a home party and earn some free stuff and/or discounts right?

      I feel the same though, that’s why I haven’t joined an mlm. Plus I got some first hand experience with it many years ago when I worked with amway. I was basically a hustler for the company and I could not recruit for nothing. Though there have been some solutions for this, I had an awful experience. I could imagine its the same with Tracey Lynn Jewelry. There was a bunch of hype, and ibos swear by the product.

      I’ve chosen to pursue my career in affiliate marketing. There is no direct selling nor recruiting.. It’s so much easier to build a website and leverage affiliate programs. By leveraging the right affiliate programs, and the right training, you can succeed and earn Financial and time freedom this way.

      Thanks for stopping by,


  2. This opportunity sounds great, never heard of it before. I like the idea of promoting jewellery as I do have a real interest in it and can see myself being passionate about it which would help! The start up costs is really reasonable too, compared to some others I’ve looked into before. I might be interested in this!

    • Hey Jennie, that’s great! You definitely want to be interested in the products so that you can feel comfortable selling them. If you’re seriously thinking about joining an mlm that sells jewelry, check out Sabika and Paparazzi as well so that you can make a well informed decision. Choosing a business is one of the most important things you can do in your life.

      Usually it takes 3-5 years to have a business become well established. After 1 year, it should be profitable. The point is that it is a long term commitment so you’ll want to choose wisely. Personally, I would recommend you learn how to sell your jewelry online on your own. You can find your own products by leveraging affiliate programs. There’s no obligation to sell anyone’s jewelry. You don’t have to go out and sell anything, you can sit at home and run your business from your living room couch.

      If you’re interested in finding the training to do this, click here.

      Chat with you later,


      • Hey Jennie, thanks so much for the offer but I’m afraid I’ll need to pass right now. I am very caught up in internet marketing. I love the opportunities and freedoms it provides. I don’t have to be concerned with direct selling or recruiting, which I had a terrible experience with Amway a while back. I don’t know your business, to each his own, and I hope you prosper or succeed in it. The trick is not giving up! I hope to see your success unfold at Traci Lynn. If you ever need some tips about affiliate marketing, let me know! 🙂

    • I have a cousin doing pretty great in this compan
      y. I’m joining her team today. That’s why I was cu
      rious about the review. Lol. Have you gotten star
      ted yet?

      • Congrats Jessica, I am glad that you are joining a business today! The only way to job freedom is to be in business for yourself. I am sure you can work closely with others and your cousin to succeed with the business.

        Generally speaking, I feel like you have got to ask yourself when getting into business; what do I want to be doing in the long run? As you know, in order to make it to the top of Traci Lynn, you will have to be doing this A LOT and for a long while! In this case, the question is, can I sell jewelry for a lifetime?

        If the answer is no, then this business product may not be for you. I mean, of course there are other business aspects to it. Such as, building your organization. The most money is made through the business opportunity. Recruiting more representatives, and training them to be successful.

        The reason I say this, is because there are many vehicles to job, financial, and/or time freedom. You just have to choose one. One, you need to take it serious; it is your business. Second, commit to it, and take action until you succeed.

        I chose internet marketing because, whew! I can imagine myself on a beach sipping a pina colada, typing on my laptop, and making money online. If you think this might be for you, this is where you can find the training to do it (click here).

  3. I have a men’s Lynn that’s no longer working. How does it work? Is it automatic wind or does it require a

    • Hi Will, I don’t know as I am not a Traci Lynn distributor. Is it possible to reach out to the Consultant that sold you the watch? I would assume that it is battery operated like most watches. Check the back of the watch for any indication that the back plate can be screwed off or removed. Then you can probably purchase the battery at any Walmart or watch store. I actually ordered a pack of batteries for cheap online for my watch. I just have an old fossil watch.

      PS. Be sure to buy the correct size to avoid having to return and reorder, like I did. 😉


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