Vantel Pearls MLM | How Does it Work?

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewsVantel Pearls Review

Name: Vantel Pearls
Price: $99 + $100 Oysters deposit
Founder: Joan Hartel Cabral
Rating: what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviews (1 / 5)

What is Vantel Pearls About?

In this review we’ll reveal everything about Vantel Pearls including complaints, products, and compensation plan. This is a multi level marketing (mlm) company with a concentration in pearls. As a consultant you will need to find customers, also known as a hostesses, to throw parties, so that you can sell jewelry while opening oysters that contain pearls in them. You can throw traditional parties offline or take the more modern approach in technology and go live online. Vantel Pearls is a few decades old now (since 1986). Surprisingly it’s growing faster than it can keep up with.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – sell pearls
PRO #2 – throw pearl parties
PRO #3 – build an organization

The Bad:

CON #1- long waiting times for shipping
CON #2 – long waiting times for joining
CON #3 – costs $99 plus deposit to start

Who is Vantel Pearls For?

  • what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewsWomen looking to start a business with selling jewelry or pearls.
  • Anyone looking to build an organization using an mlm business model.
  • If you’re passionate about pearls or jewelry.
  • If you’re want to network with other women.
  • If you’re looking to start a business online, you can host live parties online using facebook.

Vantel Pearls Tools, Training, & Support

  • Vantel Pearls provides you with getting-started training.
  • They conduct team meetings and conferences.
  • They have video and audio training tools.
  • Individual and group informational sessions.
  • Products briefings, and e-newsletters.

All of these are intended to keep you updated with the latest products, specials, fashion updates, and sales techniques. Vantel Pearls has a customer service line that you can call. However, most of your support will come from your upline. This is expected when you join an mlm. Vantel Pearls also has a facebook page which is current and used for product support as well as announcements.

Vantel Pearls Products

As you know, all the products at Vantel Pearls are based off of their pearls. They have some pretty nice things, but their prices seem a bit overpriced. Take a look at their product lineup:

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviews

Candle Holder
Genuine Pearl Strands
Wine Stopper
Bridal Pearl Jewelry

How Much Does it Cost to Join Vantel Pearls?

You must purchase the Starter Kit which costs $99 plus place a $100 deposit for oysters. Here’s what’s inside the Starter Kit:

Marketing materials
A Planner
Booking certificates
A bucket for oysters
35 oysters
Jewelry holder
Pearl sizer
Ring holder
Party/value cards
Small velvet bags with jewelry which include a bracelet, a few necklaces with charms, and pearl stud earrings.
Order forms
Product catalogs
(Valued at $750)

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviews
Jewelry included in the Starter Kit.

As of the day of writing this there is a waiting list to join Vantel Pearls. They are taking applications, so you can apply on their website. However, I’ve heard of people who had to wait more than six months to get accepted. They say this is due to the large demand of applying consultants, but the need for quality customer service such as support and shipping. Vantel Pearls is going to have to step up to their A game if they want to keep excelling. This product can be bigger if they allow it too.

How Do You Make Money Selling Vantel Pearls? | The Compensation Plan

Vantel Pearls pays by direct deposit to your bank account. Weekly commissions are paid on Thursday, and overrides and bonuses are paid on the third Thursday of the month. Rank advancement/promotions are paid in real time, so if you reach the next level in ranks during the current month it will reflect on the that same pay cycle.

Everyone, no matter what rank, is eligible to earn incentives, specials, and all-expense-paid trips. Also, Consultants can purchase any Vantel Pearl Jewelry at a 40% discount, but personal purchases do not count towards your performance goals. Finally, in order to receive your first commissions you must book and submit a party.

Ranks, Commissions, and Bonuses

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewsNew Recruit

  • Must be 18 years of age, a US citizen or permanent resident, with a valid social security number. Must book at least 3 party booking within the first 35 days.
  • To be an Active Recruit you must have at least $500 in sales over every two month period.
  • Earn 25% on commissionable volume (CV)
  • Earn 2% Sponsorship Override on the monthly CV of your personal recruits (1st level recruits).
  • Get a 40% discount on personal jewelry purchases. All members of Vantel Pearls qualify for this discount.


Quick Note: from Consultant rank and above, everyone qualifies to earn 25% of personal CV (commissionable volume), or 30% of CV when your total sales volume (TSV) is more than $4,000.

In addition, you can earn 2% Sponsorship Override (commission) on all of your personally sponsored consultant CV (jewelry sales) (Only 1st level recruits). Must have at least $250 is sales to qualify for this override.

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewsIn order for your personal recruits to be Active Consultants they need to accumulate at least $250 in sales per month, or a rolling $500 in sales for every two months.

Star Consultant

Requirements: Must have $500 or more in TSV (total sales volume), $2,000 or more in team TSV (including your own), and at least 2 personally enrolled Active Consultants.

You become eligible to receive 4% additional override on monthly personal CV (or sales), as well as your first level CV (in sales). Must meet the requirements stated above. Again, Overrides are paid monthly.


Requirements: make at least $1,000 in monthly personal sales (TSV), at least $4,000 in team TSV (includes yours), and have at least 3 personally sponsored Active Consultants. If you achieve these requirements you’re also known as a Qualified Leader.

Eligible to earn 7% additional Override (mlm lingo for bonuses or commissions) on personal monthly sales (or CV), and on your first level monthly CV. Also earn 4% override on your second level, and 1% on your third.

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviews
Qualifications for Star Leader Rank

Star Leader

Requirements – make at least $1,000 in sales (monthly), $8,000 in team TSV (includes yours), be a Qualified Leader, and have at least 1 Qualified Leader on your first level.

Earn 8% additional override on your personal monthly sales
8% override on your first level
4% override on your second level
2% override on your third level.


Requirements: make at least $1,000 in monthly personal sales, at least $15,000 in team TSV (includes yours), be a Qualified Leader with at least 3 personally sponsored Active Consultants, and has at least 2 Qualified Leaders with 1 of them on your first level.

Earn 9% additional override on monthly personal sales.
9% override on first level’s sales.
4% override on second level’s sales.
2% override on third level’s sales.

One time Performance Bonus of $500. Must be a Qualified Director for at least 3 months to get this Promotion Bonus.

Executive Director

Requirements: make at least $1,000 in monthly personal TSV, $25,000 or more in team monthly TSV, be a Qualified Leader, and at least 4 Qualified Leaders with 2 of them on your first level.

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviews
Qualifications for Executive Director Rank

Earn 9% additional override on monthly personal CV.
9% override on your first level.
4% override on your second level.
2% override on your third level.
1% override on your 4th level.

Also receive a one time Career Bonus of $1,000 for getting promoted. Must be qualified for 3 consecutive month to get this bonus.

Star Executive Bonus

Requirements: make at least $1,000 in monthly personal TSV, $35,000 or more in team monthly TSV, be a Qualified Leader, and at least 6 Qualified Leaders with 3 of them on your first level.

Earn 11% additional override on monthly personal CV.
11% override on your first level.
6% override on your second level.
3% override on your third level.
1% override on your 4th level.

Also receive a one time Career Bonus of $2,000 for getting promoted. Must be qualified for 3 consecutive month to get this bonus.

Eligible to receive an $800 Bonus monthly if your pay level team sales are $80k or more in TSV (includes your own).

Is Vantel Pearls a Scam? | Complaints & Reviews

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewsI went onto the BBB website to read reviews on the company. I found nearly 200 reviews made within the past 12 months. The majority of them were really negative. However, there were a few speckled positive reviews saying nice things about the company. There were an overwhelming amount of complaints about the quality of the products, the poor customer service, and too long for shipping.

Specifically, there are many customer service complaints that no one is getting back to the customer via phone or email. The vast majority of complaints were due to shipping times. As customers were promised 4-6 weeks, many haven’t received their products after 10 weeks. Needless to say, all of them wanted refunds. However, there were complaints about how difficult the company makes it to get a refund.

Is Vantel Pearls Worth It? | My Final Opinion

So much to say about Vantel Pearls. First of all, I think it’s absurd that customers need to wait months for a product that they ordered, or that people need to wait more than 6 months to become a Consultant. Who ever is in charge of shipping and receiving, should be FIRED! I’ve never heard of a company of this status having these type of problems. However, when I first visited the Vantel Pearls website, I thought it was antiquated, and because of this, I thought there would be poor quality products or service.  

what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewsI should know because I build websites for a living, so this was a bad first impression for me. The pay plan looks good, and the prices are slightly overpriced. However, there is much potential for you to succeed (if you can ever make it through the door). I’ve seen some successful network marketers throwing live parties online through facebook, and overall, hats off to them. They must be making a lot of sales.

If you want to sell jewelry online, then Vantel Pearls might be for you. I don’t know if you can wait that long to be a Consultant, or even that long for a product to arrive? Guess what, you don’t have too! You can learn how to sell jewelry online, or any items online through affiliate marketing. This may be way better for you. There is no need for you to purchase inventory, no initial startup costs, and best of all, you don’t need to recruit anyone!

All you need to do is choose an interest, build a website, drive traffic, and generate revenue. There is some awesome web training over at Wealthy Affiliate that you can learn to how to do this. The best part is there is no fee to start a membership, and you can learn how to do this step by step. This may be an easier business option for you.

Click Here to Start Your Online Business!

Vantel Pearls at a Glance…

Name: Vantel Pearls
Price: $99 + $100 Oysters deposit
Founder: Joan Hartel Cabral
Rating: what is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviewswhat is vantel pearls about a scam reviews (1 / 5)
VERDICT: LEGIT Not Recommended

Do you have a personal experience with Vantel Pearls. If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products or service. Or, do you have any questions?

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.



8 thoughts on “Vantel Pearls MLM | How Does it Work?”

  1. I actually work for the company. there are other good and bad not listed here. Overall I love my job. There is no application time and its not that way. I as a consultant can recruit whoever i want. There was a hold but it was lifted for leaders in jan and the rest of us in March. So im not sure about the waiting because it was open enrollment through July 2016. So 5 months of no recuits. But they got well over 2000 joining in under a month and they had to halt until they could handle that. They were a small company until then. Shipping times as of Feb 2017 are now 3-4 weeks. I just got 2 parties back today that were posted 1/24. Today is 2/21.
    I do have a few issues with this company that I really dont like But overall Im still here, been here since June 2016. I LOVE my little family ive made. We are a group of almost 1000 but only about 50 are regulars i know by name, help each other in parties, care about each others personal lives and we have TONS of fun. Its my *me time*
    The $100 oyster deposit is kinda nice! if you lose a pearl that deposit covers it. If you decide to keep a few, it covers it. Its a good thing to have!
    There is a few bad things as far as being a consultant. Mostly it means extra shipping for us. we pay to ship to customers. Some consultants charge their customers more but i refuse. Its not my customers fault! So I eat that cost.
    The BBB complaints over 12 months for sure i understand. the shipping times were huge but you gotta realize they got SOOO many consultants at once and some of these consultants were holding $4000 parties! Thats insane. Thats roughly 80 orders. And they are doing 1 day parties booked up through December of 2017. Since this is a direct sales there are currently about 7000 consultants. Now figure each one does 2 parties a week and we will just say 4500 consultants are active Thats
    4500 consultants x 2 parties a week Thats 9000 parties in a week
    Now each party needs $250 in sales to qualify. Lets say they do Just key chains. Thats 8 key chains in that party, plus 2 items for the hostess. Thats 10 orders. 10 orders per party and 9000 parties a week. Thats A TON of orders going in weekly.
    They pay us early, They update when there are issues, They train. Overall its pretty fun!
    But i will also say Most training is done on FB and not all consultants are in that group or on FB and so we dont all learn at the same time. So a Big thing is many many consultants didnt hear the 10 week wait time and continued to say 4-6. BUT ive learned everything needs to be in writing. If its not it never happened So i highly recommend to screen shot conversations so you can use them in the future so those consultants can be better trained.

    Anyways that was a long review hahaha. Yes phones were crappy but they have hired more ppl JUST to answer phones and emails. so its been a huge change! I highly recommend people give them another shot now that things have changed. Find another consultant if needed. One you click with, one that is fun and takes the time to greet everyone, answer everyones questions! Is not all about sell sell sell. I LOVE bonding with my guests. We talk about tattoos, kids, jobs, food, pets and more. Nothing is off limits (except politics!) hahaha. So you just gotta mesh with the consultant. Same with joining. You NEED to like your upline! make sure they are solid in the company(so they dont quit like mine did 🙁
    Im more then happy to talk with anyone who has questions, concerns or even had an issue. I can help you get the issue addressed! So your welcome to contact me anytime if needed.
    Have a great night all!

    • Lucia, thank you so much for your review about Vantel Pearls. I can see that you are passionate about your business, and my hat’s off to you! Stick with your business and I’m sure you will grow and become really successful. One thing’s for certain, I know Vantel Pearls is not going anywhere. lol It’s been around for over 30 years!

      I’m a little disappointed that they’ve been in business for so long and weren’t prepared for the sudden increase in production as you mentioned. I would think that as a business they must be prepared to grow and also in the event it does happen suddenly be prepared to make the immediate necessary changes to keep up with the performance such as with shipping times and recruitment. I’m glad things are taking a turn for sure. I believe you.

      I know Ms. Cabral, or Joan is really passionate about her Pearl business. She seems as though she did not get into it for the money but because of her passion for it. I could totally imagine the excitement that you go through while opening oysters and having your girl time at parties.

      About the recruitment times, I saw on Facebook that for the past couple of months or so, Leaders were able to recruit only 2 people each. I’ve also noticed a couple Consultants saying the same information as you, that they will lift the freeze in March. I hope they’re ready for this burst of business, and it does not put shipping times through the roof again.

      It sounds like you are doing good, keep up the momentum! I hope that things take a turn for the good for the team, and the customers. If you’re interested in marketing your website, it won’t be a bad idea to check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a program I’ve used for over a year now and it has showed me a wealth of information about utilizing the internet for your business. Plus there’s no charge at the moment for the Starter Membership.

      In this day in age, there are over 3.5 billion people online, and over $1 trillion dollars in sales. As you have noticed, a couple of reps for Vantel Pearls are reaching high numbers using Facebook Live. You can learn how to market your website, and put yourself on the first pages of the search engines. Plus utilizing PPC for Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and Bing. If you have any questions, let me know!

  2. I am honestly surprised that these kinds of opportunities are still around and that people are still getting into them! I guess it depends on how much you like ‘pretty things’ and I can see how anyone who is really into pearls would be interested in this. However, I think affiliate marketing for jewlery would be straight away more lucrative than getting into an mlm. Especially seeing you can get started for free!

    • Liz, you took the words right out of my mouth. I’ve said the same thing before. Although Vantel Pearls offers a good opportunity (I’ve seen some people on Facebook very successful with their online pearl parties), I would very much prefer to do my own thing. Be an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. You can find your own jewelry online and leverage affiliate programs. This way you can build a business catering to your own needs. No need to worry about inventory, or recruiting.

      Affiliate marketing is definitely my #1 recommendation. Either way, you can make money. It’s just that through affiliate marketing you have more freedom to do what you want. You can choose any jewelry you want, plus you don’t have to worry about team management. I would be like you and choose affiliate marketing. Wait a minute, I already did!

      See you around Liz,


  3. This is absolutely crazy. I swear, there’s an MLM for everything. PEARLS, though? Wow. And people actually buy them, and wait for the products for months. I don’t understand how a company with those practices could be successful. I guess when we remember that pearls are basically oyster poop…it makes a little big more sense 🙂

    • Penelope, thank you for the humor. Yes, many people love the pearls and are fascinated with pearl parties. What’s most intriguing to many is that you never know what color or size pearl you’re going to get when you open the oyster. It’s quite interesting when you learn how pearls are created. I myself think the process is quite fascinating.

      The best way to learn if you can do this business is by hosting your own pearl reveal party and observing. If you enjoy yourself, and like what the distributor is doing then it could be a lucrative business for you.

      I actually found personal pearl opening kits online for like half the price, so if you wanted to start your own affiliate business, it could work better for you. The kits were sold on Amazon. What’s great about being an affiliate at Amazon is that you don’t only get paid for the pearl kit purchase but if they purchase anything else you’ll also get commission on it. You can learn how to this here.

  4. Hello my name is Angela and I order from this c
    onsultant on Facebook in March 14, 2018 and I s
    till have not received my order she keeps telling
    me she calls them emails them and she gets no
    response she even has her up line to help her ca
    ll I feel I got ripped off and I don’t know who to c
    omplain to it said I kept my receipts and messag
    es from messenger I am so upset because I still
    see her on live getting more customers if she sa
    id they lost in the mail why can’t they track it do

    • Angela, you have got a big problem on your hands. If you keep on asking your Vantel Pearls consultant and they keep giving you the runaround; as I see it you have two choices:

      1) cancel your order and request a refund.
      2) wait for the shipment.

      Luckily, I have not heard of anyone waiting more than a few (3-4) months on their shipment. I’m sure you picked out some great pearls, but gollee, who likes to wait that long? I could imagine how frustrating that is. Then, to make it worse, the live shows keep streaming and more products getting sold. I hope that these consultants are informing their customers that shipments are a few months out.

      If you do decide to cancel your order, I have seen that they sell similar pearl jewelry on Amazon for less. You should check it out.

      This company will not recruit people for months at a time because they cannot keep up with the demand. I’m surprised they are still having these issues this year. When will the owner make this better? Come on, it cannot be that hard!

      Here is their customer service team contact information if you need it:

      8:30 am – 5:00 pm ET, Monday – Friday, with the exception of major holidays. 855-213-1142

      By mail:
      111 Forbes Blvd | Mansfield, MA 02048

      Or email:

      Hope this helps,


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