What is World Ventures About?

world ventures websiteWorld Ventures Review

Name: World Ventures
Website: www.worldventures.com
Founders: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue
Price: Starting at $99 + fees
Rating: one star review for world ventures (1 / 5)

What is World Ventures About?

World Ventures is a pretty extravagant opportunity, but is it worth it; joining and can you make money from it? We’ll discuss all of these, but let me give you a breif synopsis of what it really is about. World Ventures launched in 2005 provided the world (now in 28 countries) with the opportunity to find more affordable travel experiences. As an independent consutant at World Ventures you can help others utilize the memberships available as well as take advantage of the membership to travel yourself. You don’t need to purchase a membership package right away, yet again, we’ll discuss that further down my review.

Is World Ventures a Scam?

World Ventures is not a scam. It is a business opportunity/ membership travel packages. Now, it is EXPENSIVE! My goodness, the least expensive package is $50 a month plus the initial fee! If you’re just looking for a business opportunity, then you can purchase the membership later when you start making money. If you’re a someone looking for travel deals, it depends if you travel a lot and if it makes financial sense for you. At the end of the day, as a business consultant, you should know, you get out what you put in.

the elevator to success is out of orderThis is no way a get rich quick scheme. If you plan on joining World Ventures plan on working hard for the first few years before you really get into the big leagues. It’s going to take consistent work, constant training, and dedication. Not everybody can be successful with these type of business opportunities. Shoot, you may have learned already, only about 3% of people who join these network marketing companies or mlms (multi level marketing) really become successful.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Awesome travel deals
PRO #2 – Your own personal website
PRO #3 – Opportunity to earn on multiple levels!

The Bad:

CON #1 – membership fees are EXPENSIVE!
CON #2 – Have to worry about direct selling and recruiting.
CON #3 – Did I mention expensive?

Who is World Ventures For?

  • People who love to travel
  • People who can afford it
  • People who want to make money in the travel industry
  • People who want to network with other entrepreneurs and make money off of travel packages.
  • If you want to build an organization for the travel industry.

World Ventures Tools, Training, & Support

trainingWhen you join World Ventures, you purchase the Representative Business System (RBS). It is an online tool which includes a personalized marketing website and a back office. It also includes an online training program with sales and marketing tools to help build your business. This will be the foundation for your business but you can count on most of your training and support coming from your upline and company events. It is an mlm, so it benefits your upline greatly to train and support to the best of the their ability. You can note this in the compensation plan further down this review.

How Much Does it Cost to Join World Ventures?

As a business consultant for the program, it will cost you a $99 initial fee plus $24.99 a month. You must pay your fees to collect your commissions and bonuses. If you do not pay your fees for 4 weeks straight, you lose most, if not all of your commission and bonuses. If you don’t pay for more than 12 weeks then the company holds the right to terminate your contract.

World Ventures Products


DreamTrips Gold $199 initial fee then $49 per month, includes:

  • Access to DreamTrips which is a website with several preplanned vacation trips for you to choose from.
  • Extras such as airport transfers, hosts, excursions, and activities.
  • Access to discounts on airfare.
  • Rewards Program
  • RateShrinker works for you that once you place an order, it searches for competitive pricing.
  • Exclusive travel deals
  • Flight Accident insurance
  • Dining and entertainment discounts
  • DreamTrips Mall gives you the opportunity to shop online at major brands stores and earn rewards.
  • Dreamtrips concierge

membership cardsDreamTips Platinum $299 initial fee then $99 per month, includes all the benefits from DreamTrips Gold plus:

  • Exclusive Platinum Member-only DreamTrips; these trips tend to have more amenities, entertainment, and luxury.
  • Advanced acces and booking
  • Upgraded airport transfer such as limo services and more luxury transportation.
  • Early check-in and late check-out
  • 50% discount on the room upgrade cost for available room types
  • Platinum Perks which include complimentary excursions, activities, green fees, spa discounts, resort credits and more.
  • Emergency evacuation services
  • Apply 20% more DreamTrips Points per Reward DreamTrip; these points you can use toward shopping or other DreamTrips vacations.

How do You Make Money With World Ventures? – Compensation Plan

Weekly Team Bonuses

Every time you make a sale you get a specified amount of sales credits. At the end of the week, they match 3 sales credits from your left leg to 3 on your right and they form “a cycle”, which is a payout of $100. Depending on your rank, each one has its cap. As a Qualified Representative, the cap will be $2,000. The caps go all the up to $25,000 for an International Marketing Director (IMD, highest rank). If you earn more than three cycles in the week, the first 3 cycles are doubled, so you get $200 each (again, that’s for the first 3). The cap applies to this as well.

Monthly Residual Commissions

You are not qualified for monthly residual commissions until you reach the Senior Representative (SR) rank. Like the Weekly Team Bonuses, they operate by cycles in which they take 3 sales credits from each side (right and left legs) and form a cycle. You get paid $10 a cycle, and when you reach Director you get $15 a cycle. Sales credits are accumulated when sales packages are sold, and monthly fees are paid. A certain number of points are given for each package. There is a maximum payout for each rank starting from SR at $500 to IMD for $50,000.

checklist* You must make four personal Customer sales to be eligible for weekly Team Bonuses and Monthly Residual Commission.

* You lose any Monthly Residual Sales Volume if they do not match up to create cycles that month.

* There is a 65% Cap Rule for both Commissions and Bonuses. The company will payout 65% of its revenue towards commissions. For example, if the weekly revenue, company wide, is $1 million dollars, then they will payout $650k to their consultants. If the commissions were totalled out to $700k, they will need to shave off an equal percentage from everybody to get this back to 65%. The company states this is for the welfare and longevity of the business opportunity.

Personal Sales Bonuses

The company rewards you for every 3 new Customer membership product sales within a rolling 28 day period. The bonus is $100. If you earn more than 2 groups of 3 during that period you can earn a higher bonus, such as $150. There is no limit to the amount of Personal Sales Bonuses you can earn.


When you acquire 3 new Customers within a rolling 28 day period, the company awards you with 50 TrainingDollars. If you acquire an additional 3 new Customers, you can get another 50. There is a maximum of 100 TrainingDollars per month that you can earn. These TrainingDollars can be used at any of World Ventures training events called Momentum, United, Boot Camp, Journey, and A View From the Edge (not an exhaustive list).


Every sixth Weekly Bonus cycle is awarded in 100 TravelDollars instead of the $100. This is to assist representative with being able to take advantage of traveling. Either paying for the whole trip or saving money. These are currently awarded weekly.

DreamCar Bonus

When you reach the rank of Regional Marketing Director you get $1000 monthly to assist you with paying for your dream car. When you reach International Marketing Director, the bonus goes up to $1,500 a month.

dream homeDreamHome Bonus

This is quite interesting, the first time I’ve seen this in my 2 years as an Internet Marketer and all of my research! When you reach International Marketing Director, you are eligible for up to $3,000 a month for the purchase or lease of a home.

Lifestyle Bonus

Tier 1 – earn $200 per month if you meet personal sales and Lineage Sales Volume requirements.

Tier 2 – you can earn $300 month

Tier 3 – you can earn from $400 up to $900.

Description of Ranks

Enrolled Representative (ER) – entry level, enrolled but not active. All ranks are eligible for Direct Commissions, and Personal Sales Bonus.

Active Representative (AR) – active but not met the min requirements for advancement.

Qualified Representative (Q) – requires 4 product sales to Customers, opens binary organization. This rank and all higher ranks are now eligible for Weekly Bonuses, TravelDollars, and Lifestyle Bonus.

Senior Representative (SR) – requires 30 Active Customers on both left and right legs (each side) also known as 30/30. This rank and all higher ranks now eligible for Monthly Residual Commissions $10/cycle ($500 max).

Director (DIR) – requires 90 Active Customer on each leg aka 90/90. Lineage requirement needs 140 Active Customers. This rank and all higher ranks now eligible for $15/cycle Monthly Residual Commissions.

Marketing Director (MD) – you should get the idea by now that the rewards get higher and so do the requirements. If you would like to learn more about the ranks, visit this link for more detailed information: compensation plan.

Regional Marketing Director (RMD)

National Marketing Director (NMD)

International Marketing Director (IMD)

My Final Opinion of World Ventures

cash in walletWorld Ventures is a wonderful product. I only wish I can afford it. Not only is the membership plan non-affordable, but who has enough to travel so often to take advantage of these deals. Unless you’re a doctor or a dentist. Maybe one day I could take advantage of it but for now, I’ll need to keep growing my business and income. Because of the affordability of this product, I could not sell it either. What do I look like selling a product that I cannot afford myself?

The compensation plan can be quite lucrative but you cannot go into this with the wrong frame of mind. There is no such thing as overnight success. You have to work for what you want. Laziness will get lazy results. It’s like someone once told me, you can’t put $20 into the bank and then try to withdrawal $50!

The most important factor at this time will be your passion. Can you be passionate about this product and selling the product? Personally, I cannot, so I take advantage of affiliate marketing. Which allows me to sell any product I want. Literally I can choose from millions of products online! They teach you how to do this on my #1 recommended product for making money. If you would like to learn how to work online and create the time and financial freedom, start here by reading my blog.

World Venture at a Glance…

Name: World Ventures
Website: www.worldventures.com
Founders: Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue
Price: Starting at $99
Rating: one star review for world ventures (1 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with World Ventures? If so, I would love to hear about it and if you could share about its products and services, it would truly help others. As always, I appreciate your feedback! 🙂

Let us know in the comments below!

Membership Brochure
Application for World Ventures

8 thoughts on “What is World Ventures About?”

  1. Hey there,
    When you join an MLM company like World Ventures, is the recruiting aspect done by going door to door and trying to get people to buy/join, or can this be done solely online? Like having a website and selling/recruiting through there?
    I’ve been thinking about joining, but Im not sure how exactly the recruiting is done.

    • Rayder, you pose an excellent question. Would you be able to sell or recruit people online? They have some products out there such as Power Lead System (PLS), which you can join and use their assistance to accomplish this. It would be much better to learn how to do those things online. Again, PLS is lead generator training product to assist with this. The top distributors in any mlm are leveraging the internet to do this. 

      Think about how hard it would be sell to people and recruit people online. You only have so much access to people in your community. Leveraging the internet to reach people online, you have access to billions. It truly is a no-brainer. Outside of mlm, if you would like to try your hand at affiliate marketing. This is choosing any product online, creating an affiliate relationship, and building your own website to promote them. That is a win all the way around. There is no direct selling, no recruiting, and you’re not tied down to any product(s). 

  2. Awesome breakdown on world ventures!

    I have been involved with a few direct selling companies but have yet to really find one that fits the particular travel niche, so thanks again for that deep analysis 🙂

    $50 does seem like a lot but the value looks pretty good so I will have to ponder on the benefits some more.

    Thanks again for the review


    • Mike, I know what you mean. I’ve done reviews on Paycation Travel, Coastal Travel, and now World Ventures. It seems like a very attractive mlm product. Along with the compensation plan, it could be a good business to pursue. I find the travel industry real interesting and I like the idea of travelling on a discount. The downside would be that I feel even though you’re saving, you’re spending more money. Needless to say there’s much more value in the spending. 

  3. The initiation start up becomes points that you can use on trips that you can use trips on. And the monthly fee
    becomes points after they mature in one year. So if you like to travel its well worth the cost I think of it as a
    savings plan for my travel. Check out at http://www.wvpresentation.com if your not in contact me

    • Bernice, sounds like a good point. It is a good thing that the initiation fee and monthly fees convert into travel credits. I guess what I was talking about was, I don’t have money to travel like that. Like the link you provided, I watched it, and the guy speaks about traveling once a month. That sounds so hard to do.

      I mean, I’ve got to work and I just don’t see where I have time to take off. My old job used to give me like a week vacation, but that is only once a year. Paying $50 a month to travel once a year? I don’t think it’s worth it. Now I work as an Uber driver, which I have much more flexibility. But still, I have to work, and cannot take many days off. I pretty much just take the weekends off.

      I think many people may have the same problems I’m facing, and would be interested in knowing if you have a solution for that. I focus on internet marketing. Which one day, will provide me with the freedom to travel. Like I mentioned in my blog, this may be something I am interested then and later on.

    • Hello Miriam, my apologies for the late response. I did not receive a notification that you left a response. My best guess would be that you would need to log into your back office to check your status and points. I am sure they have a link that you can find out how to use them as well. While in your back office, check to see who your sponsor is, or the person that you are under, so that you can ask them all the questions you need to succeed.

      As you know, you have joined an mlm, and it is in his or her best interest to help you to the best of their capabilities, as your success will benefit them very much financially. Let me know how it goes.



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