What is Young Living Essential Oils?

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Name:Young Living Essential Oils
Website: www.youngliving.com
Price: Starting at $160
Owners: Gary and Mary Young
Rating: what is young living essential oils about a scamwhat is young living essential oils about a scamwhat is young living essential oils about a scamwhat is young living essential oils about a scamwhat is young living essential oils about a scam (2 / 5)

What is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living has been around for about 20 years. Surprisingly this is the first time I’ve heard about them. I am truly blown away at the infrastructure of this business. I think the products are interesting and of good quality. I was still only able to give it a 2 out of 5 stars because it is a multi level marketing business and for a couple of other reasons. Keep reading to learn what Young Living is all about and find out why it is not a scam but not recommended.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Multitude of products.
PRO #2 – the ability to earn on multiple levels
PRO #3 – Promoting healthy and nutritional products.

The Bad:

young living essential oils products
Must purchase the Start-Up Kit to get started. $160

CON #1 – Costs $160 to start your business.
CON #2 – No real training in place.
CON #3 – No website to sell your products

Who is Young Living Essential Oils For?

Anyone who would like to use the products and build a business out of it.

Young Living Essential Oils Tools & Training

Tools are not free, you must purchase them. You can purchase order forms, catalogs, and things like that to promote your business.

There is no real training in place but you can get training from your sponsor (the person who helped you sign up). Periodically, they have conventions, seminars, and newsletters that go out that will keep you informed on the business. Teaching you things about different products and help with selling and staying motivated.

Young Living Essential Oils Support

You can reach support on their website via email, or you can phone or write. You main line of support will be your sponsor (the person that helped you sign up).

There are events that take place for informational and recognition purposes and you are also encouraged to gather with local members to help each other grow your businesses.

Young Living Essentials Oils Price + Products

Several different Starter Packs to choose from but the least expensive one is $160.

more young living productsThere are hundreds of products with a concentration in essential oils. These oils can be inhaled, or rubbed on and they are for several different purposes. Such as relaxation, stress reducing, sleep, energy, and many more. Many different nutritional products to promote healthy living, anti-aging, and energy. They also have many different cleaning products and even healthy products for your kids and pets.

What’s great about Young Living’s products is that all their products are manufactured with natural ingredients from farms all over the world. They are very strict with their quality and specifications and they take their product manufacturing and shipping very seriously. They throw away hundreds of batches of oils due to batches not meeting specifications. Whether it would be from their partner farms or their own warehouses. I can really appreciate that in a company.

How Do You Make Money With Young Living Essential Oils?

As soon as you become a member you receive a 24% discount on all products. This allows you to earn a profit when you sell products at retail.

In a multi level business like itself you want to recruit as many people as you can and train them to become successful within the company. You will earn commissions on 1st generation recruits (your own personal recruits), and up to 8 generations. As you move up in ranks you become eligible to earn more commissions on the 8 generations. The starting rank is Distributor and the highest rank is Royal Crown Diamond. You may also qualify for many bonuses as you move up through your ranks. (Percentages earned on down-line range from 8% from your first generation down to 4% on the fifth and 1% on the eight)

My Final Opinion of Young Living Essential Oils

Now you know just about everything about Young Living Essential Oils. I would encourage you to visit their website to learn more about all their different products, history and business. If you decide to join Young Living I would recommend that you try their products before you start up a business with them. They are not a scam but it is not easy to make it to the top. You will surely need to become very knowledgeable about their products and company so that you can relay that information to your customers.

I do not recommend Young Living because personally I’m not a fan of the products. However, I really like the natural pet products they have, like the shampoo and treats. In my experience, you need to be passionate about a product in order to sell it. The reason why I say to try the oils first is if you like it then it may be a good business for you. There surely is room to grow within their business structure.

I want to take this opportunity to recommend my highest ranked product to you. If you are interested in making money and creating a business online you will surely love it. WA is my highest ranked product because they provide all the training and all the tools you need to be successful in an online business. Also, there is no charge to get started, not even a credit card required to sign up. My kind of opportunity!

Do you have a personal experience with Young Living Essential Oils? If so, I would love to hear about your experience with the products/service. As always I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others! 🙂


Owner, howtoworkonline.org

Updated Information: I just learned that if you reach Diamond Rank, Young Living will begin to reward you with .5% shares in the whole company’s earned commission. If you reach higher then Diamond then you can earn a little more shares.

4 thoughts on “What is Young Living Essential Oils?”

  1. Well the no real training in place combined with the lack of website and high costs to start lead me to believe this is a full on MLM opportunity. Would I be right in thinkning this? It’s a shame really that so many of these still exist – they are set up well to trap newcommers to the online earning world – they seem to work every time!

    • You know Chris, you are right to say it is expensive to get started, and that many people are blinded by the hype of making money as well as the multi levels that you can earn to see that it is very difficult to earn with this opportunity. However, they offer a pretty good product, so if you are passionate about essential oils, then it may be a business that is worthwhile.

      Keep in mind, any business you build will take time to build. The most important thing is that you have the drive and put in the effort. With hard work and determination you can be successful in just about any business.

      Also, if you’re going to join an mlm company be sure that they’ve been around for a very long time. I’ve heard of too many stories of mlm companies closing down. Then everyone loses. I prefer to build a business that I’m more in control over, such as affiliate marketing. Check out Wealthy Affiliate.

      Take care of yourself Chris!

      Jonathan Matos

  2. Like you I have never heard of them either. The big thing I find is MLM’s have a tendency to build groups where you’ll have local members to form a community that can train and keep people motived as direct sales and trying to recruit people all the time is not easy.

    Having no website will also make it extremely hard. For myself and I believe many other people, I want to be able to take advantage of working online so I can pick and choose when and where I want to work.

    Your recommended opportunity is a much better fit for what I want and most likely many others.

    • Travis thanks for reading my review. I was surprised to learn about Young Living too. I heard of essential oils before but to find an mlm company that is promoting the products was interesting. As you said, direct sales are extremely difficult. Internet marketing is much easier. Plus you can choose any product you would like to promote. Not only that, but work at your own pace, and in the comfort of your own home.

      I would agree with you that millions of people are seeking to work online and from home these present years. Wealthy Affiliate is providing the opportunity to learn and practice a business that has been around for many years and will be for many more. The internet is growing at a rapid pace. Everyone should start getting their piece of the pie! 🙂

      Jonathan Matos


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