what is zoombucks a scam

What is ZoomBucks About? How Much Can You Get Paid?

what is zoombucks a scamName: ZoomBucks

Website: Zoombucks.com

Price: Free

Rating: what is opinion outpost about legit scamwhat is opinion outpost about legit scamwhat is opinion outpost about legit scamwhat is opinion outpost about legit scamwhat is opinion outpost about legit scam (1 / 5)


ZoomBucks was actually out a few years ago, but for some unknown reason it disappeared. They claim to be back and better than ever. Are you thinking about making money with ZoomBucks, and need to make sure it is not a scam? Rest assured, it is not. 

ZoomBucks is just another online survey website. Have you checked out MyPoints, iPoll, or Opinion Outpost? They are another drop in the bucket. If you enjoy spending your time filling out surveys and watching videos, then you might enjoy it. 



  • Free to Join
  • 100s of payment options (giftcards or paypal)
  • fun looking website
  • Track the success of your peers


  • spend hours of your time for very little money
  • have to wait for rewards, it is not instant
  • Boring

Who is it For?

ZoomBucks is for anyone who might bored and want to make some extra money online. Zoombucks has a pretty nice looking website, and you can legitimately earn some money. It just takes so much time and work! 

A lot of people spend their time playing games online, whether on their phone or laptop. They like interesting games like Candy Crush. Looks fun, but I heard it can be pretty addicting! Anyways, similar to that, you can spend time on ZoomBucks’ platform to earn money. It is a little different though, because you are not actually playing a game. 

Tools, Training, & Support

There are not really any tools you need to work with ZoomBucks beside your phone or laptop. No training is needed, because they do a pretty good job explaining what is needed or expected of you. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you can click on the Help button to search through other FAQs (frequently asked questions). If you cannot find the answer, then you can always submit a ticket. This is not the preferred action though, because it can take 24-48 for someone to get back to you. 

How Do You Earn Money?

what is zoombucks a scamThere are a few ways to make money with ZoomBucks. You can fill out surveys, watch ads or videos, perform offers, and refer others to the platform. 

Your objective will be to earn as many points as you can. Once you make enough points, then you can cash in for one of hundreds of giftcards available, or can turn them into cash and sent to your paypal account. 

Giftcards are available for as little as 5000 points, which is needed for a $5 giftcard. All the way up to 50,000 points which is needed for a $50 giftcard. You can cash out on Paypal with a minimum of 3000 points, which is equaled to $3.

Filling out surveys– are the worst! 

First you will go through a qualification process. Understand the method behind the madness: Companies pay money for completed surveys, to help with their marketing campaigns, to boost their business. However, they need certain people to take the surveys. For example, a retirement company does not need the opinions of a college student. Therefore, in that scenario, they would only request surveys from someone aged 65 or over. This sifting process, if you will, will apply to different things like ethnic groups, age, gender, education level, if you have kids or not, and what ages, income level, homeownership, occupation, etc. 

The survey will take you a long time to do. Usually, they are something like 20 minutes long, for which you will only earn around 350 points. How much are points? Well, you need 1000 points to equal $1. 

Do the math: 20 minutes per survey = 350 points

60 minutes of survey taking = 1050 points

1000 points = $1

This example is an estimated amount. Amounts may vary, but you can count on this equation 99% of the time. I will never forget the time I filled out 5 hours worth of surveys to cash out on a $5 Amazon gift card. Never again! 

Watching Videos – hmm, no thank you! 

They will offer a series and variety of videos for you to watch and earn points. The videos are the most boring videos you could ever watch. They are not relevant to your life whatsoever. 

Nothing like watching ads on YouTube. A lot of times, YouTube uses an algorithm along with your previous search history to tie ads to your channel for you to view. Not ZoomBucks! 

Let’s face it, companies pay money to show their ads. ZoomBucks wants a piece of the pie, so they will give you a fraction of what they earn to make money themselves. The more people they send to them and views they get on those ads, the more the company will pay them. 

what is zoombucks a scamThe last time I checked people were earning something like 7 points per three ads. Should we try the math? Keep in mind, each video is like 1 minute long. 

3 minutes of video watching = 7 points

1000 points = $1

1000/7 = 143 (estimated)

143 x 3 = 429 minutes

429/60 = 7 hours (estimated)

7 hours of video watching = $1

No thank you! 

The math may seem a little confusing, but it roughly breaks down to: you need to watch 7 hours of video ads to earn $1. That is ridiculous! Anytime I try and sit down to watch the videos, I want to pull my hair out!

Doing Offers: 

what is zoombucks a scamSo you can earn money downloading apps to your phone and subscribing to different websites. First of all, I do not like subscribing to any website. What, so they can blow up my inbox with countless emails? No thanks. You have to earn my email address. Some people just create an email account for this purpose. That might be the wise thing to do, if you plan on trying this out. 

Second, many times when downloading apps to your phone, they ask for personal information, or ask for you to allow them to have access to different features of your phone such as messaging, contacts, or camera. No thank you! I would not trust just anyone to have access to my things. I just do not feel comfortable. It depends how much I need the app, if I want to grant them permissions.


Earn up to 250 points per person you can refer. They have to reach 1000 points in order for you to receive your points. This might be the easiest way to earn points. There is no work involved except getting people to sign up. You would be surprised to learn how many people will reach up to 1000 points. Shoot, that is only 1 hour of filling out surveys. 

It may take them up to a week, depending on how much time they have on their hands. So many people out there are very eager to earn money online. Even their first $1, is an accomplishment. I remember when I made my first $1 online. I was through the roof! You can read about it here: My first $1 online

My Final Opinion

As I mentioned in my introduction, ZoomBucks is not for me. I just do not have the time to spend on it. I know a lot of people online want to make money, and they just want to learn how. Also, it is somewhat of a rush when you can earn some money online. I think it’s the fact that you don’t have to leave the house, and you can be in the comfort of your own home. 

Or you can take it on the go with you. You know, like do it on the way to work, if you catch a bus, train, or rideshare. There is a much better way you can spend your time on the internet, to make some money. Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing, you earn commissions when you help others generate sales. You can get a free website and learn how to do this at Wealthy Affiliate. They will train you how to build it and monetize it. You can try it for free! 

ZoomBucks at a Glance…

Name: ZoomBucks

Website: www.ZoomBucks.com

Price: Free

Rating: what is zoombucks about a scamwhat is zoombucks about a scamwhat is zoombucks about a scamwhat is zoombucks about a scamwhat is zoombucks about a scam (1 / 5)

VERDICT: LEGIT but not recommended

If you have had a personal experience with ZoomBucks products or service, or just have something to say about it, 

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

I really appreciate your feedback. 

Thank you, 


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