What To Do When You Hate Your Job

what to do when you hate your job

Are you tired of being micro-managed? I believe we all deserve to be our own manager. We are all responsible, and we should be able supervise ourselves. If the boss at the job would lighten up a little then maybe we would be happy to do our work right? This is why I recommend starting your own online business.

You get to Make your own schedule

No more working the hours that you don’t want. You will be able to provide yourself with the perfect schedule that suits your life. With a little time management and hard work you will grow into a successful business.

 make your own Quotas

How many times have you heard, “how are your quotas this quarter, or have you met your goals for the month?” I think we all know what we need to be doing to hit our goals, we do not need to be constantly reminded. We know that we need to work hard to succeed, that’s with anything in life.

Being in control of your own quotas is one of the biggest benefits mentally in owning your own business. We all know that if we are on the right path, our consistent hard work should allow us to reach the heights we always dreamed of.

Manager Smanager!

It’s really difficult when you have a manager that is consistently riding you to get things done. I think this actually has an adverse effect.  Even more, if you were doing something you were passionate about, you wouldn’t need anyone to keep reminding you of what needs to be done.

How great would it feel to aim for your own business goals? I’m curious, how high would you aim? I invite you to go to the bottom of the page and write in the comments how much money you would be ecstatic making a month. Is $1,000, $10,000, or $100,000? It’s all very possible in online business.

Feel Secure in your Job

Job security is huge these days. We want to secure a job that won’t lay us off and won’t fire us because we didn’t meet their criteria of the perfect associate. Having your own online business will give you that freedom. Fun fact: there are 3.2 billion people online these days. How’s that for a business location? You will have the best storefront in the world!

what about Retirement?

So many people stay at their job to secure their retirement. I won’t lie, that 401k match program some companies have, that’s hard to beat. Having your own business will not prevent you from building a retirement though. There are many banks across the world that have retirement accounts. With enough training, which is provided at Wealthy Affiliate, you can reach your financial goals and be able to save.

Managing your expenses

It’s all about managing your expenses. Some people think because you earn more you have to spend more. In my opinion, we should all save about 20% of our income to secure a comfortable retirement for ourselves.

How much do you think you need to save to be comfortable during retirement? Well do the math, how much are you currently comfortable making a month now? Now multiply that by 12 to get your yearly salary and then multiply that by let’s say 25 years of retirement. What did you come up with? Provide your answers in the comment section below along with your monthly income goals.


How many of us can think of better things to do on the weekends, besides work? How nice would it be to have the freedom of deciding whether or not you want to go to work on the weekend? Personally, here’s a couple of the only reasons I would work on the weekend:

what to do when you hate your job1) To catch up on work, or

2) Nothing to do and I can be more productive at work.

No Obligations

With your own online business you are never obligated to work when you don’t want to. Holidays, weekends, certain weekdays, you name it. How much more pleasurable would it be when your family and friends plan a weekend trip and you can be there. Not to mention, with an online business you can take your business anywhere with you. It’s mobile!

You are the most important!

Who would be the most important person in the world to work for? Working for ourselves, I’m sure we can both agree, there are no limits that we could set on our income goals? Take a minute to think about that. There is no telling what mountaintop you can climg!

be less mad at  customers

It’s Friday afternoon, and a customer walks into your place of work. What are your thought? How about, “Now what does this guy want? Let me find out so I can get him out of here, and get on with my weekend.” The situation there is, that’s because it’s not really your business. Trust me, you would welcome your customers to your business like family at a gathering at your house on any given day.

 need a raise?

what to do when you hate your jobIf I told you the harder you work and the more you apply yourself the more you can earn. Would that be enough to motivate you? The best I can do right now is point you in the right direction. Would you like to receive all the tools and education you need to succeed?

Please visit my full review on Wealthy Affiliate for more information on receiving the resources you’ll need to start your new online business.

Thank you and I wish you much success in your future!

Your friend,


what to do when you hate your job




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10 thoughts on “What To Do When You Hate Your Job”

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    I enjoyed you post, it touches on the basis of what I desire in life. I have worked from home for many years (which yes, I have been very spoiled with) but I still worked for an employer and had to punch in and out of a time clock and follow their schedule and had limited pay. Your post inspires to live life by your own rules. I also followed your link for your Wealthy Affiliate review, which also hit the nail on the head, very well written. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to help make the dreams as you mentioned in your post come true. Good luck!


    • Laurie, thank you for your confirmation. I’m happy to hear that you’ve been working from home for so many years. I too had a work from home job which I had to punch in and out everyday. I did not like it. It was nice at first because it was something different, but then it turned out to be just like any other regular job.

      I actually would prefer to work the other jobs I had where I had to commute too. I was devastated at my work from home job; my day would go by so slow. Trying to complete 8 hours of work a day was impossible. They had a tracker to know if you were on the clock or not. So if you stepped away from your desk you had to clock out. Or else, you would get fired. This would drag out my day tremendously. Sometimes I would start my day at 830 in the morning and finish at 830 at night because of that.

      If anyone is still working I would recommend they start their online business and do it part time for now. Build your way up, but just don’t do anything because you’ll be stuck in the rat race for the rest of your life. If there is a way you can manage without working; then work your online business full time for faster results. It is definitely a process though. I don’t know anyone who starts up a business and right away makes a full time income.

      Good luck to you


  2. This is some really good advice for those of us that really don’t like our day jobs! I have really not been a fan of working for anyone for quite a few years now and I really think that the best solution is to break free from the normal day to day business and the rat race. I think that building a business for myself is a good way forward, its a risk but then so is everything in life.

    • Andrew I agree with you. It is a risk just like everything else in life. I consider it to be the best decision anyone could ever make. I have met a lot of retired people in my life working at a bank. The ones that owned their own business were always more successful and seemed to be happier than those who worked for 20-30 years at an employer. The ones that had their own business always had a lot more money too!

      It takes courage to start your own business. Then strength, endurance, dedication, and commitment to make it succeed. I do believe that you can achieve anything in this world that you set your mind too. Nothing is impossible!

      Failure is success. The most successful people in the world have confirmed their success did not come from luck. It came from failing so many times until they succeeded. Michael Jordan is a prime example. He failed so many times during his career, but they all led to his success. Thanks for your comment Andrew.

  3. You are absolutely right that we all deserve to be our own managers. Working for yourself from home has many advantages as you say. You can decide when you are going to work, what you are going to do, and how you are going to do it. However, this has a flip side. The fact that you don’t have a boss telling you what to do, this is the exact reason why you need to have a lot of self-discipline. Otherwise, the temptation can be to just sit back and watch YouTube videos. This is something that I am always struggling with. Do you know what I mean?

    • Hey Marcus! I know exactly what you mean. What helps me the most is maintaining the end result at the forefront of my mind. I think that may help you too. It’s is extremely easy to get sidetracked. I also commit to a schedule working from home. For example, my schedule is 7 am to 3 pm monday through friday.

      If you can’t commit to those hours, just pick your own, but this should help too. I very often go past 3 pm because I get carried away with my work. Such as blogging, marketing, or training. I think you will find, like me, I actually have more fun being productive in my business than the entertainment online.

      I totally know where you’re coming from though. I struggle sometimes with it, but like I said implementing those things have helped me a lot. Hope everything works for you in your business and I wish you much success. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Starting your own online business has its perks, but that’s not to say that it’s easy to do. It takes hard work to build, it’s no “get-rich-quick” strategy. But if you work hard, eventually you may be able to ditch the “day job” and pursue your business full time.

    There’s a lot of freedom involved in running your own business/being your own boss. Being able to manage yourself takes a good amount of discipline. Have you seen many people struggle with this sort of thing?

    • Hi Matt, yes I have heard people struggle with these things. As a matter of fact a lot of people struggle with managing themselves whether if working at home or at a place of business. I think a lot has to do with, like you said, self discipline. It’s very easy to get distracted! There comes a time when you have to be firm with your schedule and let people know you are busy. Speaking of schedule it’s best to break up your day with your hardest tasks first and then follow them through to the end.

      I try to fit as much as I can in a days work. Setting up a schedule with an agenda has helped me be most productive. I think people will dedicate a lot of time and commitment to their own businesses. The hard part is enduring the time it takes to succeed. It may take a long while, but most people quit before they are able to reach that point. We have got to set our mind to something and stick with it until it becomes successful.

      Thanks for commenting


  5. Hello Jonathan,

    I always hated the idea of a 9 -5 job. I had 3 jobs in my life, while being a student, but in none of them I could stay more than a week. If I don’t like something, I just don’t do it, you know… so then I gave up looking for jobs and focused only on my Master degree.

    Then I had a subject at school called e-business which made me want to learn more about the subject. I begin to search online for training that can teach me how to get started and then I found Wealthy Affiliate – the best thing that ever happened to me.

    I was able to start an online business while being a student. I will soon graduated and I am happy to affirm that I already make enough money online so I don’t have to look for a job once I finish school.

    And I’ve been doing all this part time for almost a year. I highly recommend WA to anyone that it’s looking to start an online business and be able to quit their stressful 9 – 5 job.

    Yes, it does takes work and dedication, but it will all pay off later. We just need to be patient.



    • Wow Cristina, you’re story is inspiring. This is what myself and other readers need to hear. Life is so unsecure sometimes that affirmation like that goes a long way. I have been focused on my online business for almost 6 months now and I am beginning to see results.

      The problem with the idea of starting an online business is everyone wants to see results overnight and that’s just not going to happen. It takes internet entrepreneurs at least a year to begin seeing the results they’ve been longing for.

      Like you said with a little patience and a lot of hard work you can expect to achieve great things and a great income oline. It all starts with your very own website and training from an honest community like Wealthy Affiliate will assure you’ll be successful. An online business will give you the freedom of time and travel which I think everyone can appreciate.

      Thanks for your wonderful testimony and I wish you much success,



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