Is BlueHost Web Hosting Worth it?

bluehost websiteBlueHost Review

Name: BlueHost
Price: Starting at $2.75 (see terms)
Founders: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
Rating: what is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviews (1 / 5)

What is BlueHost About?

In this review we are going to go over the prices, different products and services, and discuss other customer reviews/complaints about BlueHost. You will be able to make a sound decision about choosing a hosting provider by the end of our review. BlueHost was founded in 2003, and quickly turned into a major hosting provider with over 2 million websites hosted on the web today. BlueHost offers a variety of products included shared, cloud, vps, and dedicated hosting services for which I’ll discuss the difference further down this review.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1 – Cheap options for hosting
PRO #2 – Very known provider
PRO #3 – Many options for upgrading

The Bad:

CON #1 – Possible delays in uptime
CON #2 – 12 month is the shortest commitment contract
CON #3 – Too many customer complaints

BlueHost Products and Prices

Shared Hosting
From $2.75 to $5.45

The $2.75 pricing is for a 3 year commitment. You can get the Basic Shared hosting plan for $4.95, but for a minimum of 12 months.

apartment buildingIf you don’t know what shared hosting is, here’s an analogy. Picture shared hosting to be like a apartment building. Several tenants share the same building (server), which will include the utilities. If someone inside the building has an emergency or breakdown, it may affect the other tenants in the building. As it is with shared hosting.

The lowest price hosts 1 website for you, with 50GB of space, 1 domain name, 5 email accounts, and 100 MB of email storage. Having an email account is beneficial to you with your hosting provider. As you know, you can create an email to reflect the name of your website such as The basic package also includes backups which I think are extremely important. You would hate to lose any content because of some sort of power failure.

Optional Add ons:

SSL Certificates – this encrypts the connection between your server and visitors to keep personal information safe. It’s really good for e-commerce transaction which carries sensitive data.

Domain Privacy – masks your personal information on the domain directory to prevent identity theft, spam, or phishing attacks.

Spam Protection – filter out harmful or unwanted content before it reaches your inbox. You must review the content before approving the message.

I think this it’s nonsense to have these as add-ons. I think they should come automatically with any service.

These plans go up after the introductory rate. Plans then become from $8.99 to $25.99 (minimum of 12 months).

Cloud Hosting
From $6.96 to $15.96

The $6.96 pricing is for the 3 year commitment. You can get a minimum of 12 month’s of the Starter Plan Cloud hosting for $10.95.

rowhomesCloud Hosting is similar to shared hosting but it’s much better and I’ll explain. It’s different because your website information is actually stored on multiple servers, so even though you’re still sharing the servers. If there is some sort of traffic delay because a website is using too much space at given moment or if there is some sort of failure in one server, your website hosting will bounce to the next server over preventing any delays for the end user. Also, because of these resources your website can load faster. For example, the BlueHost Shared site load at 372 ms (advertised), and the Bluehost Cloud sites load at 151 ms (again, as advertised).

The Starter Plan hosts 1 website, up to 100 GB of storage space, 2GB of RAM, 1 domain name, 100 email accounts, with 500 MB of email storage.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers) Hosting
From $19.99 to $59.99

The $19.99 price is for a 3 year commitment. You can get the Standard VPS plan for $29.99 on a monthly basis. The major difference with VPS hosting is it’s support. It is managed 24/7.

I would compare vps hosting to owning a townhome. You have more space, privacy, and ownership, so it is more flexible.

These plans go up after the introductory rate. Plans then become from $29.99/monthly to $119.99/monthly.

Dedicated Hosting
From $79.99 to $149.99

To get the Standard plan Dedicated Hosting at $79.99, you have to sign up for a 3 year commitment, or you can sign up monthly at $149.99.

The Standard Plan includes 500 GB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, 1 domain name, and also 24/7 support. Both VPS and Dedicated hosting offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

single family homeFinally, I like to compare dedicated hosting to owning your own home. As a dedicated customer you get an entire server to yourself. You own the whole server unlike sharing it in Shared Hosting.

These plans go up after the introductory rate. The 36 month plan does not exist after intro but you can go up to 12 months from $124.99 to Premium at $209.99.

Domain Names

They sell domain names for around $11.99 as an introductory rate. The rate does go up after one year. You are set on an automatic renewal unless you cancel. You can obtain a free domain name with the purchase of any package of hosting.

Is BlueHost a Scam? | BlueHost Complaints

I surfed the web for reviews about BlueHost and surprisingly found an overwhelming amount negative reviews about their customer support. Between the hold/wait times and the rudeness/professionalism of the customer support representatives, there are a multitude of customers out there who are dissatisfied with Bluehost and are saying steer clear of this hosting provider. I also found complaints about their up time. A couple reviews from real users stated their website being down, or pages loading slowly.

Read real reviews at

Are you seeking to migrate from one host to the other? Think again. Bluehost charges a migration fee of $149 for moving sites. I do this for free at WA, as do most other hosting providers; they don’t charge a fee for moving your site. It should be a complimentary service! You’re about to be a customer right?

My Final Opinion of BlueHost

lock on contractI look at BlueHost like the Walmart of hosting providers. They’ve got some attractive introductory rates, but that may not be the case when you go to renew. When choosing a hosting provider let me suggest that while you’ll do your due diligence searching for the right hosting provider, choose one that allows for little to no commitment. I think we can both agree that a website that’s down or loading slowly will lose a lot of money? It’s not worth being stuck in one hosting provider unless you’re absolutely sure that you will have little to no problems.

I currently get hosting for free at Wealthy Affiliate, but if I didn’t, I would choose a hosting provider that offered a monthly price. If you’re like me, starting out on a website, and an online business, we’ll most likely only be needing shared, or cloud hosting. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere for 12 months with bad customer service or website loading delays. If I were to go with BlueHost, it would probably be with one of their VPS Hosting plans.

Oh, I almost forgot…

BlueHost does offer a lucrative affiliate program. For every referral you send to BlueHost you’ll receive $65.00. Now this is my cup of tea! I believe I’ve found the best affiliate program on the net, but of course I’d incorporate a good one like this one to the madness. I’m passionate about affiliate marketing! I believe it is the #1 vehicle for financial and time freedom. If you’re not already implementing affiliate marketing into your website, learn how to do so here.

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BlueHost at a Glance…

Name: BlueHost
Price: Starting at $2.75 (see terms)
Founders: Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth
Rating: what is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviewswhat is bluehost about a scam reviews (1 / 5)

Do you have a personal experience with BlueHost? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service.

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “Is BlueHost Web Hosting Worth it?”

  1. I think it was a very informative article about Bluehost. i was thinking about Bluehost, but honestly after reading your article I now think it is not a very good option.
    However, the affiliate program is something I would definitely consider. I mean $65 dollars for a referral. Too good!

    • I agree Tushar. When you’re leveraging affiliate marketing to make money online you might as well take advantage of the affiliate program. Believe it or not, maybe half of the people who visit my review will still go ahead and go with BlueHost, so might as well get a piece of the pie, right? There’s nothing wrong with doing this. If you provided a thorough, well explained, and quality review for your readers, they should not mind to help you get a commission for doing so. Either way they decide to go.

      I may try BlueHost one day, for now I’m enjoying the free hosting that I get at Wealthy Affiliate. I do think they could provide some value though. After all, they could not have gotten that big by not being a good service provider. I should be reviewing more web hosting products soon so that we could all make some wiser decisions.

  2. If people have never made a website before, I understand that the low introductory prices at BlueHost can be appealing.

    But from what you explain, you need a lot of upgrades to get a hosting service that provides the minimum of what you need to run a successful online business or website. It can end up being very expensive and especially do not like the long commitment period of 3 years you need to get a lower price. Will not be a hosting service I will try in the future:-)


    • Mikael, I totally respect your opinion. I would go with a shorter term as well. Even though it may take your business 3 years to grow into the need to upgrade your hosting. As I mentioned in the post, starting out on your online business, shared hosting should be fine. When you get big like Patt Flynn, then you may want to upgrade to your own server. Different needs will arise, and BlueHost may not be a bad choice. Personally, I get free hosting at Wealthy Affiliate.


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