At Home Business Ideas

at home business ideas

More and more americans are looking to start at home businesses more than ever in the US. It is easy to fall into a multi level marketing business, which I highly DO NOT recommend! People just want out of the rat race, want something low cost, or just want a hobby to create supplemental income. Allow me to introduce you to Internet Marketing. Below are my Top 5 Reasons internet marketing would be ideal for your situation.

1) Looking for a Great Idea?

Internet marketing allows you to create a business in whatever it is you’re passionate about. On top of that there are so many ways to monetize your website. Learning how to build a website is easier than ever; everything is at home business ideasall plug and play these days!

If you’re interested in baby clothes, your website can be about baby clothes. If you’re interested in wooden furniture, it can be about that. Another example is a specific baseball team, you can make it about that. Really you can make a website about anything you want and earn money from it.

2) Something Low Cost

You can start your internet business with no costs at all. After a short while you may want to put a little money into it. After all, it is your business! However, to get it off the ground you can do it for no money at home business ideasdown. Building a website is free, and you can get everything else with it for free too. Affiliate programs are free to join so that your can monetize you site.

Affiliate programs are companies that are willing to give you a commission for selling their products on your website. That means you don’t even need an inventory! Amazon is one of the largest affiliate programs on the internet.

3) Getting Out of the Rat Race

It’s no fun working for someone else. The only people getting rich are the CEOs of the company. Starting your own business in internet marketing will free you from the rat race. Yeah, it takes some time, but that’s ok. No business succeeds overnight! Any business claiming you it does, this is a at home business ideaslie! That’s what I meant earlier about staying away from mlm’s.

100 % of the time that I have invested time and money into a business that promised me success over a very short period of time; it was a lie!
That’s common sense though folks. Let’s be real, and use our own common sense. In order to get wealthy we’re going to need to work really hard. The more you put in the more you get out!

4) Need a Hobby

Internet marketing is also good for creating a supplemental income. If you need a hobby to do in your spare time. What better hobby than one that will earn you money. As I said previously, it may take you a little time, but at home business ideassure enough with a strong foundation you will create a strong business.

As I mentioned before, you can pick what ever you are passionate about. So therefore, it will be a hobby for you. There’s nothing better than doing work that you like. Your work being your hobby is the best of both worlds. It won’t even feel like work when you enjoy what you’re doing.

5) Try Something New!

If you’ve never tried internet marketing before it will be something new at home business ideasfor you! Would you like training on how to accomplish this? Do you think you would like to get started with a free website, hosting, and a domain name? How about a whole community of people supporting you along the way?

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate!

What kind of home business ideas have you been thinking about? Share them in the comment section below. I would love to know. If you have any questions, or if there’s any way I can help you please ask.

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4 thoughts on “At Home Business Ideas”

  1. Hi Jonathan

    First of all I can attest to what you mentioned in your great article about being a past victim yourself as you got involved with fraud companies that promised they could make you rich quickly. So can I Jonathan as I lost thousands of dollars foolishly myself in the past; believing in the lies told by these scam companies.

    The very ideals that you mentioned in your article about the ease and as well as low start-up cost to start a niche online business today, as well as a person being able to work for him/herself and out of the rat race has been something available now on the Internet that of course could not be done 15 – 20 years ago.

    Glad to see that you promoted Wealthy Affiliate as being the best program on the Internet that would teach even the complete newbie all that would be needed in order for him/her to start an online business. And as you stated it could initially be done for free!

    Great job Jonathan with your article and I also wish you much success in your business at Wealthy Affiliate!



    • Hi Jeff, thank you much for all of your kind words. I’m sorry to hear that you lost thousands of dollars through online scams. It is a terrible plague that is going on these days. I for one am very passionate that others do not get scammed seeking online work opportunities. That is in part what my website is about.

      I have heard of people losing thousands of dollars on online programs. It is terrible! I would recommend anyone to read my guide to making money online to truly understand what making money online looks like. We cannot believe the hype that these scamming companies are promoting.

      I’m glad you affirmed the great training provided at WA. It is truly something out of the ordinary. I’ve never received such great training anywhere and their educational program is like none other. If anyone is seriously seeking to make a passive income on the internet, they will show you how.

  2. Hey Jonathan, this is great, I’m getting quite burned out after 30 years in the construction industry and have been thinking about finding a way to make money from my computer at home.
    One of my hobbies is working with computers, building them and so forth. And I love helping people with theirs. Do you think this would be something I could do and make money from, helping people build their own and operating them?

    • Hi Kim, nice to meet you, and yes there is a very large market out there for you. Think about it, there are 3.2 billion people online. Can you imagine how many need help with building a computer or operating it? There is so much merchandise and software that you could sell as well. With affiliate programs they will allow you to sell their products and earn commission on them. Some affiliate programs will pay up to 70% commission. Your online business can be quite lucrative!

      Thanks for sharing your line of work. I know that construction business is a very hard one. I have always admired the hard work construction workers put in. If you put all that energy and labor into your online business, phew there’s no telling how far you can get! I myself went to school for computers and have a passion for them. I enjoy running my online business very much, especially the tech side of it.

      Good luck to you,



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