Work at Home Jobs – No Startup Cost

 “.. it does not cost you a penny to start.”

One of the reasons why it has been difficult for me to start up a business in the past was because it can cost thousands of dollars to start. I finally found a program called Wealthy Affiliate which is changed all of that, and it does not cost you a penny to start. All you really need is a laptop/tablet, you can even use your mobile phone. Yes, the platform is mobile friendly.

Mobile Businesswork at home jobs no start up cost

A great thing about having an online business is that you can go anywhere and work right from your mobile device. If you want to go on vacation, or if you want to go spend some time with family. It’ll give you the freedom of taking your online business along with you anywhere you go. Talk about freedom!

How do you get paid?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you need to know about Affiliate Marketing. This is by far the easiest way that I’ve found to make money online. To be an affiliate for a company is to sell their products and in turn receive a commission from them.

For example, Amazon has one of the largest affiliate programs online. You can sell anyone of their millions of products and they are going to pay you 4-10% commission on every product you sale. Affiliate programs are free to join and some companies pay up to 75% commission on their products!

How do you do it?

You will want to own your own website. Not to worry, Wealthy Affiliate walks you hand in hand to get your website launched. It’s actually only a 4 step push button process. That easy! You will want to fill your website up with content. This can be done over time.

work at home jobs no start up costIt’s what you call a niche website. You choose a niche, which is a specific audience that you want to sell too. For example, let’s say you love Apple products. You’ll make a website about Apple products! You’ll write reviews on all the Apple products and when customers search for a review on the product they want to purchase, which most people do before purchase something, they will find your website.

You will have affiliate links within your site, whether from Amazon or Apple, right on the review so that when they are ready to purchase you can help them do so. If you have written a thorough enough review about the product; customers will make the decision to purchase. Once they do, you get your commission!

Building a website is easy!

work at home jobs no start up costWealthy Affiliate has broken the process down to it’s simplest form.. This is literally a 4 step push button process to launch your website off the ground. We will also walk you through all the steps and proper training to help you achieve long term success with your website.

You will learn a lot! So I hope you are ready to learn how to really make money online, and you are willing to put in the time and work. It’s very important you make a commitment to do so because it is frankly not true what a lot of scam companies say online that you can make up to $1200 your first week. You will get to that point, no doubt about it, within time and hard work.

$0 Membership

When starting WA I recommend starting with the free membership. It gives you an opportunity to explore the different options and explore the website. There are tons of things to see. Expect to learn a lot! Kyle (the owner) is great! He gives the tutorials and training, so be ready to get a great education at WA.

If you would like to join for free and stay a free member for life that’s ok too. Soak up all the information and start your online business! You will be able to start up your business just with the free membership, but you’ll see how much more the premium unleashes for you.

Premium is Unlimited Everything

There are tons more training materials offered. It gives you unlimited live chat and the ability to communicate with all the different members of the community through private messaging. It is going to be an excellent tool for your online business. One of the things you’ll see, which is surprising at first, is everyone at WA is willing to help and give you support.

What’s different about wealthy affiliate

I don’t know where else they offer you free websites and free hosting. That alone if you’ve ever had an online website before, you know costs a lot of money. Not to mention the free training. What do people pay for training these days? I think different  programs can charge up to thousands of dollars for training. You will get your first full course of training at Wealthy Affiliate for no charge.

the incredible Online Community

The online community at WA is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen! I know that you will like it too. There are hundreds of thousands of people and everyone has similar goals. They have different ideas but ultimately we all have one common interest which is our online business. Everyone’s willing to help! It’s amazing how much support you have from this community.

work at home jobs no start up cost


What are you waiting for? Remember it’s a free membership. There is no risk. Right now there is a promotion when you join. A bonus seven day free trial to premium so you can see what kind of perks there are. There’s no credit card required; we will not ask you for any of your bank account information.

Why is it Free?

This is a real 100% free opportunity. Why free? Why would the owners Kyle and Carson offer it for free you may ask? They understand the concept of helping people first an in turn earning their business. Because that’s how business is supposed to be.

“give it a whirl!”

So it’s free, give it a whirl! Let me know your opinion on the inside. I know you will love it. I hope to see you in there. Much hopes for your success and your online business! You can visit my profile at WA and leave a comment.

Have you ever tried an online business for free and it delivered its promise? Please share your experiences in the comment section, and if there’s anyway I can help or any questions please leave your questions below too.

Read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate here.

Your friend,


work at home jobs no start up cost




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6 thoughts on “Work at Home Jobs – No Startup Cost”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    I like your review of Wealthy Affiliate – very thorough and convincing!

    Just like you, I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I totally agree with you on everything you have said in your post here.

    I always believe in affiliate marketing and it is now getting easier to set up an online business. I had no experience in building a website. I was looking for a program like WA and I couldn’t find any better one in the market (a lot of scam out there).

    I like their solid tutorial and their weekly webinar. I learn a lot from there and it definitely helps in my online business! Yes, my site is generate revenue right now.

    What I like the most is the free membership that allows people to sign up for free and take a look around and judge it suits him or her!

    Great review! Keep it up!


    • Alex, thank you for your contribution and your confirmation of the wealth that can be attained at Wealthy Affiliate. I too was just like you looking for a way to make money online. I was so surprised of how many scams there are out there. It is truly unbelievable how people can lie and cheat their way to get others to give them their money. The whole idea of making money overnight had me. I was determined to find the program that was going to take me there. What I found was that’s an untrue realization and anyone who made such claims was scamming people at the same time.

      It’s funny I found Wealthy Affiliate 8 months prior but was dead set to find that make $1200 this week job online. It is a shame! After so many months I came back to WA because I finally realized that if I wanted to make money online I was going to have to learn starting with my abc’s. It’s true you can make money online and make a really good living. You have to learn how to build a website (which is easy to do with WA) and monetize it.

      I too love their weekly webinars, they are very helpful. Not to mention all the training and the tutorials has really made my dreams of owning my own website a reality. I tried to do all this a few years ago but never made it on my own. Thank god for Wealthy Affiliate. I hope to see you around, much success in your online business Alex!

  2. I am looking for ways to work from home while my kids are at school. I have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate before. I like that this is something I can do for free, but I am not sure how I will make money.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate pay people to perform certain jobs? Can you clarify this please.

    I am not very tech savvy so I need something that is relatively simply to do. For example, I have no idea how to make a website.


    • Hi Simone, I’m happy to learn that you’re a stay at home Mom and looking for ways to work from home. A lot of people would like to know what Wealthy Affiliate is about so I’ll tell you. Wealthy Affiliate is all about Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the easiest ways to make money online.

      There are over 80% of companies online that have an affiliate program that pays you commission to promote their products. Amazon for example has one of the largest affiliate programs online. You can promote any one of their millions of products on your website which will convert into sales.

      You basically will be choosing a niche; something that you’re interested in. Let’s just say you love makeup; In particular MAC makeup. So you make a website about MAC Makeup. You write reviews about your favorite makeup and then have a link for people to purchase them at the appropriate websites. Once they purchase you earn your commission.

      At Wealthy Affiliate we have broken down the art of building a website into it’s simplest form. It literally is a 4 step push button process to launch your website off the ground. Then with your time and hard work you will fill it up with content and ultimately earn money from it! 🙂 Hope this helped and I wish you much success in your online business.

        • Thanks Simone, I can almost guarantee that you are going to love it. It is the most helpful site that I have ever come across. There are simple to follow steps and a very large community to support you along the way. Let me know if you have any questions or if there is ever a time you need help feel free to reach out. Good luck to you!


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