Work From Home Businesses that will Generate $6.8 Billion by 2020

work from home businessesOne of the best home businesses to start in 2016 is Affiliate Marketing. This business opportunity will grow to $6.8 billion a year by 2020. Your Perks are the following: you get to work from home, start your business for free, and have low overhead costs.

There was research done from Forrester Consulting commissioned by Rakuten Marketing that shows Affiliate Marketing growing to $6.8 billion over the next five years! Currently finishing off 2015 at $4.2 billion. This is an expected growth rate of 10%.


work from home businessesThe Statistics

      • 80% of Advertisers are reporting to have Affiliate Programs.
      • 90% of Advertisers say their affiliate program’s are really important.
      • 80% of say that 10% of their budget goes to Affiliate Programs.
      • More than 50% surveyed said that Affiliate Programs account for more than 20% of their revenue.


Shopping has significantly changed for consumers worldwide. More and more are going online to discover information on products that they’re interested in.  Blogging is an excellent tool to reach these consumers.  

As an Internet Marketer you use affiliate programs to earn an income through blogging. The main idea is you help consumers through their buying cycle. These are the 3 parts to the consumers buying cycle.

work from home businesses


Customers are more aware than ever of advertisements. Reading a blog from a writer that seems trustworthy will have significant results. Presenting content in a valuable and trustworthy way will be the smartest strategy.

work from home businesses
Producing quality content is where you can build value in your products. Creating content regularly will get you in the top ranks on the search engines. Disclaimer: their are other variables to being successful as an Internet Marketer and blogging.


What if there’s a place that’s rated #1 for Internet Marketing Training and that you could join for free? Keep in mind, this will be your own business. You may not make a lot of money starting out, but you can count on reaping the fruit of your labor through your hard work. 

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Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share this information with you. Have you stumbled across Internet Marketing as a business opportunity in the past? Also, if you have any questions, please let me know using the comment section below.


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6 thoughts on “Work From Home Businesses that will Generate $6.8 Billion by 2020”

  1. Hi Jonathan, I found your website very interesting and informative. I have often read from the so-called experts that affiliate marketing is on its last legs which of course is a load of old “tosh”. The projected growth rate looks amazing and it is definitely something I am looking into. Can I ask how often you blog i.e. once a week or maybe more?

    • Hi Paul, thanks for reading and yes affiliate marketing is on its way up! Of course you can ask, I post about 3x a week. I am working on my website everyday, and my goal is to post anywhere from 3-5x a week. I want new up to date information always streaming in on the wire. If you know what I mean. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. It is crazy to think that affiliate marketing will reach $6.8 billion dollars by 2020. With technology advancing at the rate that is is and more and more jobs are becoming automated, it seems that online advertising might be the main way people make a living very soon.

    Everyone has something special that they can share with the world and it seems you are really helping people find that. Keep it going!

    Are people actually able to make a full time living working online?

    • Hi Nate, oh yeah people are making a living. A good one at that! Many people that are in the Wealthy Affiliate community are earning thousands of dollar a month. When you get in there, check out Nathaniell, DomW, AlexSol, and EddySalomon. These are all their usernames so you can find them easier. You can also check out Pat Flynn, this guy’s earning over 150k/mth. Just Google him!

      Earning a living online, has got to be the best opportunity possible. I mean, you get the freedom of time, and you stop trading your time for money. (at a regular job) Every hour spent online is an investment. With enough hard work you will eventually get to the point where you have a passive income, and you can take a month off of work without losing any income.

      Not to mention, I know a couple people who actually travel while they’re working. When you get inside WA you can check out different members like ivedtriedthat (steve), and see how they travel around the world year round because their business allows them to do that. It truly is remarkable! I encourage the whole world to start a business online.

      Good luck to you


  3. Hi Jonathan
    Like many people im so tired of working for someone else,making someone else wealthy while l struggle to make ends meet.
    So while looking for ideas to work from home online,your site came up.
    Thanks l have learned so much and understand there are different ways to make money from home and quit my day job which i do not like anyway.
    l did not know that so many people make money from affiliate marketing,
    im just wondering,where did you get your facts?affiliate marketing growing to to $6.8 billion a year by 2020? that`s serious money.
    Thanks for a very well written post,im looking more into affiliate marketing

    • Hi Roamy, thanks for reading my article. I have listed any sources below the article. I never knew how lucrative affiliate marketing could be either. I heard about posting links many years ago but I never knew of the earning potential. I even downloaded a lot of information on it but could never implement it.

      I was able to do it now because of Wealthy Affiliate. They really have outdone it. The training is so easy to follow. The audio visuals are outstanding, and I learn so much that way. I would’ve never gotten this far without them. I encourage anyone to check them out, it’s free to join.


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