Do You Want to Make Money Playing Video Games?

So you are thinking about making money playing video games? Why not? I think that is a great idea! I am a professional in niche marketing, and I teach people how to market to different groups of people to make money online.

If I was ever into playing video games I would do this too, but I am not. My best bet is to show you how to do it instead, so that you can make it big in this field!

Truth is, you can make a fortune, but truth also is, it will take hard work, and not everyone makes it big earning money while playing video games.

make money playing video games

Here is what you should do: become a video game reviewer! This is your best bet, and I will tell you why.

The chances of you becoming a beta video game tester, I don’t know, that should be hard. I mean you are going to have to come up with a resume, and then chances are, they may want to get someone with experience. I don’t know. I am not trying to be pessimistic either, just realistic.

I have heard of a couple of other ways too, such as video game farming (i.e. working hard to build up players and then sell them to people who want to purchase a player with high ranks instead of putting in the work themselves.)

Another way are playing in gaming tournaments. I’m sure you know how bad those odds are. And the other is getting a job in customer service for playing video games. Basically, helping others with the game itself. That’s not a bad a idea if you are looking for a 9 to 5.

Why Should You Become a Video Game Reviewer?

Truth is, you have seen the ugly truth, mentioned above. Being a video game reviewer is not as bad as it sounds either. This is how it works:

playing video games

You purchase games. You play them. Play them as much as you could until you can put together a good quality review on it. Then post the review. So that is it in a nutshell!

How exactly do you complete this process? I am glad you asked. I met a guy over in a social platform that I am apart of called Wealthy Affiliate. We are a group of internet marketers working to make it big in the online world.

This guy was really into video games. I mean pretty hardcore too. He created a website, posted reviews several different games and equipment to use in gaming. His recommendations led him  into cash. I will explain how further down this blog post.

He made $1,000s a month, even $5,000-$6000 a month, during busy seasons. This was in his first year as a video game reviewer. I am sure he is still making a bunch of money on this.

checklist for making money playing video games

There is a lot of opportunities out here for the taking. Are you going to capitalize on this one? Here is a detailed summary of what you can do to make money playing video games:

Again, you purchase the game if you do not already own it. You play it and play it until you can put together a good review on it. I said that already right? 🙂

Then you create a video review about the game. I would recommend you write one too. You should create a blog/website to post all of your content. This will be a place where people will go to, and you can direct people to, to see your reviews.

You can promote your work on your favorite social networks. Did you know billions of people use YouTube? You can reach a lot of people just by posting your video review there.

Creating reviews for people to make a purchasing decision is a great service you can offer for people. A lot of games these days are going for a pretty penny, that is $50 and up.

How Can You Make Money From it?

make money with affiliate marketing

Once you drive traffic to your reviews, you will include affiliate links to where people can purchase the game from if they like it.

What is an affiliate link? It is a personalized link that you get as an affiliate for companies. If you haven’t heard about affiliate marketing, you can check out this blog post here.

There are 100,000s of affiliate programs out there that you can join for FREE (i.e. walmart, best buy, gamestop, amazon, to name of few).

Check out this affiliate program with Gamestop just to get an idea of what I am talking about. Be sure to come right back.

You’re back! That is what one looks like. In order to maximize on your earnings from affiliate programs, you have to drive a lot of traffic that way. That is what affiliate marketing is. Earning a commission from a company while helping them generate sales.

In order to drive traffic, you will need content. Which is why I recommend building a website. Building a website is pretty easy these days. You do not need to know any code or anything. This website here, will help you get started for free.


Once you have your website up and are creating content, there are ways to maximize your opportunities online. How to get your website on Google and other search engines and drive traffic to your reviews.

This place called Wealthy Affiliate, will teach you how to do it. They taught me how to build this website right here that you are on. There are some pretty extensive lessons on how to do this, and it will not be hard at all.

What Are The Steps You Will Need to Take to Start Earning Money?

First you will need to register with Wealthy Affiliate. This is the training platform that will help you with launching your first website. Good news is, it is free to start.

Once you have your website up, you will be trained on how to create content. How to select keywords that will get you ranking in the search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

make money on youtube

You can learn how to create videos on YouTube and get them ranked so that you get more views. More view = more traffic = more money.

You will also learn how to subscribe to affiliate programs for free, and start earning commissions on your work.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Be informed, it will take time to see a return on your investment. I will tell you what, you will not make money overnight, maybe not even in your first month. But if you really want to make money playing video games, you can make it happen.

This will be a serious business. If you make yourself into an authority figure, someone who people rely on to make quality reviews on video games, aw man, you can sure make good money doing this!

Click Here to Learn More About Where You Can Get Started.

Let me know if you have any questions, or how I can help you further. Does anyone else know of other ways to make money playing video games?

Leave them in the comments below :-)!


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6 thoughts on “Do You Want to Make Money Playing Video Games?”

  1. Great blog, I didn’t even know that one can make money playing video games and reviewing them. I really wish I were a video gamer! I like that you have linked this into the Wealthy Affiliate platformas a way of using both things to drive people to a website. It is an interesting concept and I would think that it is an attractive proposition for anyone who as good experience with video games, or do you think a beginner could build a business this way?

    Great information 

    Thank you

    • Louise, thank you for your comment! I am glad you found this article informative. I think a lot of people out there love playing video games, and are interested in making money while doing so. They just don’t know where to start. 

      As you know YouTube is a phenomenon! With billions of people using it everyday, you can leverage it to grow tremendous amounts of traffic to your website. Then, there is the whole side of YouTube advertising that could help you build income as well. 

      I’m not sure how it works exactly, but I heard it was something like $100 per 1000 views. That would be awesome if you could leverage YouTube in this way. I have 1000s views myself in YouTube videos, but that is in an accumulated way (all my videos put together) 😊. 

      You will be doing both if you think about, because you will be making videos to post on your blog, and using YouTube to make your videos. It’s a win win! 

      I hope the people not already taking advantage of this, will. For a beginner, it is not hard at all. You can start off by just recording your videos with your smartphone, and utilizing the training at Wealthy Affiliate to build your website. 

  2. I usually enjoy video games while playing them or even watch people play them. It’s an awesome idea to make money playing them; enjoying what I love and making money at the same time 😀

    Well the bitter truth is I couldn’t really earn good amount of money from playing games. I bet Affiliate Marketing with games via reviews is the best bet. I have seen people that do this and I think with all the support and tools from the Wealthy Affiliate you talked about, the sky is the limit. Well, I have heard it requires a lot of hardwork; nothing goes for nothing.

    • Vwegbah, I am laughing while writing this, because like you, many times I enjoy just sitting and watching others play the video games instead. 

      You are right also, just trying to make money by playing video games would probably be a much higher goal to reach. However, using affiliate marketing to promote or review video games, you would have a higher likelihood of making money. 

      There are so many affiliate programs out there, I am sure it would be easy to find one to join, and then make money with it. 

      Here is the simplest way to put it: 

      1) Build the website

      2) Write the content (or reviews), and record videos to post while playing. 

      3) Join the Affiliate Program

      The money will come shortly after you do these things. A big key is consistency. I think with anything, we need to be consistent, enough to grow. There is no such thing as making money, or building a business, by not putting in all the work. 

      By joining Wealthy Affiliate’s training program, you can get started on your way to making money, and building a business. 

  3. Hey Jonathan!

    Who would not want to earn money while doing what he or she loves? 🙂 So many people like gaming and they also look for money, which means that an offer like this will attract lots of potential candidates.

    But of course, being a successful game tester / reviewer is not a low hanging fruit. It needs some talent at gaming, investing time, having patience, knowing how to reach the targeted audience of every game… In my opinion, a game tester should actually have a lot of time for doing this job, and also a strong enough character to not get addicted to a certain game.

    The gaming market is so, so large! Not everyone can make good-quality reviews for popular games and then gain a large public.

    This applies to any niche in affiliate marketing, of course. It is not limited to game testing and review. Patience, persistence, skills, invested time, and no addictions! Then the success should come step by step.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Peter, I appreciate your comment, thank you! I had not though of that, you could get addicted to a certain game. As you said, affiliate marketing is not limited to video games, you can help sell anything online. I mean, there are millions of products online. 

      I would keep it pretty basic and just show like an hour of play time. That should be sufficient enough for someone to decide whether they want to purchase the game or not. Are there any gamers out there that can attest to this? I wonder, how much information and live feed would you need before you purchase a video game? 

      I was thinking just that because you want to review and promote as many video games as you can. However, you are not only limited to simply video games. You can review all the equipment as well. I have seen some gaming equipment out there that has a hefty price tag, that could potentially offer some big commissions. 




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