New MLM Launched in 2016 Called Zennoa

zennoa mlmZennoa Review

Name: Zennoa
Price: $299
Founders: John Wadsworth, Kim Asay, Joseph Wadsworth, Brad Reese, David Kasteler, & Brandon Lloyd
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What is Zennoa About?

Zennoa launched in mid 2016. Within a few months they already had a couple thousand distributors. The company only offers a couple of products in the health and wellness niche. I’m sure more will come in the future. Founders John Wadsworth and Kim Asay were already executives in another mlm called Morinda. Things hit the fan over there, a major disagreement led these two to start a new mlm, along with a few others. Zennoa has a unique compensation plan which we’ll discuss further down this review.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Zennoa?

The latest information was that the Starter kit costs $299. This includes 6 bottle of Core Care along with a business plan, marketing marketing materials, and a personalized website.

Zennoa Products

zennoa reviewsCore Care Omega 3,5,6,7,9

A unique Omega blend which supports heart, brain, joints, digestion, and skin.


Promotes energy, cognitive, and anti-aging.

How Do You Make Money Selling Zennoa?

Retail Sales – if you sell 4 bottles of Core Care, you earn 200 PV and $40 in retail profit ($10 a bottle).

Pack Sales – every time you enroll someone into the business, you earn $50 commission off of the pack sale. Every time someone in your organization sells a pack you’ll also earn $12.50, five levels down.

Pipeline Bonus – this is unique and here’s how it works. When you enroll in the company you’re given a #. If you’re the 1,000th member that has joined, that’s your #. If you’re the 10,000th member that has joined, that’s your #. Depending how many people you’ve recruited and your monthly PV you can earn from $5 to several thousand dollars monthly.

Three Wave Bonus – one you have recruited 3 people and they are active you will receive $30 in your Wave 1 Bonus. Once you reach 9 people on your second level, you’ll receive $300 monthly on your Wave 2 bonus. Finally, once you’ve reached 27 people on your 3rd level and they are active (150 CV), you’ll receive $1,000 monthly. Yes, that’s every month!

zennoa mlm

Team Commissions – paid out up to 10 levels. The ranks start at Zen 1, and go all the way up to Zen 12. The higher you increase your volume, the higher you increase your rank. You can earn up to 4% commission on all of your team’s sales several levels down.

Mentor Bonus (Generational Check Match) – When you reach Zen 8 or higher you qualify to earn a percentage on an entire generation. A generation starts from you all the way up to the next person who is a Zen 8 (i.e. this can be 20 levels down).

Global Leadership Pool – 2% of global CV, or revenue, and split it with everyone who qualifies for the bonus.

How Could You Be Successful With Zennoa? | My Opinion

This information I’m about to give you is extremely valuable. If I had to put a price tag on it, I would charge $2000. First thing you will want to do, is build a website. Market your products on your website. There are also lead generators to help you with recruiting people online. Both of these two things will automate your business. That’s it; in a nutshell! Leverage the compensation plan, and take care of your team.

Final Thoughts

I’ve provided you with what I believe to be the most important aspects you need to know to make a decision in joining this business. Zennoa, I’ve got to say, has one of the most lucrative compensation plans I’ve seen, and I’ve reviewed over 50 mlm companies/business opportunities. Zennoa is a fairly new business, however it is being built from some very experienced founders, so I would not worry about it’s stability in the industry That’s just my personal opinion. I think they have a good product, and they’re in a multi billion dollar industry, health and wellness.

Would You Like to Join a Simpler Business?

I’m an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is quite easy to work with if you understand the concept. It’s quite easy because you don’t need any technical skills. There’s a step by step program which will show you everything you need to know to get started.

Also, there is tremendous growth, or should I say a bright outlook for this industry. The Golden Rule: This is no short term success program, nor is any business for that matter. I believe the reason why 95% of people fail in network or affiliate marketing is because of the lack of dedication and commitment. I’ve never met a successful person who has lacked in those areas.

The reason why I love what I do is because it provides me with the freedom to work when I want to work. It offers me a passive income, and I can travel the world whenever I want. All I need is an internet connection and a laptop.

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Do you have a personal experience with Zennoa? If so, I would love to hear about your personal experience with their products/service. Also, if you have any questions about this review;

Let me know in the comments below! 😀

As always, I appreciate your feedback. It truly does help others.


4 thoughts on “New MLM Launched in 2016 Called Zennoa”

  1. Hey Jonathan,
    Yup, that’s a fully functional compensation plan if I ever see one, nothing new but their company does seem decent maybe because it’s fairly new.

    It’s the first ever MLM I’ve seen with 6 founders though, pretty interesting. Which part of the US are they active at, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Hey Riaz, yes I agree, a very lucrative compensation plan. I believe they just came out with a new product too; called Nuku Hiva. They are a new mlm so we can expect more products to roll out in the upcoming year(s). I’m not sure where about they are active. In the US most definitely, and I think in Japan. We shall see as Zennoa grows.

      Thanks for your comment.


  2. I come from an MLM myself, I must say this compensation plan is quite good! I’ve even been a part of MLMs that top even these points. For example some have a legacy – it means when you die, your team you have build up will not be lost but passed on to the person you assign as your successor (mostly your child). Some have amazing bonuses and car plans, vacation plans and valuable gifts once you reach a certain rank or bring fast results. Some companies have a free membership and no need for a monthly payment. So there are definitely amazing ones out there!
    Unfortunately I have quit my MLM journey, since I lack socializing skills, but I’ve also seen results so it’s definitely something that works, it just requires more dedication and effort.

    • Wow, Angie thank you for your contribution. This will help a lot of people make a decision about joining Zennoa. It’s not easy making it inside of an mlm; well any business for that matter. Also, I agree with you a lot of them lack training. Zennoa is fairly new so they are off to a great start, and I think for anyone that joins them they have a great opportunity in front of them. Joining in the beginning of an mlm can present enormous growth.

      Personally, I prefer not to get into an mlm because I don’t want to deal with direct selling and recruiting. Ooh I cringe at the thought of it. I had a terrible experience at Amway and have steered away from mlms ever since. I do need to be apart of a business opportunity so I decided to venture off online, and so I found this incredible online opportunity. Hope you find yours!



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